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Xia Mengyan hurriedly adjusted her expression and put on a gentle smile as if nothing had happened.

She pretended to be surprised and said, “Mr.

Fang, so your senior is in the Yin familys private room! Is she there to celebrate Jinglins birthday Can I go see her

“Although shes unwilling to take in an apprentice, Ive heard a lot about her, and I really like her work.

Ive always treated her as my role model and want to be as outstanding as her in the future.


Fang, can you bring me to see her Its just a brief meeting.

It wont take up too much of your time.”

Fang Shiyun widened his eyes and looked at Xia Mengyan with a strange gaze.

He wanted to say something but stopped himself.

“Miss Xia, you… Are you sure you want to see my senior and that you regard her as your role model”

Hearing Fang Shiyuns words, a trace of hope lit up in Xia Mengyans eyes.

Could it be that Mr.

Fang was willing to bring her to see his senior

She nodded hurriedly.

“Yes! Mr.

Fang, as long as you bring me there, Ill definitely…”

“Youve been looking forward to meeting my senior for a long time and you like her work” Fang Shiyun interrupted her and continued to ask.

Xia Mengyan was slightly stunned.

She simply thought that Fang Shiyun just wanted to see if she really wanted to see his senior, so he kept repeating her words.

That senior was Liang Pingchuans last apprentice.

Not just anyone could meet her.

Of course, Fang Shiyun would not casually bring her there.

He had to confirm if she really admired that senior.

At this moment, Xia Mengyan was anxious to see Fang Shiyuns senior and become her apprentice.

Although Fang Shiyun was famous, Liang Pingchuan had not officially accepted him as his apprentice.

That senior was Liang Pingchuans only apprentice.

Being able to become that seniors apprentice was even more glorious than being Fang Shiyuns apprentice.

Hence, Xia Mengyan said excitedly, “Yes, I also heard that that senior is Mr.

Liang Pingchuans only apprentice.

She must be very powerful.

I really want to see her.

Even if its just from afar, Ill be satisfied.

I hope Mr.

Fang can understand my desire to see my idol.

“Im also Jinglins cousin.

I should attend his birthday party, but I was delayed by the apprenticeship banquet, so I didnt go to congratulate him.

I can visit him now, but your senior is present.

Im afraid itll be a little presumptuous for me to suddenly appear, so please bring me there personally.”

What she meant was that with her relationship with Yin Jinglin, she could have gone as she pleased, but she just wanted to inform him that she would be going with him as a form of respect to him and his senior.

Fang Shiyun finally understood.

Xia Mengyan was really stubborn! She felt that her apprenticeship banquet was ruined, but she did not want to lose her reputation.

Hence, she urgently wanted to acknowledge his senior as her master and elevate her status.

Old Madam Xia, who was at the side, also echoed, “Mr.

Fang, our Mengyan really admires your senior.

She just wants to take a look at her.

She definitely wont offend her.

Moreover, Mengyan has always treated her as her role model.

If they meet, it can be considered as giving Mengyan some motivation.

As a senior, you shouldnt refuse a juniors request, right”

“Heh!” As soon as she finished speaking, a sudden laugh sounded.

It was especially clear in the huge private room.

Qiao Xi was truly unable to restrain herself, and her eyes were filled with ridicule.

Old Madam Xia raised her eyes to look.

It was actually Qiao Xi who was laughing.

Instantly, flames of anger surged in her heart.

She glared fiercely at that face and roared in an almost crazy manner.

“What are you laughing about!”

Qiao Xi glanced at her indifferently as if Old Madam Xia was just a speck of dust in her eyes.

Old Madam Xia looked at those eyes that were exactly the same as Yin Lianxins, and the anger in her heart burned even more fiercely.

The expression on her face became more and more ferocious as she glared at Qiao Xi with resentment.

“Y-You little b*tch! Why are you laughing Tell me!”

The smile on Qiao Xis face had yet to disappear, but she was not angry when faced with Old Madam Xias roar.

She said casually, “Of course, I only laughed because I thought it was funny!”

She stood at the door of the private room and gently leaned against it.

Her simple and elegant dress outlined her slender waist.

Everyone realized that Miss Qiaos charm was definitely not inferior to Yin Lianxins back then.

“How is it funny Is there a problem with what I said” Old Madam Xia flew into a rage, and her sharp voice resounded throughout the private room.

“Qiao Xi, do you have the cheek to laugh at others You cheated in Li City Universitys competition! Mengyan did make a mistake, but this is just a misunderstanding.

She just wants to see the senior she admires!”

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