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The live-stream was very lively.

Someone said in a disdainful tone: [The Lu family is doing a live-stream of them paying respects to their ancestors! The Lu familys company is in a difficult situation now, so theyre starting to earn money by doing live-streams]

[Were not here to see the ceremony.

Were here to see the two handsome men, Gu Zheng and Lu Yan! I heard that theyre the two men that the socialites of Li City want to marry the most.

We cant marry into a rich family, but we can look at how big families pay respects to their ancestors online to broaden our horizons!]

Although the Lu family was not as prosperous as before, they were still a century-old family.

A starving camel was still bigger than a horse.

Naturally, they lived a life of a noble family that ordinary people could not reach.

The Lu familys residence also included several villas.

They were expensive and could not be bought by ordinary people even if they were to work for a few lifetimes.

Hence, the Lu familys live broadcast attracted many peoples attention.

No one in the live-stream explained why they wanted to do a live-stream, but this live-stream inexplicably became a hot topic and attracted many netizens to watch it.

At this moment, outside the Lu familys ancestral hall, Gu Zhengs eyes narrowed slightly.

He had already noticed the location of the cameras.

Then, he leaned close to Qiao Xis ear and chuckled.

“Xi Xi, dont you feel like were being watched”

Qiao Xi knew that there were cameras around, so she tried her best not to enter the range of the cameras.

Faced with Gu Zhengs question, she could only laugh dryly.

“Those people from the Lu family must think that were a perfect match, so theyre taking a few more glances at us.”

The man smiled elegantly, then raised his eyebrows.

“Xi Xi, dont you realize that everyones phones have no signal”

Qiao Xi hurriedly took out her phone to take a look and pretended to be surprised.

“Ah! Its true! What kind of lousy place is this! Theres actually no signal!”

Gu Zhengs expression was calm as he quickly glanced at her phone.

Realizing that her signal was normal, he could not help but smile.

Then, he secretly put his phone, which also had a signal, in his pocket.

“Yes, its indeed not good here.

Well leave after the ancestral worship ceremony.”

Qiao Xi thought that Gu Zheng would definitely not notice it, so she lowered her head and smiled like a little fox that had succeeded.

Gu Zheng stroked her hair affectionately and sneered.

“Xi Xi, its better to be safe than sorry.

If you play such a big game, youll be easily discovered.”

Qiao Xi had an innocent expression.

“Ah Zheng, what are you talking about Why dont I understand! Ive always been very serious about paying respects to my ancestors.

Whats this talk about playing Dont always say strange things.”

The two of them stood in a corner.

There were very few people around, and no one heard their conversation.

At this moment, Lu Yan, Lu Xiang, and Fifth Uncle, who was in charge of the ancestral worship ceremony, were at the front.

Todays ancestral worship ceremony was for the direct descendants of the Lu family to enter the ancestral hall to pay their respects.

The others had to pray outside the ancestral hall.

Many large-scale ceremonies would be carried out as well.

The netizens in the live-stream had never seen such a big scene and were excited.

[The ancestral worship ceremony is so complicated! As expected of a century-old family.

Ive really learned something new today! Moreover, only the direct descendants of the Lu family can enter the ancestral hall!]

[Thats right! Large families value their direct descendants very much.

This is the Lu familys mansion, so naturally, the owners of the Lu familys mansion will pay respects to their ancestors.

But I remember that Gu Zheng is Lu Qingyuns wandering son! Lu Qingyun was Old Master Lus most beloved daughter.

Logically speaking, Gu Zheng should enter the ancestral hall!]

[Is Gu Zheng here Where is he Why dont I see him]

Gu Zheng was the god of Li City.

The netizens wanted to see him.

After all, who wouldnt love a handsome, rich, and capable man

Actually, Gu Zheng rarely showed his face, but everyone knew that this president was a handsome man.

He was even more handsome than celebrities, but everyone looked around and did not see Gu Zheng.

Could it be that he was not participating in the ancestral worship ceremony

No way!

Even if Gu Zheng did not want to interact with the Lu family, he would still pay his respects to his mother, Lu Qingyun!

At this moment, Qiao Xi was hiding in a corner and asked meaningfully, “Why isnt Lu Xiang sensible at all! Why isnt she inviting you over at a time like this”

Gu Zhengs expression was indifferent as if everything was expected.

Qiao Xi nodded thoughtfully.

“Lu Xiang definitely doesnt want you to enter the ancestral hall, but youre a direct descendant of the Lu family.

What right does an illegitimate daughter like her have to stop you from entering the ancestral hall”

The glint in Gu Zhengs eyes grew brighter.

He already knew what Lu Xiang wanted to do, and he knew that Qiao Xi had long guessed it too.

Even so, Qiao Xi insisted on pretending to rack her brains before saying, “Lu Xiang doesnt have any other excuses now.

Shell probably mention your mother and say that Eldest Miss Lu visited her in her dreams and doesnt want you to pay your respects.

Ah Zheng, dont you think so”

Gu Zheng smiled affectionately.

“Youre right.”

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