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Song Shiyu followed Gu Zheng into the mansion in confusion and asked in a low voice, “President, what are we going to do”

Gu Zheng did not answer but walked all the way to the Lu familys surveillance room.

Song Shiyu immediately understood that the president wanted to delete the surveillance footage to prevent others from discovering that Young Madam had secretly sneaked into the main residence.

Gu Zheng entered the surveillance room and inserted a USB drive into the main computer.

His long fingers quickly tapped on the keyboard a few times, then he smiled in satisfaction.

At the same time, Lu Yan, who was in the bedroom, suddenly opened his eyes.

His eyes were empty like an emotionless doll as he stood up stiffly.

Qiao Xis eyes were red as she stood in front of Lu Yan.

Her fingertip gently tapped on the red line on her palm.

Lu Yan seemed to have received an order, and his body suddenly trembled.

He opened the drawer and took out the medicine bottle inside before slowly walking out of the door.

A moment later, Qiao Xi left the main residence.

When she thought about how Old Master Lu would fall into a coma again tomorrow and Lu Yan would lose his eyesight, she could not help but be happy.

Qiao Xi was just about to return to Yun Court when she suddenly recalled that there were surveillance cameras everywhere.

She had to delete all the surveillance footage.

She hurriedly rushed to the surveillance room but realized that the door was open.

She suddenly recalled that when she went to the main residence just now, she kept feeling that there were eyes staring at her from behind.

However, when she turned around, she did not find anything.

Even when she looked around, she still did not see anything.

However, she inexplicably felt that she was being followed.

If she was really being followed, she should be able to see who it was from the surveillance cameras.

Qiao Xi hurriedly turned on the surveillance footage and checked the surveillance footage from when she came over.

She was the only one who went to the main residence from Yun Court.

Even after checking the previous footage, she still did not find anyone coming out of Yun Court.

Could it be that she was hallucinating

She originally thought that Gu Zheng was worried and followed her here.

Now, it seemed that she had a guilty conscience, so she felt as though she was being watched.

Qiao Xi quickly deleted the recording and jumped out of the window of the surveillance room.

She avoided all the surveillance cameras and secretly returned to Yun Court.

When she returned to Yun Yuan, the lights in Gu Zhengs study were still switched on.

The courtyard was very quiet as if no one had noticed that she had gone out.

She heaved a sigh of relief.

She was so careful, so no one should notice.

In Yun Courts study.

Song Shiyu was a little uneasy.

“President, will we be captured by the surveillance cameras”

Gu Zheng said casually, “The surveillance cameras cant capture that path.”

“But what about Young Madam If she takes the main path, will she be discovered” Song Shiyu was still worried.

Gu Zheng paused and smiled meaningfully.

“Xi Xi will naturally think of what you can think of.

You dont have to worry.”

Song Shiyu thought for a moment.

That seemed to be the case.

Young Madam would never be caught red-handed.

The next morning.

Qiao Xi had a good nights sleep.

She had just opened her eyes when she heard a gentle voice.


Gu, did you sleep well”

Hearing this familiar voice, Qiao Xis body instantly trembled as she stiffly turned to look at the man beside her.

Gu Zhengs face was gentle, and his voice carried a smile.

“The alarm clock has been ringing for so long, but you havent woken up yet.

Do you want me to wake you up personally”

Qiao Xi looked at the alarm clock.

It was already past eight oclock.

She set the alarm clock at half-past seven.

This was because Old Master Lu usually woke up at seven.

Lu Yan would also wake up at about this time and go downstairs to wait for the old master to eat.

Hence, at half-past seven, Lu Yan would realize that he had lost his eyesight.

Immediately after, everyone would realize that the old master had fallen into a coma again.

Originally, Qiao Xi intended to wake up early, freshen up, and watch the show in high spirits.

Unexpectedly, she slept until past eight.

However, it was already so late.

Why was there no movement in the main residence at all

Seeing that she did not answer for a long time, Gu Zheng smiled and asked, “Mrs.

Gu, you were sleeping so soundly.

It looks like you slept very late last night.

Did you go out last night”

Qiao Xi met Gu Zhengs probing eyes and gulped nervously.

“N-No! I was playing games yesterday.

Why would I go out so late at night”

The glint in Gu Zhengs eyes grew brighter.

He raised an eyebrow.

“Didnt you sleep at 10:30 pm last night”

Qiao Xi: “…”

At half-past 10, Ji Nan left.

In order to go to the main residence without being discovered, she told Gu Zheng that she was going to sleep and asked him not to disturb her.

She was instantly speechless and did not know how to explain.

After a moment, Qiao Xi said uneasily, “I-I woke up later and couldnt sleep, so I played games for a while.”

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