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Shang Jings face was livid.

He suppressed the urge to curse and said hatefully, “You keep saying that this piece is bad, then what exactly is a good piece

“Qiao Xi, now that the matter has been exposed, I advise you to admit to your mistake as soon as possible and beg Mr.

Yi for forgiveness.

Theres still room for negotiation.

If you continue to quibble, youll regret it when the matter blows up!”

Everyone was mocking Qiao Xi for being stupid.

With so many calligraphers and artists present, she was only digging her own grave by doing this.

She would ruin her reputation in the end.

However, under the reprimand of everyone, Qiao Xis expression was indifferent.

She did not panic in the slightest as she quietly listened to Shang Jings words.

Shang Jing was so angry that he was panting.

He said in a mocking tone, “Teacher Qiao, since you think this piece is bad, show us a better piece so that we can broaden our horizons.”

From the beginning until the end, Yi Cang had been sitting on his seat with an indifferent attitude as he quietly watched the chaos at the scene.

At this moment, he was already sure that Qiao Xi had found someone to paint this piece.

How could a 20-year-old girl produce such good calligraphy work

Perhaps in the current situation, she could not admit that she had found someone to write for her.

Hence, she could only grit her teeth and endure it.

Hearing Shang Jings words, Yi Cang finally said, “Shang Jing is right.

Teacher Qiao, you said that this work isnt good, so show us something better!”

Yi Cang looked at her disdainfully.

“If you cant take it out, then not only will it be determined that youve cheated but youll also insult the calligraphers present.

Do you still have the cheek to continue staying at the university”

Qiao Xi raised her eyebrows.

“You want me to write a calligraphy piece in public”

Yi Cang nodded with disdain.

Qiao Xi smiled.


Everyone was instantly interested when they heard this.

This was the first time they saw someone who cheated not being convinced and wanting to prove their innocence in public.

However, they did not believe that Qiao Xi could write something better than this.

After all, Yi Cangs standard was already at the top.

The chancellor had a difficult expression.

Others might not know Qiao Xis background, but he was very clear in his heart.

Was there a need for Gu Zhengs wife to cheat Moreover, Qiao Xi was multi-talented and did not lack calligraphy skills.

Why should she ruin her reputation for a small competition

Gu Zheng would definitely be angry if he wronged Mrs.


It might implicate the university.

The chancellor sighed helplessly.

At this moment, someone from Class 1 asked, “Muxue, do you think Qiao Xi will be able to produce a good piece of work”

Lu Muxue hid the disdain in her eyes and smiled.

“Teacher Qiao is a little conceited.

She might know calligraphy, but she definitely cant surpass Mr.


Moreover, its really inappropriate for her to mock Mr.

Yi in public.

Since shes a teacher at the university, she has to set an example.

If a teacher cheats, how can they manage the students”

Her words were sufficient to prove that Qiao Xi was deceiving herself!

Not long after, the head of the painting and calligraphy department prepared a pen and paper for calligraphy.

Shang Jing personally helped Qiao Xi lay out the rice paper and curled the corners of his mouth in disdain.

“Teacher Qiao, please!”

Qiao Xi went on stage under the burning gazes of everyone.

She lowered her head to look at the rice paper and ink.

Shang Jing was quite an upright person.

The rice paper and ink he prepared for her were both of good quality.

Perhaps he was afraid that she would use the paper and ink as an excuse for her inability to write well.

She chose a random pen and dipped it in ink before writing on the paper.

Shang Jing did not even bother to look at her.

Instead, he turned around and mocked, “Chancellor Chen, how can your university have such a shameless teacher I hope you can fire her immediately!”

The chancellor had a serious expression.

“Whether the university fires her or not is our internal matter.

If she really cheated, well definitely punish her.”

“If” Shang Jing snorted.

“She clearly cheated and even stole Mr.

Yi Cangs work.

She clearly knows that Mr.

Yi Cang is a judge, yet shes still so bold!”

The chancellor frowned and looked a little embarrassed.

The leaders of the university were also unhappy.

Firing a teacher was not a small matter.

This was the universitys internal decision.

How could outsiders have the right to speak

Moreover, Shang Jing knew that someone had cheated, but he did not discuss it with the university immediately and announced it in public.

He was clearly embarrassing Li City University!

The chancellor said in a low voice, “Its too early to make a conclusion.

We have to wait for Teacher Qiao to finish writing.

Whether she cheated or not isnt decided by you, Mr.


“You want to wait for her to finish writing I want to see what she can write, ha…”

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