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Ji Nan frowned and said, “Whats even more shocking is that those people seem to know that Im an undercover spy in the Lu family, so they specially arranged for a servant to anger Lu Xiang when I appeared.”

Qiao Xi nodded.

The maid and Ji Nan were not in the same group.

This was why even when Lu Yan noticed that something was wrong, he was not able to find the recording equipment.

This was indeed a mission that could only be completed by two separate parties.

This way, no one would notice.

However, from the looks of it, the other party did not seem to have any ill intentions.

It was more like they were helping Ji Nan.

After all, if Ji Nan had personally angered Lu Xiang today, it was very likely that his identity would be exposed.

So who exactly sent the servant Qiao Xi thought for a few seconds and suddenly thought of the most likely person.

Everything was arranged so appropriately.

Who else could it be

However, how did Gu Zheng know Ji Nans identity Or he didnt know who she had planted in the Lu family and only knew that such a person existed, so he deliberately got the servant to put on an act As for whether Ji Nan could record any useful evidence, that would depend on his own performance.

“Eldest Miss” Ji Nan did not hear Qiao Xis response for a long time, so he spoke in confusion.

Qiao Xi smiled and replied lazily, “Its fine.

They wont hurt you.”

Ji Nan was still a little worried.

“Eldest Miss, its not that Im afraid theyll hurt me, but we dont know their identities yet.

If they threaten you…”

“No, theyre our people.” Qiao Xi chuckled.

“I already know their identities.”

He was the only one who could place a servant in the Lu family in advance and who could make Lu Yan unable to find anything wrong with her.

After hanging up, Qiao Xi pondered for a moment and decided to test Gu Zheng.

At this moment, Gu Zheng had already found out that Ji Nan had recorded the video, but he was still focused on handling the documents with a calm expression.

Song Shijing stood in front of him and said respectfully, “President, the Lu family cant hide their wild ambitions anymore.

It doesnt matter to you even if you cant enter the ancestral hall to worship your ancestors.

So why are Lu Xiang and Lu Yan still…”

Gu Zheng put down the document in his hand and looked up lazily.

“You want to ask why they naively think I care Then think carefully about what theyre most afraid of losing.”

Song Shijing pondered for a moment and replied tentatively, “All these years, Lu Xiang has hated her identity as an illegitimate daughter.

She has always wanted to be the legitimate daughter of the Lu family, but even after Madam Lu Qingyun passed away, she can only be the second daughter of the Lu family.

Thats why shes colluding with Lu Yan.

She wants to completely control the Lu family and become the madam of the Lu family.

What shes most afraid of is losing her status and power.

“As for Lu Yan, he was raised as the heir of the Gu and Lu families since he was young.

Now, he no longer has any hope of becoming the heir of the Gu family.

However, with Old Master Lus full support, he has already become the president of Lu Corporation.

This is all he has now, so hes most afraid of losing his identity as the heir of the Lu family.

“To Lu Yan, the inheritance is his life.

If he loses it, hell have nothing left.”

Gu Zhengs long fingers tapped lightly on the table as he said in a low voice, “Yes, the inheritance is his life.

Thats why Lu Yan is worried about losing it.”

Now that Lu Yan had already become crazy, he would not allow anyone to snatch his position as the heir.

Hence, he was afraid of Gu Zheng and was worried that when Gu Zheng returned to the Lu family one day, he would no longer be the only choice for the Lu family.

He stubbornly thought that Gu Zheng wanted to snatch back the Lu familys inheritance, so he had to hold on to his power and identity.

However, he did not know that everything he cared about was trash in Gu Zhengs eyes.

Gu Zhengs voice was very calm, but it was filled with coldness.

“Ive never thought of occupying the Lu family.

I just want to see Lu Yan suffer.”

If he took away the inheritance, Lu Yan would probably be in so much pain that he wished he were dead! Lu Yan would be unwilling, angry, and question him why he was still fighting for Lu Corporation when he already had Gu Corporation.

Lu Yan had probably forgotten that the Lu familys things originally belonged to Lu Qingyun, and Gu Zheng was Lu Qingyuns son.

Gu Zheng had every right to take back all of these things.

Even if he did not need them, he would rather destroy them than leave them to Lu Yan, who was occupying the familys territory, and Lu Xiang, who caused the death of her own biological sister.

Song Shijing sighed in his heart.

If it were not for Lu Yan and his mother, the president might have had a happy childhood.

He could not help but say, “President, even if you dont want the Lu familys inheritance, you cant leave it to Lu Yan.

We have to seek justice for Madam Lu and make everyone pay the price!”

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