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Seeing that everyone looked satisfied with every bite, Su Dongjun could not help but smile.

Rumor had it that he had a strange personality, but in reality, he just did not like the deception in the world.

Those people invited him to cook for the sake of showing off, not for the sake of the delicacies themselves.

Hence, no matter how delicious the food was, it would not matter to them.

However, he could tell that the Yin family simply liked his dishes.

As a chef, he could not help but feel happy when he saw these customers treating the food so seriously.

He was able to become friends with Song Shiyu because Song Shiyu was very innocent.

He was like a child who was not scheming and could say whatever he wanted.

He was straightforward, but it made him seem real.

Seeing that Yin Jinglin liked his dishes so much, Su Dongjun wanted to ask Yin Jinglin if he wanted to try his new dishes.

However, before he could speak, he suddenly glanced at Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi was frowning in pain, and her appearance was practically worse than death.

Looking at Yin Jinglins satisfied smile, she knew that these dishes must be delicious.

However, she could only smell the faint fragrance but not taste it.

In order not to affect everyones meal, she decided not to eat.

However, Su Dongjun saw her painful expression.

Su Dongjun felt that his dignity as a top chef was being challenged.

Qiao Xi was chewing the meat in her mouth with difficulty when she heard a gloomy voice behind her.

“Miss Qiao, how does this dish taste”

Qiao Xi looked up and saw that it was Su Dongjun.

She did not want to say that she had lost her taste buds, lest everyone became worried.

Hence, she replied, “Its very delicious.”

Su Dongjun frowned.

“Are you sure”

Hearing that Chef Su had a strange temper, Qiao Xi was afraid of making him unhappy.

She could only brace herself and answer, “Yes, its really delicious.”

However, the next second, Su Dongjun snorted.

“I know youre lying just by looking at your pained expression! Why Dont you like my dishes”

Qiao Xi instantly became nervous.

She was in pain because she could not taste anything while watching everyone enjoying the food.

Before she could answer, Su Dongjun said again, “You keep saying that its delicious, but you havent eaten much.

It even looks like you have difficulty swallowing the food in your mouth.

Are my dishes bad”

Qiao Xis heart trembled.

Afraid that Su Dongjun would not let her pack the food back, she hurriedly explained in a panic, “No, no…”

“Ive made so many dishes in my life, but Ive never met a customer like you!” Su Dongjun had a serious expression.

Then, he shouted, “I absolutely wont allow this to happen.

I have to go back to your home with you.

I have to make the dishes you like!”

The private room instantly fell silent, and Qiao Xis flustered expression froze.

This was a blessing in disguise!

As expected, this top chef had a strange temper.

If other chefs saw that someone was not satisfied with their dishes, they would probably be angry.

However, this top chef had to be satisfied.

After another 10 minutes, the door of the private room was pushed open.

Gu Zheng was wearing a gray windbreaker as he walked toward Qiao Xi.

His expression was a little serious, and he was still thinking about his conversation with Meng Fan.

His expression softened a little when he saw Qiao Xi, then he nodded at the Yin family before sitting down beside Qiao Xi.

Qiao Xi was instantly excited when she saw Gu Zheng.

She hurriedly moved closer to his ear and said in a low voice, “Ah Zheng, can you go out with me for a while”

Gu Zhengs eyes were filled with confusion.

What was Mrs.

Gu doing Why did she look so sneaky

Qiao Xi looked at the dishes on the table and drooled.

However, she could not hug Gu Zheng and kiss him in front of everyone.

That would be too embarrassing, so she wanted to pull Gu Zheng out to kiss him before coming back to eat.

“I… have something to tell you,” Qiao Xi said in embarrassment.

Gu Zheng looked at Su Dongjun, who was not far away, then at the delicious dishes on the table.

He instantly understood and could not help but curl his lips.

He teased, “Mrs.

Gu, lets talk here.”

Qiao Xi looked at Yin Jinglin who was holding a chicken drumstick in his hand and eating it while sweating profusely.

She stomped her feet anxiously.

“No! We have to talk outside.

Come with me!”

Gu Zheng smiled brightly and stroked her head gently.


Yin Jinglin was chewing meat and asked in confusion, “Why are you going out Were family.

Just say it here!”

Yin Jingting glanced at him.

“Even food cant shut you up!”

Qiao Xi excitedly pulled Gu Zheng out of the door and walked to an empty corner before looking around.

Seeing Mrs.

Gus cute appearance, Gu Zheng could not help but smile.

“Theres no one here.

What do you want to say, Mrs.


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