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Qiao Xi stood up, straightened her clothes, and said domineeringly, “Huazhong Building isnt Gu Zhengs property.

The people from Lu Corporation can go as they please.

We have no reason to chase them away.

If we really let Song Shijing chase them away, theyll definitely say that Gu Zheng is from the Lu family but doesnt respect his elders.

Theyll say that he chased his relatives away and call him heartless.

So, in order to avoid this from happening, Ill go meet them myself.”

She was just about to go upstairs when she suddenly turned around and asked, “Lu Yan is clearly unwilling to take out this 5% of shares, so why did he make a bet with me back then Did he think that I would definitely lose, or did he have other motives

“Lu Yan is going back on the bet we made and doesnt want to give me the shares.

Lu Muxue framed me twice in university to ruin my reputation.

These things really make me sad!

“Im just a weak girl.

Why must they target me Sigh!”

The butler looked at Qiao Xi.

Although her tone was sad, her eyes were filled with ridicule and coldness.

He instantly understood Qiao Xis meaning.

Since the Lu family could use public opinion to deal with them, they could also give them a taste of their own medicine.

Qiao Xi packed up briefly and got into the car.

On the way, she made a call and asked straightforwardly, “Whats the outcome”

“Eldest Miss, Lu Yan is indeed Huang Lilans biological son, but Huang Lilan has already gone mad, so the evidence…”

Qiao Xi had sent someone to investigate Lu Yans identity a long time ago.

Indeed, it was as she had guessed.

Lu Yan was indeed Huang Lilans son.

The Lu family definitely knew about this as well.

Even if they threw this evidence in the Lu familys faces, they would ignore it and even help Lu Yan cover up the truth.

Hence, she could not act rashly.

She had to wait for the other party to expose themselves.

Some things would naturally be revealed with the passage of time.

The reason Gu Zheng wanted to investigate all of this was not for himself but to seek justice for his dead mother.

What right did Gu Weiming and Huang Lilan have to live well in this world while the illegitimate child they gave birth to could inherit the Lu and Gu families assets on behalf of the first wifes child

Lu Yan was Huang Lilans illegitimate child, but all these years, he had received all kinds of preferential treatment as Lu Qingyuns son.

Meanwhile, Gu Zheng was living a dark life in the Gu family in his place.

If Lu Qingyun knew about this, she would definitely not be able to rest in peace.

From the beginning till the end, Gu Zheng did not care about the Lu familys company or power because Gu Corporation had long surpassed the Lu family.

He did not care about snatching the Lu familys assets either.

Now, he only wanted everyone to know the truth and expose all the secrets.

He wanted everyone to know the ugly things the Lu family had done.

He wanted to know what Lu Qingyun had suffered and who had caused her death! He wanted to make those guilty people pay the price for their mistakes and kneel in front of Lu Qingyuns grave to repent.

Before this, he would not allow the Lu family to perish.

He would never allow Lu Yan to leave this world as Lu Qingyuns son.

That would dirty his mothers reputation.

He could not let his mother die for no reason, nor could he let these culprits roam the world freely!

Qiao Xi closed her eyes tightly and lazily leaned against the back seat as she exhaled.

Not long after, the chauffeur said softly, “Young Madam, were here.”

Qiao Xi slowly opened her eyes and got out of the car.

At this moment, Huazhong Building was holding an important international meeting.

The entire high society of Li City was in attendance.

Gu Zheng was the first to be invited, and as the current president of the Lu family, Lu Yan naturally had to attend as well.

Although the Lu family had not been doing well all these years and their financial situation was not very good, they were still famous in the past.

They had a hundred years of foundation in Li City and were still respected by many.

Qiao Xi looked up and saw Song Shijing waiting for her at the door.

Seeing that she was here, he hurried forward to welcome her and brought her up to the 11th floor.

“Young Madam, there are many people attending this international meeting.

Many companies are fighting to come and see the world.

Lu Yan seems to be fighting with the president for the position of director this time.”

Qiao Xi could not help but laugh out loud.

“Lu Yan He wants to compete with Gu Zheng for the position of director”

Was he kidding That idiot Lu Yan still wanted to compete with Gu Zheng Where did he get his confidence from Would anyone vote for him

Song Shijing smiled as well.

“I was indeed surprised, but Lu Yan has facilitated a few collaborations this time and even organized a charity event.

He wants to lead the board of directors this year and hopes that theyll give him a chance.”

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