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Chapter 107: I Have Everyone On My Side

“Tell me who you are first.

Do I know you”

Qiao Xi took a step back to distance herself from the woman.

“A student just said that youre a teacher in the design department.

Whats your name”

“I… Im Wang Fengxia,” the woman said with a stammer.

“Its about the post on the forum saying you were a kept woman.

When the situation was still unknown, I casually lampooned.

The university then said I wasnt qualified to be a teacher and wanted to fire me… Teacher Qiao, I know youre from a good family and dont understand the hardships of ordinary people like us, but I really cant live without this job.

If I lose this job, Ill have to die!”

The matter on the forum involved many people, and Wang Fengxia was one of them.

However, Zhou Guanjin and Gu Zheng were the ones handling this matter, so Qiao Xi did not know about it.

Hearing Wang Fengxias words, Qiao Xi was even more puzzled.

It had already been so long but this person only came to look for trouble with her now

When Wang Fengxia saw that Qiao Xi was silent, she suddenly staggered and knelt on the floor.

She covered her face and cried loudly.

“Qiao Xi, Im already begging you like this.

Arent you going to forgive me What exactly do you want Do you want to force me to death just over a few words

“I have my elders and children.

Im different from you, a pampered young lady.

I really need this job.

I promise I wont spout nonsense again.

Let me go.

As long as you let me live, Ill do anything to repay you…”

The students looked at each other in dismay.

“Whats going on A teacher who can teach at Li City University must be very capable, right Even if she was fired by Li City University, she should still be able to find a job.”

“Unless Qiao Xi deliberately took revenge and refused to let her get another job Did she go so far as to attack her Psychological torture and physical torture Its no wonder that this Teacher Wang looks so miserable.

She probably couldnt take the revenge anymore and came to plead with Qiao Xi.”

When Wang Fengxia heard the students words, she cried even harder.

She knelt down and crawled to Qiao Xis feet, kowtowing to her.

“Teacher Qiao, saving a life is better than building a seven-storied pagoda.

Ill kowtow to you.

Please let me go… Let me go, okay”

In this situation, the students did not know what to do.

They had never experienced the trials and tribulations of life.

The simple campus environment made their hearts remain pure.

Wang Fengxia was in the wrong first, so it was understandable for Qiao Xi to make a move against her, but they felt that Qiao Xis punishment was a little too much.

After all, the incident on the forum back then did not cause too much trouble for Qiao Xi, but Qiao Xi wanted Wang Fengxias life.

At this moment, someone hurried over from outside the crowd.

Everyone turned their heads and saw Qiao Rous tears slowly flowing down her face.

The tears of a beauty caused countless peoples hearts to ache.

Qiao Rou squatted next to Wang Fengxia and bit her lip to plead.

“Sister, its been so long since the incident on the forum.

Please forgive Teacher Wang… She didnt know the truth and only casually said a few words.

You dont have to kill her like this.

“Now, she has no job, no house, and even her safety cant be guaranteed.

Sister, she has already apologized to you.

Can you let her go The people you sent have already taught her a big lesson.

She wont make the same mistake again.

Just withdraw your people.”

Although Qiao Rou had caused a lot of trouble in the past, people were very tolerant of beautiful things.

They quickly forgot about the bad things Qiao Rou had done and only saw her beautiful side.

Now that Qiao Rou was standing on Wang Fengxias side, saying in a pleading voice how difficult Wang Fengxias life was and even revealing that she had been beaten up, everyone instantly stood on Qiao Rous side.

They felt that Qiao Xis methods were too vicious.

Everyone sympathized with the weak.

Wang Fengxias actions were not equal to the punishment she was receiving.

Hence, they thought that it was unfair.

“Qiao Xi, just let Teacher Wang off.

Shes quite pitiful now.”

“Thats right.

Look at you, you didnt even recognize her when she first appeared.

She didnt even say those words straight to your face and just complained behind your back.

She just said a few words but lost her job, her house, and was even threatened and beaten up.

Shes too pitiful.”

“Now that she has apologized to you, will you withdraw the people you sent over to beat her up Do you think you can ignore the lives of ordinary people just because youre the high and mighty eldest daughter of a wealthy family If you still insist on doing this, Ill call the police even if youre a teacher.”

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