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At this moment, Gu Zheng was holding an international meeting.

He was the leader of the meeting and the only focus of attention.

The Lu familys methods did not affect him at all.

“President Gu, the other party is already very sincere.

As long as we agree to give up 2% of the profits, we can sign the contract.

Why are you being so calculative” Lu Yan said gently.

The entire venue was silent.

Everyone knew that Lu Yan and Gu Zheng were not on good terms, so they were sandwiched between the two of them.

No one dared to make a sound.

After a long silence, Song Shijing stepped forward and said, “2% of the profits isnt much, but if we give in today, the other party will definitely go even further and challenge our bottom line.

Business requires money.

Were all gathered here to create greater benefits.

If we cant achieve this effect when were together, then this meeting will be meaningless.”

With that, everyone applauded.

“Youre right!”

“This 2% isnt a lot, but its not a small sum when converted to cash.

If we give in now, it means that we have to give in in the future, so we absolutely cant give in.”

“After all, President Gu has been in the business world for so many years and has thought things through.

Young Master Lu has just started managing his company, so he still lacks some experience.”

The smile on Lu Yans face gradually vanished, and his face was ashen.

Why was everyone supporting Gu Zheng As long as Gu Zheng appeared, he seemed weak in comparison.

They clearly wanted to curry favor with Gu Zheng.

Why did everyone only have eyes for Gu Zheng Qiao Xi liked Gu Zheng, and these people were all praising Gu Zheng too, but he was also very hardworking and outstanding.

Why couldnt everyone see him

If he had started managing the company earlier, he would be the business tycoon in charge of Li City now.

Gu Zheng would not have had the chance at all!

This meeting ended with Gu Zhengs decision.

Everyone raised their hands in agreement.

Only Lu Yans face was gloomy, and his eyes were filled with anger.

“Young Master Lu, you look very unhappy!” Song Shijing smiled at him and said in a teasing tone, “If you have any objections, why dont you tell us Why are you bottling everything up alone”

As soon as he finished speaking, everyones gazes landed on Lu Yan with disdain.

President Gu was the one with great wisdom.

Lu Yan was far inferior to him.

He was actually unhappy now.

How laughable!

Hearing Song Shijings teasing voice, Lu Yan took a deep breath and suppressed the anger in his heart.

He adjusted his expression and forced a smile.

His throat was a little dry.

“I have no objections.

President Gu made the right decision.”

“Heh.” Gu Zheng sneered, but there was no expression on his face.

His deep eyes swept over, and his voice was low but terrifying.

“Looking at your expression earlier, I thought you were against my idea.”

Everyone gasped.

The meeting room was silent, and the sound of breathing became clear.

They could not help but look at Lu Yan.

At this moment, Lu Yan was clenching his fists tightly and trying his best to control the restless anger in his heart.

He gritted his teeth and said, “No… Im just tired.”

Gu Zheng raised an eyebrow as if he did not believe this explanation.

Lu Yan looked up.

Dozens of eyes in the meeting room were on him.

Lu Yans face was filled with embarrassment.

He could only brace himself and say, “I agree with President Gus decision.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the venue was still silent.

Before Gu Zheng spoke, no one dared to speak first.

After a long time, Gu Zheng stood up elegantly and walked out of the meeting room without even looking at Lu Yan.

Song Shijing bowed to the crowd and announced, “The meeting is over.

You can leave now.”

Lu Yans body was stiff as he sat on the chair, his eyes filled with viciousness.

He would let Gu Zheng be arrogant for a while longer.

Before long, he would know what was happening outside.

He would suffer everyones condemnation.

Everyone admired Gu Zheng now, but they would find out that Gu Zheng had schemed to trick him into making a bet in order to get the Lu familys shares and even forced the Lu family to hand over the shares.

Gu Zheng had even angered his grandfather till he fell ill.

Gu Zheng was a heartless person who treated his family so heartlessly.

Doing business with him was like asking a tiger for its skin.

One had to be on guard or they would be schemed against.

Lu Yan revealed a sinister smile.

He stood up and left the meeting room.

He had just taken a few steps when he saw the people from Lu Corporation and Qiao Xi not far away.

At this moment, Qiao Xi was talking to the people from Lu Corporation.

He roughly understood Qiao Xis purpose for coming.

She wanted to explain things for Gu Zhengs sake, but who would believe a woman like her

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