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Zhou Yis body instantly stiffened, and a trace of horror flashed past his eyes.

Zhou Guanjin was actually abandoning his family for such a small matter Who was that man who made Zhou Guanjin so afraid

He suddenly felt uncomfortable and turned around.

He spotted a man in a suit sitting behind the screen.

From his direction, he could only see the mans side profile.

The man was raising his teacup and taking a sip elegantly.

He looked like a noble young master, but the aura he exuded made one shudder.

At this moment, he realized why Song Shijing had brought him to the office himself.

Did that mean that the man behind the screen was Gu Zheng

was Qiao Xis senior was Gu Zheng

Zhou Guanjin reminded him, “Uncle, look at your phone.

The company is probably in an uproar.”

Before Zhou Yi came to the university, he had specially muted his phone.

He originally thought that the Zhou family would handle the companys matters.

Even if there was a small problem, he did not need to solve it himself.

But now…

Zhou Guanjins words just now were very clear.

Their family had offended Gu Zheng, so the Zhou family would not disregard the familys interests for them.

Hence, the Zhou family wanted to abandon them and protect the remaining members

He took out his phone with trembling hands, and dozens of messages popped up.

The companies under his name were all attacked.

The shareholders expressions changed when they heard the news and they directly sold their shares.

Moreover, someone reported that he was operating illegally.

All his accounts were frozen.

At this moment, not only did the Zhou family not clarify things for him, but they also released a statement online saying that they would cut ties with his family from today onward.

The sweat on Zhou Yis back had already drenched his shirt.

He gritted his teeth.

Zhou Guanjin kept saying that he was afraid of offending Gu Zheng, so he abandoned them for the sake of the entire family.

However, everyone knew that Zhou Guanjin and Gu Zheng had a deep relationship.

Even if the two families had a conflict, Gu Zheng would not attack the Zhou family.

Zhou Guanjin was just using this reason to chase them out of the Zhou family.

This way, it would be justifiable.

He could not refute it, and the other members of the Zhou family would not stand up for him.

At the thought of this, Zhou Yis eyes were filled with anger and unwillingness.

Zhou Guanjin stood up and took a few steps toward him.

He said with a smile, “Mr.

Zhou, you cant blame me for this.

If you want to blame someone, you should blame your wife and son.

If it werent for them, I dont know how many more years you wouldve continued to harm the Zhou family!

“I advise you to quickly see my junior and apologize to her sincerely.

Maybe shell forgive you.


Zhou Guanjin did not finish speaking and did not hide the disdain in his tone.

“Now… please leave!”

Song Shijing pushed the door open at the right time.


Zhou, please.”

Zhou Yis mind was heavy.

He had never been in such a sorry state in his life.

After Zhou Yi left, Zhou Guanjins expression suddenly darkened.

All these years, Zhou Yi had relied on the Zhou familys power to do many evil things.

He knew very well how many benefits he had gained.

On the account of their kinship, Grandpa forgave Zhou Yi time and again.

He could not bear to chase them out of the Zhou family, but he could not tolerate everything.

Zhou Guanjin would never tolerate such vermin causing trouble in the Zhou family.

At this moment, Gu Zheng walked out from behind the screen and said casually, “Its about time.

I should bring her home.”

Zhou Yi recalled what had happened and could not help but tremble.

He looked at this shrew in front of him and was instantly infuriated.

This stupid woman! If it were not for her misconduct, he would not have offended Gu Zheng and been chased out of the Zhou family by Zhou Guanjin.

He knew that the matter was almost irreversible.

Even if the old master appeared, he could not help him stay in the Zhou family.

After all, he had offended Gu Zheng.

Who in the Zhou family would dare to keep him

Moreover, before this, his project had failed, causing the company to lose a large sum of money.

Now, it seemed that this was all Gu Zhengs doing.

His goal was to make him leave the Zhou family completely.

All of this was caused by this stupid woman!

At this moment, he could not care less about his image or reputation.

He opened his mouth wide, and spit flew everywhere.

He shouted at the top of his voice, “You idiot! You actually want to fire Teacher Qiao Do you have the right Hurry up and apologize to Teacher Qiao!”

Madam Zhou was stunned as she widened her eyes at her husband.

She had been hoping that her husband would support her, but he actually reprimanded her in front of everyone!

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