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Qiao Xi lazily raised her eyes and was not in a rush to retort.

Instead, she glanced at Fang Shiyun and asked with a cold voice, “Dont you think its funny”

Everyone looked at Qiao Xi in horror.

Was this woman crazy It was fine that she was mocking Xia Mengyan, but why was she asking Mr.

Fang How could he answer

Actually, Xia Mengyan just wanted to see Mr.

Fangs senior.

This was not wrong.

It was just a matter of whether Mr.

Fang was willing to bring her along or not.

Why was Qiao Xi laughing

Xia Yunlou glared at Qiao Xi, afraid that she would anger Fang Shiyun and affect Mengyans future.

She hurriedly rushed over and pointed at Qiao Xis nose as she cursed, “Qiao Xi! What are you doing here! Who are you to say anything about Mengyan Im really unlucky to have a daughter like you! Get lost immediately.

I dont want to see you!”

His roar echoed in the private room.

Many guests looked at Qiao Xi and waited for her answer.

Xia Yunlou was angered to the point of breathing heavily, and her expression was ferocious.

She wished for nothing more than to rush over and slap Qiao Xi twice.

It was obvious from her eyes that she hated her daughter.

It was even to the extent that if killing someone was not against the law, she would immediately kill Qiao Xi.

Seeing Qiao Xi standing at the door, she shouted at the top of her voice, “Get lost! If you dont leave now, Ill get someone to chase you out! Guards! Chase her out! Go!”


Suddenly, a cold male voice came from behind.

The private room fell silent again.

Fang Shiyun looked at Qiao Xi with smiling eyes and repeated his words.

“Its indeed very funny.”

Everyone looked at Fang Shiyun in disbelief.

Xia Yunlou suddenly turned around as if she had seen a ghost.

She was terrified and shocked.

What was Fang Shiyun talking about Qiao Xi asked such an arrogant question, yet Fang Shiyun actually replied to her

Xia Yunlou widened her eyes in disbelief.

The muscles on her face twitched slightly.

Just as the Xia family did not know what to say, Fang Shiyun suddenly looked up at Xia Mengyan.

“Do you really want to see my senior”

Xia Mengyan was stunned for a moment.

She thought that Fang Shiyun had agreed, so she suppressed the anger in her heart and nodded with a smile.

“Yes! Mr.

Fang, I really admire your senior.

If I can see her, I wont have any regrets in my life.”

“Alright, not bad.” Fang Zhiyun smiled thoughtfully, but his eyes were filled with coldness and mockery.

He looked up coldly at Xia Mengyan and sneered.

“Since youre so sincere, Ill satisfy you.

I just hope you wont regret it!”

Xia Mengyan was already overwhelmed by excitement.

She did not have time to think about Fang Shiyuns words.

She only knew that she would see that senior soon.

Perhaps she could even acknowledge her as her master.

Then, everything that happened today would not be important.

However, before Xia Mengyan could be happy for a few seconds, Fang Shiyun said casually, “I dont have to bring you there because shes already in front of you.”


Xia Mengyan suddenly looked up.

The Xia family was also stunned as they looked around.

Xia Cheng swept his gaze over to Qiao Xi who was standing leisurely at the side.

Suddenly, a thought spread in his heart.

He abruptly widened his eyes and could not help but tremble.


Seeing that the Xia family was confused, Fang Shiyun cleared his throat and said word by word, “Miss Xia, you keep saying that you admire my senior, but the moment she entered, your Xia family started scolding her.

First, you accused her of ruining the apprenticeship banquet.

Then, you said that she cheated.

Do you still have the cheek to see her now”

These casual words caused the entire venue to fall silent.

The guests did not react for a moment and were still carefully thinking about Fang Shiyuns words.

At this moment, Xia Mengyans ears were buzzing.

Her empty eyes were gradually filled with horror and unwillingness.

She even felt that she was about to die.

What did Fang Shiyun say She had never seen his senior before! It was impossible for his senior to be Qiao Xi! There must be a mistake! It was Qiao Xis doing!

Qiao Xi was just a wild girl who had led a wandering life since she was young.

The Xia family was utterly unwilling to accept her.

What right did she have to be Liang Pingchuans apprentice What right did she have to be Fang Shiyuns senior

What right did a little b*tch who grew up in the countryside have to trample on her She was the socialite who should be the center of attention, not Qiao Xi!

Fang Shiyun ignored Xia Mengyans gaze and walked straight to Qiao Xi.

He bowed respectfully.

“Senior, Im sorry Im late.”

Qiao Xi nodded.


Xia Mengyan instantly felt as if she had fallen into an ice cave.

The blood in her body seemed to have frozen instantly, and the coldness around her made her tremble.

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