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Madam Zhou was already unconvinced.

Now, she was even more unreasonable.

“What right do you have to make me apologize to her! Damn it! Youre not speaking up for me but youre actually helping this vixen! Tell me, did she seduce you

“You little b*tch, youre really too shameless.

Not only did you seduce my son, but you also seduced my husband.

This pair of both father and son are both infatuated with you.

What kind of spell did you cast!”

“Shut up!” Zhou Yi shouted loudly, and the horror in his eyes grew stronger and stronger.

He hurriedly turned to look at Qiao Xi and said with fear and respect, “Teacher Qiao, please dont bicker with this stupid woman.

Shes a shrew and is used to throwing a tantrum.

Please dont take offense.

Im really sorry!”

Everyone was instantly shocked when they saw Zhou Yi groveling.

Madam Zhou was also stunned on the spot.

It took her a long time to come back to her senses.

How could she allow her husband to apologize to this little vixen so humbly

She felt her face burning.

The pride from before had vanished completely.

She let out a sharp and ear-piercing voice.

“Why are you apologizing! Come here! Shes just a university teacher.

I want to fire her! She goes around seducing men! I want her to—”


Madam Zhou was slapped hard, and her cheek instantly turned red and swollen.

Zhou Yi glared at her fiercely and gritted his teeth.

“How did I marry a fool like you Do you know who youve offended Because of your nonsense, our family has been chased out of the Zhou family.

From now on, were no longer part of the Zhou family.

The Zhou family will no longer be our backer!

“Moreover, the companies under my name have already been… seized.

My accounts… have also been frozen.

Its all your fault.

All these years, Ive been doing nothing because I married a jinx like you!”

Madam Zhou widened her eyes and looked at him in disbelief.

It was as if she had been struck by lightning.

The blood in her body seemed to have frozen.

Her ears buzzed.

She could not hear what Zhou Yi said after that.

The wordsour family has been chased out of the Zhou family, the companies have been seized, and their accounts were frozen still echoed in her mind.

Impossible! This must be a dream! She was the noble Madam Zhou.

She had companies under her name and endless money.

Many noblewomen were rushing to curry favor with her.

How could all these be gone

She was truly unable to accept this fact and could only break down and shout, “Nonsense! How is that possible Who did I offend Isnt it just Qiao Xi What ability does she have”

“If you dont believe me, take a look at the news on your phone and see if the Zhou family has already cut ties with us.

Who else in Li City can make the Zhou family so afraid Its the president of Gu Corporation, Gu Zheng! Dont you know the relationship between President Gu and the Lu family You actually dare to keep in contact with Lu Muxue Since youve angered President Gu, our entire family will be doomed!” Zhou Yi also shouted in despair.

At this moment, Madam Zhou finally understood what a big mistake she had made.

Her legs went weak as she fell to the floor.

Her eyes were empty without a trace of light.

Qiao Xi stood not far away with her arms crossed as she quietly watched the two of them complain and roar at each other.

Then, she raised her eyes to look at the chancellor and said softly, “Chancellor, this is your office, not a place for them to interfere in family matters.

Please ask them to leave.

Now that the matter has been resolved, Ill leave with the students.”

The chancellor said, “Alright.

Teacher Qiao, you must be tired too.

Hurry up and go back to rest.”

With that, he looked at Lu Muxue unhappily.

“Lu Muxue, dont think that todays matter is over just like that.

You instigated others to wrongly accuse Qiao Xi twice and are vicious.

The university will punish you severely.

Go back and wait for the notice.”

Lu Muxues face was livid as she glared fiercely at Qiao Xi.

Her heart was filled with unwillingness.

She was unconvinced.

Why was Qiao Xi able to avoid her attacks every time She would absolutely not let the matter rest.

She wanted Qiao Xi to completely disappear.

But in next to no time, a trace of fear appeared on her face.

If her grandfather found out that she had once again provoked Qiao Xi and even let Qiao Xi record her, would he punish her

The students muttered softly, “Speaking of which, Lu Muxue is responsible for this matter.

If she hadnt instigated things, things wouldnt have ended up like this.

She didnt even apologize and thinks that shes very reasonable.”

“Zhou Linan went overboard.

Teacher Qiao cant be bothered to bicker with people like him, but its because shes too gentle and looks weak that she was bullied.

Teacher Qiao even tried to reason with them in a calm tone.

If I were the one being wronged, I would have pointed at their noses and scolded them.”

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