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Lu Xiangs heart was filled with unwillingness.

Why should she kneel down to Lu Qingyun This was absolutely impossible!

Lu Yans expression was calm.

After a moment of silence, he said indifferently, “Aunt, shes already a dead person.

So what if we kneel down to her So what if we offer incense”

“But Lu Qingyun…”

Before Lu Xiang could finish, Lu Yan waved his hand and interrupted her.

“Youre the daughter of the Lu family now.

Youre the madam of the Lu family, while she doesnt even have a corpse.

So what if we put her memorial tablet in the ancestral hall Its just a piece of wood.

Its meaningless! Only the living are the winners.

She has long disappeared from this world.”

Lu Yan said casually, “Those who achieve great things dont care about small matters.

If you cant even accept this small grievance, how can you manage the Lu family in the future Our Lu family is a long-standing family.

Even if we hate Lu Qingyun, we cant throw her memorial tablet out, lest others use this against us.”

Hearing Lu Yans words, Lu Xiangs expression softened a little.

She had to admit that Lu Yans words made sense.

Lu Qingyun had been dead for so many years.

What was placed in the ancestral hall now was just a piece of wood.

She was the final winner!

Lu Xiang glanced around and confirmed that what she had just said was not recorded.

They were just too sensitive.

Her tone softened.

“Thats right.

So what if we put Lu Qingyuns memorial tablet in the ancestral hall She was hated by the Lu family when she was alive.

Shes only qualified to enter the ancestral hall after she died.

How laughable!”

The corners of Lu Yans mouth curled up as a trace of viciousness appeared in his eyes.

Longwan Residential.

Qiao Xi leaned against the bed and quietly listened to the news from Ji Nan.

“Eldest Miss, its done.”

She nodded in satisfaction.

“That servant from the Lu family is one of yours”

Hearing her question, Ji Nan instantly choked and was a little hesitant.

“No, no…”

Qiao Xi hurriedly straightened up, and her gaze was slightly surprised.

She almost bit her tongue.

“What Shes not one of yours”

Even Lu Yan sensed that the servant was deliberately angering Lu Xiang and making her say those words in public.

Of course, Qiao Xi also realized that something was wrong.

The servant clearly knew that Ji Nan was recording, so she deliberately led Lu Xiang to say those words.

If that servant was not Ji Nans subordinate, who was she

Hearing Qiao Xis surprised voice, Ji Nan cleared his throat and said, “Eldest Miss, actually, I dont know whats going on either.

I originally planned to anger Lu Xiang myself, but I didnt expect that the servant would beat me to it just as I was about to enter.

Immediately after, Lu Yan even ordered people to search the servants there, but they didnt find anything.”

Qiao Xi held her chin and pondered for a few seconds before a thought suddenly flashed through her mind.

On the other end of the phone, Ji Nan added, “The ancestral hall was surrounded by Lu Yans people.

The servant angered Lu Xiang to say those words, but she didnt record it.

Moreover, I dont know her.

Perhaps the servant couldnt stand Lu Xiangs actions and casually said a few words.”


Qiao Xi did not think that the servants words were casual.

Every word was clearly meant to infuriate Lu Xiang.

If she were really an ordinary servant, she would have taken out the ancestral tablet the moment Lu Xiang got angry.

However, she revealed Lu Xiangs true colors with just a few words.

Coincidentally, Ji Nan was outside the door at that moment, recording the scene.

The servant seemed to have predicted that Ji Nan would come and was already prepared.

She did not have any recording equipment on her, but everything she did was to help Ji Nan record the conversation.

Even so, Ji Nan said that the servant was not one of his people.

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows as a trace of interest flashed past her eyes.

“Have you found out the identity of that servant”

Ji Nan was silent for a few seconds before he said in a subtle tone, “Eldest Miss, Ive already investigated, but this servant is just an ordinary person.

Her family background is average.

When she heard that the Lu family paid a high salary, she applied to become their servant.

Shes been here for a few years.

Nothing has gone wrong during this period of time.

Its because Lu Yan didnt find anything that he cant look for trouble with this servant.”

Qiao Xis eyes narrowed slightly.

It was indeed too much of a coincidence.

The servants appearance and every word she said seemed to have been carefully planned.

After a while, Ji Nan said mysteriously, “Eldest Miss, I think theres another group of people in the Lu family.

Theyre very mysterious.

They seem to be spies planted in the Lu family.”

Qiao Xis tone was indifferent.


“This group of people is very capable.

Theyre clearly using us to scheme against Lu Xiang and Lu Yan.

After the truth is exposed, their hands will be clean of the matter and everything will be pushed to us!” Ji Nan sighed.

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