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At this moment, Butler Lius voice came from outside the door.

Xia Chengs expression was so gloomy.

He had already agreed to send Ai Sumei and Xia Mengyan to the suburbs according to Qiao Xis wishes, but she still called the police to capture Butler Liu.

Did she have to turn the entire Xia family upside down before she was satisfied

Qiao Xi smiled in satisfaction when she saw Xia Chengs angry but afraid appearance.

Xia Cheng forcefully suppressed his anger and kept reminding himself in his heart that he had to endure it.

As long as he kept Qiao Xi in the Xia family, he would have many chances to slowly deal with her.

The humiliation in front of him was only temporary.

“Xi Xi, since Mengyan and Sumei have moved out and Butler Liu has been captured, you can stay in the Xia family for a few more days.

You also need to sign your mothers will.” Xia Cheng looked at her anxiously, then took out a document.

Qiao Xi did not even raise her head and yawned.

She said with a tired expression, “Ah Zheng, Im so tired! I want to go home and sleep!”

Gu Zheng glanced at Xia Cheng and smiled.

“Im really sorry, Old Master Xia.

Xi Xi is very tired now.

Ill bring her home to rest first.

Ill bring her over to visit if I have the chance.

As for the will, forget it.”

Song Shijing said slowly, “Old Master Xia, the process of signing the will is complicated.

Young Madam is already very tired and cant read those documents for the time being.

If Old Madam Xia hadnt scared Young Madam, she wouldnt be so tired.”

Xia Cheng choked, his face turning red as he cursed in his heart.

What an idiot! How did he get married to this piece of trash back then Her family did not have any power at all.

It was fine that she could not help the Xia family, but she even ruined his plan.

Xia Cheng glanced at Old Madam Xia who had collapsed on the chair with a face full of disgust.

The anger in his heart was suppressed layer after layer.

After Qiao Xi and Gu Zheng left, he waved his hand in annoyance.

“Send Old Madam Xia and Mengyan to a house in the suburbs for a few days.”

At this moment, Old Madam Xia had already slowly woken up.

Looking at her heartless husband, her heart instantly sank.

Xia Mengyans expression was also very ugly.

‘You b*tch, I wont let you off!

Xia Mengyan suppressed the resentment in her heart.

She wanted Qiao Xi to pay a painful price.

Xia Cheng was only focused on the antidote.

He had to quickly obtain Qiao Xis blood while the poison in his body could still be treated.

Just as Ai Sumei had said, he had to leave Qiao Xi in the Xia family and create another accident to announce to the public that Qiao Xi was dead.

At that time, they could slowly use the blood in Qiao Xis body.

If it were not for Gu Zheng barging in today, the blood in Qiao Xis body would have long been drained.

Gu Zheng could protect Qiao Xi for a while, but he could not protect her for the rest of her life.

They would find a chance sooner or later.

Xia Cheng watched Old Madam Xia leave while trembling.

There was no reluctance in his eyes.

The next afternoon, Qiao Xi got off work and returned to Longwan Residential.

She heard that Old Madam Xia and Xia Mengyan had already gone to the suburbs.

Without these two scourges, the Xia family was much quieter.

Right now, she only wanted to know how Xia Cheng obtained the medicine, so she decided to make a trip to the Medical Association to investigate.

When she passed by the study, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

Gu Zheng was still in the study at this time She had already fallen asleep last night but Gu Zheng had not returned to the bedroom.

It turned out he had been sitting in the study for the entire day.

“Its really strange that someone keeps attacking Gu Corporation for no reason.

The other party seems to have gone mad.

They dont care about the consequences at all and are determined to not let Gu Corporation be at peace,” the butler muttered unhappily.

Only then did Qiao Xi realize that Gu Zheng had been staying in the study for the past few days because he had encountered trouble.

Even though Gu Zheng was not afraid of the other party, endless attacks were indeed annoying.

Hence, Gu Zheng had to investigate clearly who was behind this.

“Previously, many people were jealous of the president and attacked Gu Corporation maliciously, but the president never cared about them.

Why is he…” The butler suddenly paused and turned to look at Qiao Xi.

“Madam, dont worry.

This is nothing to the president.

Itll be settled in a few days.

Song Shijing hurried upstairs and glanced at the butler.

Then, he said respectfully, “Young Madam, the car is ready.

We can leave now.”

Qiao Xi knew that Song Shijing was here to stop the butler from talking.

She did not expose him and followed Song Shijing downstairs.

The members of the Medical Association had always been mysterious.

Their base was also in a hidden place—Blue Dream Pavilion, an advanced clubhouse in Li City.

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