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“Lu Muxue is too much.

She only knows how to bully the weak Teacher Qiao!” Everyone glared at Lu Muxue with disdain.

At this moment, Lu Muxue was so angry that she almost vomited blood.

Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng joined forces to deal with the Lu family.

How was she weak She was the most scheming woman!

Qiao Xi left the office building and walked straight to a luxury car at the door.

Gu Zheng opened the car door, and Qiao Xi handed him her phone with a smile.

“I recorded Lu Muxues words.

Guess what their expressions will be when I take this to the Lu family”

In everyones opinion, Lu Muxue was the daughter of the Lu family.

She had framed Qiao Xi time and again probably because Old Master Lu instructed her to do so.

His goal was to force Gu Zheng to return to the Lu family.

Gu Zhengs eyes were filled with smiles as he raised his eyebrows dotingly.


Gu, youre so smart.”

Qiao Xi moved in front of him with a shy expression.

“Are you just going to praise me Dont you have anything else to say”

Actually, she had been thinking about it for a long time.

Gu Zheng owed her a favor this time.

She had to make good use of him and maximize his value.

Just as she was hesitating, Gu Zheng slowly said, “Then how about I personally cook a meal for you, Mrs.


Qiao Xi was stunned, and she instantly blossomed with a delighted smile.

The last time she ate Gu Zhengs food, it was simply a delicacy.

Unfortunately, she did not manage to eat to her hearts desire at that time.

This time, she must eat until she was full.

Two hours later, Qiao Xi left the dining table while holding her round stomach and collapsed on the sofa.

Gu Zheng received a call and rushed out.

After a long time, the butler walked forward and hesitated for a moment before saying, “Young Madam, have you heard about the Lu familys matter Old Master Lu is sick.

He said that hes anxious…”

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows.

“Could it be because of me and Gu Zheng”

The butler nodded.

“Yes, its because of that 5% of shares.

Now, everyone is saying that you and the president made Old Master Lu sick.

Lu Yan is playing tricks behind your back and spreading some untrue rumors.”

Of course, Qiao Xi still remembered.

A few months ago, she made a bet with Lu Yan on whether she could ride a horse.

In the end, she won.

The bet was 5% of Lu Corporations shares.

This 5% of shares sounded very ordinary, but in terms of cash, it was probably more than what an ordinary family could spend in their lifetime.

Logically speaking, the Lu family should have handed over the shares a long time ago, but they did not.

Qiao Xi knew clearly in her heart that it would be very difficult to get these 5% of shares from the Lu family.

The transfer of the shares was very complicated, and they could delay it again and again.

Lu Yan was already the president of Lu Corporation, so all the procedures and documents needed his signature.

If he did not cooperate, then this matter would not be able to proceed.

Unknowingly, a few months had passed.

The matter should have been resolved long ago, but suddenly, there was news that Old Master Lu was sick.

Hence, the Lu family wanted to dodge having to fulfill their end of the bet.

Lu Corporation sent an old higher-up to see Song Shijing and said a lot of nonsense.

In short, it was just a joke.

They said it wasnt a proper bet.

Even if Mrs.

Gu lost, Young Master Lu would not have asked President Gu to hand over the shares.

President Gu and the Lu family were relatives, so there was no need for them to be unhappy about this 5% of shares.

The procedures for giving Lu Corporations shares to Qiao Xi were very complicated.

The board of directors had to discuss and come to a decision.

The shareholders had to raise their hands to vote.

Moreover, this matter had already happened so long ago, so they should let it go.

Now that President Gu and the Lu family had just reunited, President Gu was insisting on forcing Lu Yan to hand over 5% of the shares.

Moreover, Old Master Lu was already sick and could not get up.

If news of this got out, President Gu and Mrs.

Gus reputation would not be good.

When Qiao Xi heard the butler relaying the message, she could not help but snort.

Lu Yan planned to go back on his word, which was why he delayed it until now.

Now, he was finding excuses not to hand over the shares.

It was obvious that the Lu family could not afford to play and did not abide by the bet.

Now, they actually had the cheek to push Gu Zheng into a corner.

What they meant was that Old Master Lu was so angry that he had fallen sick.

If Gu Zheng still insisted on being overbearing, he would be unfilial.

Qiao Xi asked casually, “Are the people from Lu Corporation still in Gu Corporation”

The butler replied softly, “The president is holding an important meeting in Huazhong Building, so Song Shijing didnt disturb him.

However, the Lu family followed the president there.

It looks like theyre going to cause trouble.

I wonder how the president will handle this after the meeting.

Song Shijing called and asked me to ask you if you want to chase the Lu family away.”

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