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Shang Jing stood on the spot, his body swaying.

He was very regretful.

He did not expect to get retaliated like this.

He had been learning calligraphy for decades.

He became a master when he was young, and after he became an adult, he became a little famous.

He gradually became more and more famous in the calligraphy world.

No matter where he went, everyone was very respectful to him.

Moreover, he did not have any negative news.

He was even famous in the calligraphy world for being fair and responsible.

Now, because he had accused a teacher of cheating, the good reputation that he had painstakingly built for so many years was ruined.

He was unwilling!

At this moment, Shang Jing had his head lowered, and his face was ashen.

A trace of viciousness flashed past his eyes, but he still did not say anything.

He just could not understand how an amateur could have such superb strength.

Moreover, he was able to discern that Qiao Xi had only casually written it, and he could also tell that her strokes were very casual and lazy.

Even so, the work she wrote was still very perfect.

One could imagine how stunning the words she wrote would be if she was serious.

Shang Jings heart felt like it was stuffed with an enormous rock.

He had always thought that he was very talented.

Now that he had seen Qiao Xi, he finally understood what it meant to be a true genius.

Her talent was innate.

She was only 20 years old, yet she could do things that others could not do in their lives.

Anger filled his heart, and jealousy blinded him.

Why should he apologize He was a master in the calligraphy world.

Why should he apologize to a 20-year-old girl

Shang Jing glanced at Yi Cang, whose expression was also very ugly.

He braced himself and said, “Chancellor Chen, Teacher Qiao is indeed very capable, but her work is clearly Mr.


How do you explain this I only came out to testify for justice.

If she hadnt taken Mr.

Yis work to participate in the competition, such a misunderstanding wouldnt have happened.”

Chancellor Chens expression darkened.

He was still saying that Qiao Xi cheated.

It meant that he did not want to apologize.

Yi Cangs eyes wandered between Qiao Xi and the work on the screen.

After a moment of silence, he said arrogantly, “I have to say that Teacher Qiao is very talented.

She must have copied my work before, so our styles are very similar.”

Everyone instantly came to a sudden understanding.

It turned out that Qiao Xis style was similar to Yi Cangs because she had copied Yi Cangs work previously.

There was nothing strange about that.

Yi Cang narrowed his eyes.

“The work that Teacher Qiao submitted is of the style I usually practice.

I dont know where you got this calligraphy piece from.

Perhaps you think our styles are very similar, so it wont be a problem even if you take my work to participate in the competition.

In any case, you can still prove your innocence with your ability.

Is that right”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yi Cang shot Shang Jing a look.

Shang Jing immediately reacted and said righteously, “I admit that Teacher Qiao is very talented, but you cant take Mr.

Yis work for yourself just because youre talented.

“Previously, when I found out that you cheated, I was indeed a little agitated and said some insulting words.

However, having the ability doesnt mean that you can refuse to accept the punishment for cheating.

Chancellor Chen, are you going to protect Teacher Qiao”

The entire venue was silent.

Everyone could not help but be puzzled.

If this calligraphy piece was written by Yi Cang, why was it in Qiao Xis hands She clearly had the ability, so why would she participate in the competition with Yi Cangs work

Yi Cangs eyes were filled with disdain.

It was her honor that he had taken a liking to Qiao Xis work, yet she actually dared to resist.

At this moment, the person in charge, Teacher Zhao, hurriedly walked to Yi Cangs side and said in a low voice, “Mr.

Yi, as you can see, Teacher Qiao is really talented.

She has no reason to cheat.

There must be a misunderstanding.”

Then, Teacher Zhao turned to look at Qiao Xi.

“Teacher Qiao, are you sure this is the piece you submitted at the beginning”

Hearing Teacher Zhaos words, the students also reacted and stood up to explain, “I understand! The work Qiao Xi submitted for the competition wasnt this at all.

She must have made a mistake by accident.

Or someone framed Qiao Xi and replaced her work with Mr.

Yi Cangs.

Thats how all this happened!”

“Everyone can tell that Qiao Xi didnt have to cheat.

She must have been wronged!”

Shang Jing thought about it.

This was the best explanation.

His and Mr.

Yi Cangs reputation would not be affected, and Qiao Xi would also be able to clear her name.

As for how she got it wrong or who framed Qiao Xi, that was unknown.

As time passed, no one would pay attention to it anymore.

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