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Yi Cang also thought about it in his heart and felt that this explanation was feasible.

It would not be a loss to anyone if he pushed the blame away.

Moreover, he was already being kind by being willing to give Qiao Xi a way out.

Presumably, Qiao Xi would not refuse.

If the matter really blew up, it would not be beneficial to her.

Instead, she would be implicated.

Yi Cang nodded.

“Teacher Zhao, you have a point.

With Teacher Qiaos strength, theres no need for her to cheat at all.

Looks like this is just a misunderstanding.”

Shang Jing quickly echoed, “I see.

I misunderstood you, Teacher Qiao.”

Qiao Xi was about to laugh from anger when she saw the two of them echoing each other.

They really dared to think of forcing her to swallow her anger after snatching her work

She, Qiao Xi, was not a pushover!

Just when everyone thought that the cheating incident would end here, Qiao Xi suddenly knocked on the table.

A clear and cold voice sounded through the microphone, “My work for the competition is this one on stage!”


The entire venue was in an uproar.

Yi Cang stood up abruptly.

The person in charge, Teacher Zhao, was shocked.

He wanted to go forward and persuade him, but he was stopped by Chancellor Chen.

The teachers and students of Li City University were all dumbfounded.

“Qiao Xi… What exactly are you talking about”

“Qiao Xi! You said that you submitted Yi Cangs work, but that means you admit that you cheated!”

“I fainted just now.

What exactly is going on!”

A trace of viciousness flashed past Yi Cangs eyes.

Was Qiao Xi going to fight him to the end

He said angrily, “Teacher Qiao, are you saying that the work you submitted is my calligraphy piece Think carefully before you speak.

Cheating is not a small matter.”

Shang Jing did not expect Qiao Xi to be so ungrateful.

He had clearly given her a way out, but she still refused to let the matter go.

Hearing the discussions around him, Chancellor Chen still chose to believe in Qiao Xi.

He did not know if Qiao Xi was capable or not, but he just felt that with her character and identity, she would not cheat.

Everyone stared at Qiao Xi and waited for her to explain, but she was still certain.

“Thats right, I submitted this work.”

She pointed at the piece and smiled.

“Im really curious too.

How did my work become Mr.

Yi Cangs Mr.

Yi Cang, please give me a reasonable explanation.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the entire venue fell silent as if a thunderclap had heavily struck everyones hearts.

They were surprised by Qiao Xis confidence.

Could it be that Mr.

Yi Cang had snatched her work

Lu Muxue was stunned for a moment before she sneered.

Qiao Xi was really stubborn.

So what if this calligraphy piece was hers With Yi Cangs current status, it belonged to whoever he said it belonged to.

Qiao Xi could not retort, and the outcome of doing so was that she would have to bear the reputation of cheating.

In everyones opinion, Yi Cang was a senior in the calligraphy world.

It was impossible for him to take the work of another as his.

Lu Muxue smiled proudly.

Qiao Xi was really stupid and rash.

However, this was good as well.

It would be easier for the Lu family to use Qiao Xi to control Gu Zheng.

If Qiao Xi was always so stupid, she was willing to build a good relationship with Qiao Xi so that it would be easier to use this idiot.

Before Yi Cang could speak, the artists and apprentices beside him could not sit still anymore.

They berated loudly, “Qiao Xi, what do you mean Are you saying that our master took your work”

“Youre slandering him! You actually dare to insult a senior in the calligraphy world.

Youre really shameless!”

“As a junior, you should give your seniors the respect they deserve.

How dare you spout nonsense in public So what if youre capable Its useless if your character is bad!”

The teachers and students of Li City University were also puzzled.

“With Yi Cangs current status, why does he have to steal Qiao Xis work The misunderstanding has clearly been resolved just now and it was a happy ending too.

However, Qiao Xi insisted on blowing things up.

I really dont know what shes thinking”

“Qiao Xi probably hates Mr.

Yi and Mr.

Shang for maligning her.

She feels wronged, so she deliberately said that to vent her anger.

However, not only will her actions not affect Mr.

Yi in any way, but itll also make everyone think that shes being unreasonable.

Why do that!”

Shang Jing looked at Qiao Xis confident expression and instantly laughed out loud.

“Teacher Qiao, dont tell me you want to say that Mr.

Yi took your work for himself”


Yi Cang was the top figure in the calligraphy world.

He was famous, so it did not matter even if he did not produce any more works in his life.

There was no need for him to risk his reputation being ruined by snatching Qiao Xis work.

Qiao Xi nodded.


The look of ridicule on Shang Jings face grew stronger.

He was just about to speak when he heard Qiao Xis cold voice.

“Im telling the truth.”

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