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Lu Yan leaned against the sofa and panted heavily.

“Yes, I havent lost yet.

It hasnt reached the last moment.

Its still uncertain who will win.”

Gu Zheng was very proud now, but he would not continue to be proud.

Lu Yan clenched his fists tightly and said word by word, “Aunt, in my current situation, I cant participate in the ancestral worship ceremony.

Ill leave the ceremony to you and Fifth Uncle.

You cant let Gu Zheng enter the ancestral hall.”

At the same time, Qiao Xi received a USB drive from Ji Nan.

She inserted it into her laptop and opened it.

Then, she revealed a surprised expression.

“There are so many things here! Youve been busy in the Lu family for the past two years!”

Ji Nan smiled in embarrassment.

“Since youve given me your orders, Ill naturally do my best.

There are also some audio recordings of Lu Bai here.

This evidence is enough to overturn the Lu family.”

Qiao Xi sighed lightly.

“The tide is turning.

The Lu family will definitely go bankrupt after this.”

The identity of the heir of the Lu family, Lu Yan, would be exposed during the ancestral worship ceremony today.

He would be chased out of the house after losing his eyesight.

At the same time, all kinds of negative news were exposed about the Lu family.

The already unstable Lu Corporation wouldnt be able to withstand such a blow at all.

Lu Bai was unconscious.

As the heir, Lu Yan should stand up and take charge of the situation.

However, he couldnt even protect himself.

After his identity was exposed, the Lu family would naturally not listen to his orders.

Moreover, Lu Yan had poisoned the old master and was an illegitimate child.

In addition to his crime of pretending to be Lu Qingyuns son, the Lu family would definitely not tolerate such a person becoming the next head of the family.

“Investigate who that butler belongs to.” Qiao Xi was silent for a moment before asking softly.

Ji Nan hesitated for a moment before replying, “This butler has been in the Lu family for decades.

He should be Lu Bais subordinate.”

Decades In that case, the butler should not be one of Gu Zhengs people.

Then why did he say those words in public Did he hate Lu Yan for poisoning Old Master Lu

On the other hand, Gu Yao was reviewing documents in the Gu familys company office when he suddenly received a call from his assistant.

After he picked it up, he found out that the Lu familys ancestral worship ceremony had made the headlines.

As a century-old family in Li City, the Lu family held an ancestral worship every year.

This was not anything special.

Why was it on the news

Gu Yao stopped what he was doing and suddenly remembered that Gu Zheng was also attending the Lu familys ancestral worship.

Could it be that Gu Zheng and Qiao Xi had done something big

After thinking carefully, he suddenly recalled Lu Yans identity.

With his understanding of Gu Zheng, Gu Zheng would probably take this opportunity to expose Lu Yans true identity.

From then on, Lu Yan would no longer be a member of the Lu family.

He would not be able to target the identity of Lu Qingyuns son and rely on that to commit crimes.

He would just be an illegitimate child born to Huang Lilan.

After hanging up, a notification popped up on Gu Yaos phone.

He clicked on it and was stunned.

Live broadcast of the ancestral worship ceremony

‘F*ck! Are you kidding me! Arent they going too far

An hour later, the direct descendants of the Lu family were prepared to enter the ancestral hall to pay their respects.

However, Old Master Lu was still unconscious.

As Lu Yan was blind, he could not attend either, so the host was the fifth uncle of the Lu family.

Fifth Uncle and Lu Xiang looked at each other and had a tacit understanding.

Lu Xiang took out her phone and wanted to send Lu Yan a message, but she realized that there was no signal on her phone.

Soon, the others also realized that there was no signal in the Lu familys mansion, but they thought that perhaps the surrounding circuits were being repaired.

They did not take it to heart.

Anyway, the ancestral worship ceremony was about to start, so they did not have time to look at their phones.

Lu Xiangs mind was filled with how to deal with Gu Zheng, so she did not care about there being no signal.

Ji Nan, who was in the crowd, sneered in his heart and gestured to his subordinates.

The invisible cameras around him were turned on and aimed at the interior and exterior of the Lu familys ancestral hall.

A live broadcast of the ancestral worship ceremony would soon spread throughout the country.

At that time, Lu Yans true identity and the Lu familys actions all these years would be made public.

Qiao Xi stood obediently by Gu Zhengs side.

Gu Zheng glanced at Ji Nan and the people around him and asked softly, “Xi Xi, whats your plan for today”

Qiao Xi smiled sweetly.

“Youll know in a while.

Just watch!”

The next second, the clock rang.

The direct descendants of the Lu family could now enter the ancestral hall to pay their respects.

At this moment, all the major platforms on the internet were dominated by the topic of the Lu family paying respects to their ancestors.

The netizens clicked on the notification curiously and realized that it was a live broadcast.

They started chatting in the live broadcast: [Is it the Lu family from Li City Theyre actually doing a live broadcast of the ancestral worship ceremony! Amazing!]

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