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Originally, Old Madam Xia was still puzzled in her heart.

How did this apprenticeship banquet end up like this The moment she saw Qiao Xi, she suddenly understood that this little b*tch must be behind this.

She must have run in front of Fang Shiyun and said something to make him suddenly go back on his word.

Old Madam Xia glared fiercely at Qiao Xi, wishing for nothing more than to rush over and tear her vixen face apart.

This little b*tch! How could she do this She was jealous of Mengyan, so she spouted nonsense in front of Fang Shiyun.

She cheated and even wanted to slander Mengyans reputation.

She was really too detestable!

Xia Yunlous expression was extremely ugly and ferocious.

Why was her daughter so unbearable Not only did she cheat, but she also ruined Mengyans apprenticeship banquet because of jealousy and hatred.

She suddenly rushed in front of Qiao Xi and forcefully resisted the urge to roar.

She gritted her teeth and said, “Qiao Xi, what exactly are you doing I know youre jealous of Mengyan, but you cant ruin her future! Todays apprenticeship banquet is so important to Mengyan.

How can you be so heartless”

Qiao Xi had an innocent expression.

She had just come out to take a breather.

How could she have known that the Xia family was in this private room It was fine if she bumped into them, but she had not even done anything when Xia Yunlou rushed over and scolded her.

Was there something wrong with this person

She swept her gaze across the crowd and finally landed on Fang Shiyun.

Then, she looked at the Xia family who looked like they wanted to kill her.

She immediately understood.

Previously, Xia Mengyan had sent someone to send her an invitation to attend her apprenticeship banquet.

She ignored the Xia family and prepared to attend Yin Jinglins birthday banquet.

When she came to Yingyun Hall, she found out that the Xia familys apprenticeship banquet was also held here.

It turned out that Xia Mengyan really wanted to acknowledge Fang Shiyun as her master! She was really brave!

Qiao Xi had actually heard of the rumors spread by the Xia family, but she did not believe that Fang Shiyun would take Xia Mengyan as his apprentice.

Fang Shiyun did not like taking on apprentices.

Moreover, Xia Mengyan was not talented in calligraphy and did not have a love for calligraphy.

Fang Shiyun had no reason to take her as his apprentice!

The Xia family was actually so confident in holding an apprenticeship banquet Did they think that Fang Zhiyun would agree

When Fang Shiyun arrived, he rejected them in front of so many guests.

They could not accept this fact, so they wanted to push the blame on her.

Seeing that Old Madam Xias and Xia Chengs faces were livid, Xia Yunlou hurriedly berated, “Qiao Xi! Hurry up and explain it to Mr.


You were the one who cheated.

What does it have to do with Mengyan Youre shameless, but Mengyan isnt!”

Qiao Xi took a few steps back to distance herself from Xia Yunlou.

Fang Shiyun, who was at the side, was instantly angry when he saw Xia Yunlou treating his senior like this.

He had also heard about the cheating incident at Li City University.

It was obvious that Yi Cang had snatched his seniors work and accused her of cheating.

Now, the Xia family was exclaiming that his senior cheated before they even understood the situation.

Did they have any brains

Before Qiao Xi could speak, Fang Shiyun said sternly, “Nonsense!”

Everyone from the Xia family was stunned.

Xia Yunlou was also shocked and hurriedly explained, “Mr.

Fang, our Xia family didnt educate Qiao Xi well, so she cheated in the competition.

Not only did she ruin Li City Universitys hundred years of reputation, but she also implicated Mengyans reputation.

You cant misunderstand our Mengyan just because Qiao Xi cheated.

She absolutely wont cheat!”

It was all Qiao Xis fault.

She was tainted with bad habits, causing her, as a mother, to lose face.

The entire Xia family was ashamed of her!

At the thought of the noblewomen of high society mocking her, Xia Yunlou could not suppress the anger in her heart.

Qiao Xi was a jinx.

She could only bring trouble to the Xia family, while Mengyan was the Xia familys lucky star.

She was born to be the Xia familys glory and would lead the Xia family to rise step by step in the future.

Xia Yunlou was afraid that Fang Shiyun would misunderstand, so she said anxiously, “Mr.

Fang, you must have heard the lies told by my daughter, Qiao Xi.

Thats why you suddenly went back on your word.

Shes such a selfish child.

Shes jealous of Mengyans excellence.

When she heard that Mengyan was going to acknowledge you as her master, Qiao Xi must have caused trouble.

Mengyan has always been very outstanding.

Dont believe Qiao Xis words!”

When Fang Shiyun heard Xia Yunlou call Qiao Xidaughter, her eyes were filled with shock.

This person who was criticizing her senior word by word was actually her mother

Qiao Xi watched all of this coldly.

If Xia Yunlou had not admitted her identity, who would believe that she was her mother

When everyone heard Xia Yunlous words, their faces could not help but be filled with disdain.

Xia Yunlou was Qiao Xis mother.

She must know Qiao Xi very well.

She had already said that Qiao Xi cheated and even framed Miss Xia because of jealousy.

It must be true!

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