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Shang Jing frowned and replied respectfully, “Mr.

Liang, the artistic conception of this piece is not something that a 20-year-old girl can achieve.

Coincidentally, I heard that Mr.

Yi lost a piece of calligraphy, so I took this piece of calligraphy to ask Mr.


Its indeed the piece he lost, but I dont know how it ended up in Teacher Qiaos hands.

This is enough to prove that she stole Mr.

Yis work!”

“Heh…” Liang Pingchuan sneered.

“Just because Yi Cang said that his work is his, does it mean its his Didnt Teacher Qiao produce an even more perfect piece She has already proven herself with her ability.

Theres no need for her to steal Yi Cangs work.

Shang Jings expression was a little gloomy, then he frowned and said, “Mr.

Liang, the calligraphy piece that Teacher Qiao wrote on the spot is a copy of Mr.

Yis work.

It can only mean that shes indeed talented, but shes just a 20-year-old girl.

How could she have written such a perfect piece”


As soon as he finished speaking, Liang Pingchuan slammed the table.

“Its all nonsense!”

He looked at Yi Cang coldly and said in a serious tone, “Yi Cang, is this piece really yours”

Yi Cang was so scared that his entire body trembled.

He really did not understand why Liang Pingchuan was angry.

Could it be that this calligraphy piece was personally written by Liang Pingchuan If that were the case, he would be in trouble.

However, when he took a closer look, the basics of this painting were not good enough.

Liang Pingchuan had written calligraphy for his entire life, so it was impossible for it to be his handwriting.

Moreover, the style was very different.

It was fine as long as it was not Liang Pingchuans work.

Even if he refused to admit it, Qiao Xi could not do anything to him.

Yi Cang pretended to be calm.

“Its mine!”

Even though Liang Pingchuan had a noble identity, he could not determine that this was not his work with just one sentence.

Liang Pingchuan gritted his teeth.

It seemed that Yi Cang had predicted that they would not have any evidence and was prepared to deny it.

He sneered.

Did Yi Cang really think that he could not do anything to him

Seeing Liang Pingchuans angry look, Shang Jing was afraid that he would be implicated.

He hurriedly said in a low voice, “Mr.

Liang, today is the calligraphy competition.

Why dont we hold the competition first We can settle the matter of cheating later…”

“Shut up!”

Liang Pingchuan berated, his eyes filled with anger.

“Do you have the right to speak here Cheating is no small matter.

How can we start the competition if we dont investigate clearly”

In everyones eyes, Liang Pingchuan had always been gentle.

They had never seen him flare up in public.

Shang Jing was so scared that he lowered his head and did not dare to say another word.

Yi Cang was slightly unhappy in his heart.

Hearing that Liang Pingchuan wanted to protect Qiao Xi, he hurriedly said, “Mr.

Liang, youre a senior in the art world.

We should respect your wishes, but today is Li City Universitys calligraphy competition.

We cant delay everyones matters because of Qiao Xis cheating.

If you insist on supporting Teacher Qiao, then…”

“Thats right! I want to support Qiao Xi!”

Liang Pingchuan interrupted Yi Cang coldly and said in an icy-cold tone, “Let me tell you, this calligraphy piece was written by Qiao Xi half a year ago.

I saw it with my own eyes.

How did it suddenly become yours”

He waved his hand, and his assistant went forward with his phone.

He played a video and projected it onto the big screen.

He said loudly, “Miss Qiao rarely practices calligraphy, so the last time she wrote, our master instructed me to record it.”

In the video, Liang Pingchuan was leaning against the couch and lazily watching the girl in front of the wooden table waving her brush and ink.

The girl frowned, but she quickly completed a calligraphy piece and handed it to Liang Pingchuan with a smile.

Liang Pingchuan took the calligraphy piece and sized it up.

Then, he shook his head helplessly.

“Its still not good.

You really dont have any talent.”

The video was short, but the content was very clear.

The girl in the video was Qiao Xi, and the calligraphy piece in her hand was the work submitted to the competition!

The art hall was eerily quiet.

Yi Cang was stunned on the spot.

He felt a dull pain in his temple as if he had been hit hard.

His mind was a mess.

Lu Muxue gasped and stood up abruptly.

Her body swayed, and her vision darkened.

She hurriedly supported herself on the chair and finally stabilized herself.

Qiao Xi knew Liang Pingchuan Moreover, this calligraphy piece was completed half a year ago

This was impossible!

Her breathing gradually quickened, and her chest heaved.

She could not accept this fact.

After a long time, the scene instantly became noisy.

“Oh my God! Whats going on Qiao Xi actually knows Mr.

Liang Pingchuan”

“Do you see that wooden table Although it looks very ordinary, its made of priceless ancient wood.


Liang introduced it in an interview previously.

Thats his study, and outsiders arent allowed to enter.”

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