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Li Xinger abruptly looked up, her eyes filled with the sorrow of being betrayed by a friend.

Before she could explain, she heard Qiao Xi reprimand Gu Yao, “Nonsense! Do you think I dont know why Li Xinger would bring you to Blue Dream Pavilion and find a bunch of women for you to drink with Dont slander others!”

Gu Yao could not say anything.

Li Xinger clearly suspected that he did not like women, so she forcefully pulled him to Blue Dream Pavilion to test if he liked women.

After half an hour of torture and interrogation, Qiao Xi finally understood.

She smiled lightly.

“Gu Yao, I heard that you failed more than a hundred blind dates.

Who arranged these blind dates”

Gu Yao replied truthfully, “My father, Gu Weiming! Although Im not his biological son, he has been treating me quite well all these years.

I couldnt refuse the blind dates he arranged for me.”

Qiao Xi knew very well that Gu Yao was a grateful person.

All these years, Gu Weiming had always treated him as his biological son and doted on him.

Hence, Gu Yao remembered this kindness in his heart.

As long as Gu Weimings instructions did not violate morals and the law, Gu Yao would usually not refuse.

Qiao Xi glanced at Li Xinger and smiled meaningfully.

“Its not entirely because of you that your blind dates fail.

Its just that you havent met the right person.

If you go on a blind date with Li Xinger, do you think youll fail”

Qiao Xi looked at the two of them with a smile.

If the two of them could be together, it would be a beautiful marriage.

After a moment of silence, Gu Yao asked, “The Li family is a famous family.

Will they marry their daughter to me”

Qiao Xis expression instantly stiffened, and the corners of her mouth twitched slightly.

This was indeed a problem.

Li Xinger was the only daughter of the Li family, and the entire family doted on her like an apple.

How could they marry her to a hedonistic son who only knew how to eat, drink, and play

She was in a rush to go to the Medical Association and told Gu Yao to leave with her in half an hour.

Coincidentally, Blue Dream Pavilion was holding a grand auction.

Li Xinger was very curious, so Qiao Xi instructed her subordinates to bring them over to see the event while also preventing them from causing trouble.

After parting with Gu Yao, Qiao Xi walked into an empty corner alone with a black figure following closely behind.

Butler Lius eyes were fierce.

When he thought of the huge sum of money he needed to compensate, he was filled with resentment.

The Xia family actually pushed him out to take the blame.

The person who was even more detestable was Qiao Xi.

It was just a few photos and designs.

What was so precious about a dead persons belongings

After Qiao Xi kicked up that ruckus, not only did he have to compensate for a huge sum of money, but he also had to face jail time.

In the future, no one would dare to hire him anymore.

His life was ruined.

All of this was because of Qiao Xi!

Old Master Xia was right.

As long as Qiao Xi relented and stopped pursuing this matter, he would be able to live.

Butler Liu took out a handkerchief from his pocket and sprinkled it with an incapacitating agent before following Qiao Xi into the empty corridor.

Qiao Xi glanced behind her and sneered in her heart.

Her footsteps were still steady.

She smelled the scent of drugs and a familiar smell of ointment on that persons body.

It was Butler Liu! He was being used by others but did not know it.

He actually came to Blue Dream Pavilion to commit murder.

How stupid!

Qiao Xi walked to the end of the corridor.

The surveillance cameras in the vicinity were all broken, so the surrounding private rooms were empty.

Even if something happened later, no one would hear it.

She smiled lightly and walked into the last private room.

Butler Liu followed closely behind, holding a handkerchief that was covered in knockout powder.

He was prepared to knock Qiao Xi out first before secretly taking her away.

In any case, the people in Blue Dream Pavilion were drunk.

No one would suspect him if he dragged Qiao Xi along.

Butler Liu stopped in his tracks and watched as Qiao Xi entered the private room at the end of the corridor.

There was no one around.

Even if she shouted, no one would hear her.

What an idiot!

Qiao Xi entered the private room and casually found a seat to sit down on.

The private rooms in Blue Dream Pavilion were all very spacious.

The facilities inside were also very complete.

There was a karaoke room, a bedroom, and a shower.

There were also clothes prepared.

Qiao Xi leaned against the sofa and quietly waited for Butler Liu to enter.

She knew that her mothers belongings were not destroyed by Butler Liu, but he was willing to take the blame for Xia Yunlou and Ai Sumei.

Who could he blame He could only blame himself for being stupid for thinking that the Xia family would save him!

Xia Cheng must have used Butler Lius family to threaten him into confessing.

Hence, Butler Liu could only brace himself and take all the blame.

After that, Xia Cheng provoked him again.

When he was at his wits end and his heart was filled with resentment, he thought of taking revenge.

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