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Fang Shiyun snorted.

“Senior, its better if you dont interact with the Xia family in the future.

I think theyre crazy.

With your talent, do you need to cheat when participating in competitions Moreover, the results of that matter were out a long time ago.

Yi Cang, who snatched your work and maligned you, was banned a long time ago.

He ran back to his hometown dejectedly.

I didnt expect the Xia family to be so ignorant.

They actually thought that you cheated.

Do you really not know, or are they just pretending

“Senior, wheres the private room for Young Master Yins birthday party Lets go.

I feel disgusted staying here for another second.”

Fang Shiyun did not show the Xia family any respect at all.

Xia Mengyans face was pale.

When she thought of what she had just said to praise Fang Shiyuns senior, she instantly felt so ashamed that she wanted to die.

She was once again stepped on by Qiao Xi in such a dramatic manner.

At this moment, she even found it difficult to breathe, and every inch of her skin seemed to have lost all feeling.

This was definitely a nightmare.

It was impossible for Qiao Xi to be Fang Shiyuns senior.

She was so young, even younger than Fang Shiyun.

How was this possible

At this moment, the guests also reacted.

After a long silence, someone said tentatively, “So, Qiao Xi is Liang Pingchuans final apprentice! Its just that she keeps a low profile and doesnt make a fuss, so the Xia family didnt know.”

“Before this, the Xia family had always thought that Qiao Xi cheated! I just sent a message to ask my friend in Li City University.

She said that the truth of that matter had long been revealed.

It was secretly done by Yi Cang, who has been banned by the art industry.

However, this matter was not publicized.

Its just that some students of Li City University clarified this matter online.

The Xia family has so many connections, but they actually didnt know about this”

“Is there a possibility that Xia Mengyan already knew that it was a misunderstanding, but she deliberately pretended not to know and let her family spread the news that Qiao Xi cheated to ruin Qiao Xis reputation In reality, shes afraid that Qiao Xi will surpass her.

Wasnt this apprenticeship banquet staged by her”

“The Xia family has really lost all their dignity today.

Its really bad luck to attend such such peoples banquet!”

Xia Mengyans body stiffened.

Everyones mockery and accusations stabbed into her chest like knives.

She was in so much pain that she was about to faint.

She clenched her fists tightly.

The pain in her palms made her stay awake.

Qiao Xi! It was all because of her! She made everyone in the Xia family become the laughing stock of Li City!

Xia Mengyans body swayed violently, but the other members of the Xia family could not care less about her.

Their faces were ashen.

Xia Cheng forcefully controlled his emotions, but Old Madam Xias eyes were filled with malevolence.

She was unable to accept this fact and directly roared angrily at Qiao Xi and Fang Shiyuns backs.

“Impossible! How can that little b*tch be your senior”

The guests could not help but frown.

No matter what, Old Madam Xia was the mistress of the Xia family.

It was really inappropriate for her to address a junior like this.

Was she any different from a shrew in the market

Fang Shiyun stopped in his tracks, and a trace of coldness flashed past his eyes.

At this moment, he no longer cared about his identity as a calligraphy master.

He turned around and pointed at Old Madam Xias nose as he cursed, “Who are you calling a b*tch, old shrew! Youre a mistress who destroyed someone elses family, yet you have the cheek to say that others are b*tches.

Who else here is as b*tchy as you My senior is born beautiful and talented.

If shes a b*tch, youre trash.

Youre a piece of trash who stinks in the gutter and will never see the light of day!”

Old Madam Xia probably did not expect a calligraphy master to curse her without caring about his status.

She was so angry that she panted and pointed at him with trembling fingers.

How could Mengyan, whom she and Ah Cheng had raised since she was young, not compare to a wild girl who had led a wandering life since young How could she accept this

Xia Yunlous face was pale.

Other than shock, she was also a little excited.

It turned out that Xi Xi was Fang Shiyuns senior.

She was also a famous designer overseas.

Xi Xi did not embarrass her but brought her honor!

She should be happy to have such an outstanding daughter!

At this moment, Xia Yunlou felt as if there were two voices arguing in her mind.

One was telling her that her daughter was very outstanding and she should reconcile with Qiao Xi.

The other was telling her that since she had already offended Qiao Xi, she might as well give up!

The emotions in her heart were a mess, and she was at a loss.

As Qiao Xis mother, she did not know how to face her for a moment.

Everyone in the Xia family had tried their best to make Xia Mengyan become Fang Shiyuns apprentice for the sake of benefiting from Liang Pingchuans identity.

From then on, Mengyan would be able to enter the art industry without any obstructions.

However, who would have thought that Qiao Xi would actually be Liang Pingchuans most cherished last apprentice!

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