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It had to be said that Xia Cheng was a little smart.

He was using Butler Liu to kidnap Qiao Xi and found the perfect scapegoat.

After Butler Liu was captured by the police, Xia Cheng would secretly hide Qiao Xi and use her blood to detoxify the Xia family.

This way, not only would he get rid of Butler Liu, the wild card, but he would also be able to obtain Qiao Xis blood.

It could be said to be killing two birds with one stone.

Qiao Xi sneered and leaned against the sofa with her eyes closed.

Suddenly, the door of the private room opened and someone crept in.

Butler Liu had a ferocious expression.

He held a sharp knife in one hand and a white handkerchief in the other.

He muttered, “Dont blame me.

Who asked you to harm me You deserve to die!”

Before entering, Butler Liu had already expected Qiao Xi to kneel in front of him and cry for mercy.

He wanted to insult and torture this woman to his hearts content to show her the consequences of offending him.

However, this woman was indeed very beautiful just like Miss Xia Yunqiu.

He had lived for half his life and had never seen a woman as beautiful as Qiao Xi.

In any case, he was already kidnapping this woman, so he might as well enjoy her.

Butler Liu slowly approached and looked at Qiao Xi who was curled up in a corner of the sofa.

Her lotus-colored dress outlined her perfect figure, and her fair and stunning face made ones heart ripple.

He smiled wretchedly.

“Miss Qiao Xi.”

Qiao Xi slowly opened her eyes and whimpered slightly in fear.

When Butler Liu heard this weak voice, the ruthlessness in his heart surged.

She was a weak little woman who could be bullied by anyone.

He would abuse this b*tch to his hearts content later and watch her cry and beg for mercy under him.

Only then would he be satisfied!

However, for some reason, the other lights in the private room were all broken.

Only the surrounding ambient lights were lit.

However, it was good that the lighting was dim because no one would notice.

The soundproofing in the private room was so good that even if Qiao Xi shouted until her throat was hoarse, no one would hear her.

Butler Liu held the knife in his hand and approached Qiao Xi step by step.

He was even more excited when he saw her watery eyes filled with tears.

“Miss Qiao Xi, you can only blame yourself for being stupid.

Blue Dream Pavilion is so big, yet you chose a place with no one around.

There are no surveillance cameras here, and there are no lights.

Even if you die here, no one will know!

“Dont even think about asking for help.

The private rooms here are specially soundproofed.

No matter how much you shout, no one will hear you.

Just obediently accept your fate! Who asked you to force me into a corner You should pay the price for this!”

Butler Lius eyes were filled with viciousness as he raised the knife and placed it on Qiao Xis cheek.

The blade slid down, then gently went past her neck.

It was about to tear her clothes.

His eyes were bloodshot, and his hands were trembling from excitement.

He was just about to reach out and tear Qiao Xis clothes when his wrist was suddenly grabbed by her.

Qiao Xi raised her eyes to look at him and smiled lightly.

“Youre right.

There are no surveillance cameras here, and its very remote.

No one will come.

Even if you shout until your throat is hoarse, no one will hear you.”

Butler Liu was stunned for a few seconds and looked at her in confusion.

Why would he shout Shouldnt the person who was afraid be Qiao Xi But why was she smiling

Butler Liu thought that Qiao Xi was deliberately mystifying things.

After all, this woman was the most cunning.

She was definitely thinking of a way to escape.

He would not fall for her tricks!

He gritted his teeth and said, “You b*tch, youve already broken my finger.

Why did you still call the police You caused me to be in a desperate situation.

Ill definitely not let you have an easy time.

Even if I die, Ill drag you down with me!”

As he watched the weak little woman shrink in the corner in fear and her watery eyes as she whimpered helplessly, he became even more excited.

He wanted to cut Qiao Xis clothes and play with this high and mighty young miss to his hearts content.

Then, he would cut her throat and watch her blood flow as she died bit by bit.

He was fantasizing about how to abuse Qiao Xi when the little woman who was curled up on the sofa suddenly stood up slowly and said in a plaintive tone, “Youre so annoying!”

Butler Liu smiled wretchedly.

“Ill show you what it means to be annoying later.

If you cooperate with me obediently, I might let you live!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the knife in his hand was swiftly taken away.

The weak little woman who had tears in her eyes just now had snatched his knife away.

She now held it tightly in her hand.

Her tone instantly became cold.

“Youre so annoying.

Youve ruined my weak image.

I cant continue pretending!”

Butler Liu was dumbfounded.

What weak image Why did he not understand

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