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Chapter 529 First and Second

A young farmer with a rake looked dazed in the distance with a shocked look. A few seconds later, he muttered: "Chat Group Hahahahaha."

"Xiao Li, what's wrong" asked an older man next to him.

"Peasant, don't talk to me. I'm the man destined to rule the Heavens."

The older man looked at him calmly before ignoring him; this was not the first time Xiao Li had said these random and ridiculous things. Meanwhile, Xiao Li did not mind the other's reaction as he knew he was telling the truth this time.

So, he put his tool away before running to his small house. He was currently receiving much information and needed time to process them.

Mad King: A newcomer Please introduce yourself.

Scholar: I did not even know we could have new members.

Doctor: Welcome, fellow Daoist.

Wannabe God: I knew I was destined for greatness. I give you permission to worship this God.

Mad King: "..."

Scholar: "..."

Doctor: "..."

Assassin: An idiot

Butcher: Well, this explains the name.

Wannabe God: Where is the Lord of Destiny Come give this God the start-up cultivation technique.

Everyone read this message with terror on their faces, unable to process what was happening. And before they could even do that, they found themselves in the meeting room they first met.

Wang Wei calmly looked at the young farmer without saying anything. Meanwhile, Wannabe God felt his soul was slowly being squeezed out into pace with that single look. Sweats fell from his very soul as his life flashed across his eyes.

"I can eliminate your entire existence with a single thought before making you regret you ever existed between Heaven and Earth," Wang Wei said calmly. "Do you know this"

Wannabe God took all his Willpower to nod his head.

"As long you understand that," nodded Wang Wei. "I have no problem with you having goals, dreams, ambitions, or desires; this is the exact reason you are here today. But you should know your limitation, know your weight."

"I-I-I'm sorry for what I said."

"It's fine: just be mindful of your actions or words when you are weak."

Wannabe God clenched his hands as he understood the message: he was too weak.

"Tell me what you want for your cultivation technique"

"Ever since I was young, I've only wanted to be worshiped by everyone: man, woman, nobles, kings, etc. So, that's what I want."

"In that case, the Path of Sovereign God is perfect. You can establish a fortune dynasty to gather Qi Luck and Incense. You can conquer myriad races and worlds, garnering their awe and worship.

"Be mindful, though. Your strength can drastically increase with the power of Incense, but it will also restrict you. If you lose your worshippers, you will lose your strength. Is that acceptable"

'"Yes," immediately replied Wannabe God.

"Very well. Your total is 14.7 million Karma Points."

A booklet flew in front of Wannabe God, and after accepting it, Wang Wei looked at the others before disappearing. Everyone remained quiet while looking at this crazy new member.

"Assassin, can you lend me some points now I want to destroy the most powerful sect in my world and plunder their resources," said the Mad King after sighing in relief he still had the most expensive technique.

"Me as well," said the Butcher, who did not like mass killing. He preferred one-on-one killing, where he could savor the victim's pain, suffering, and despair. Nevertheless, he also understood the need for resources to become stronger.

"Give me one too," said the Scholar. "The most powerful dynasty in my world is my way."

"Not you too, Scholar," said the Doctor. "I thought you were one of the few people in this group with morals."

"I have morals, but the Great Su Dynasty treated people worse than dogs. Moreover, I have news that they have been selling humans to the demon race to maintain peace. They've gone too far."

The assassin smiled before saying: "No problem. I will even loan each of you the money to buy a talisman with more than one attack." She then looked at the Doctor: "Are you sure you don't want one I'm sure your world has some problems that need brute strength to solve."

The Doctor became lost in thought. His world indeed had problems, and a lot of them. The martial artists' factions constantly fought for wealth, power, and fame. And as a result, the common people died every day as casualties.

Maybe with absolute strength, he could stop the fighting indefinitely or buy an extended period of peace and stability.

"I-I also want a loan," said the Doctor, making Assassin smile under her hood. "Excellent." Then she gave them the loan. As for Wannabe God, she did not ask him.

Wannabe God was a new person, and he had offended the Destiny Lord; she did not know whether he would survive long despite the Lord not minding his behavior.

Meanwhile, Wang Wei watched this interaction. After the exchange, these people went on a killing spree, and as expected, they acquired some innate herbs. Each had two, with the mad king acquiring a shocking total of four.

Each group member exchanged their two innate treasures: one was to pay for their initiation debt, and the other to pay for their cultivation debt. It's a shame the mad king did not exchange the last two treasures.

"Now, only the last resource group is left," muttered Wang Wei after taking out the innate resources. He only needed ten more innate herbs for the last incarnation, which alleviated the warning signs his intuition gave him.

Nevertheless, he would not stop his business of raising leek as some protagonist in his past life would call them. After all, he now had ambitions to convert all the materials in his main body into Chao-level ones.

Wang Wei looked at the people in the chat while muttering: "Now that all of you are rich, you will stop relying on me; this can't be allowed."

He accessed the original five's Fate Line and added a few Nexus Fate Events that would force them to use the points in their hands and continue relying on his power.

He also took his time with the mad king since he wanted the remaining two innate resources. As for Wannabe God, he was still in his early stage of development, so there was no need to make things difficult for him–at least not yet.

Finally, Wang Wei focused on his puppet, who was still searching for worlds with innate treasures to steal. Unfortunately, he did find nothing as of yet, and Wang Wei was not surprised.

It would not be surprising if these six people's worlds were the only place in the Martial Supreme World Community with innate resources. At least in the Lower Realm.

For example, Wang Wei has been searching the Lower Realm of the Myriad Emperor World Community for many years but found nothing, even with his divination.

Furthermore, he knew the reason he could gather these resources so quickly was a combination of his Dao Overlord's Luck being on the rise and his strategic mind.

From now, things will require a bit more effort.

Through the trial's token, Wang Wei received the news that a dinner party with all the trial's participants would take place a week from now. So, he used this time to gather as much information as possible through Shadow Two.

As he expected, the information was not much–mainly since some World Communities might have used the same tactics. Nevertheless, he still gathers some crucial basic information.

For example, twelve World Communities participated in this trial, counting the Myriad Emperor. Of these twelve communities, Wang Wei paid attention to two: Star Beast World Community and the Emperor Dao World Community.

The Star Beast World tied the Myriad Emperor World for the number of Eternal Emperors: 8. Furthermore, the entire Endless Void acknowledged that their cultivation system has the greatest battle prowess. It's a shame that even their Quasi-Emperor could only live up to 50,000 years due to that system.

As for the Emperor Dao World, they are first on the list with a total of 10 Eternal Emperors. Of course, Wang Wei did not take the list seriously as he knew the Myriad Emperor used to be first, but too many Eternal Emperors died, plus the one or ones hiding in the Forbidden Lands do not count.

Shadow Tow acquired some basic cultivation techniques from these world communities, so Wang Wei wanted to know about them.

The Star Beast World's cultivation system is very rudimentary. It is divided into nine ranks. The first stage of cultivation is to condense a rank 1 Star Beast Body, usually between 5 meters to 100 meters. And every time the cultivator rises in rank, the body's height will increase to the point of being as big as galaxies.

The entire system involves increasing the size of the body. What makes it the strongest battle-oriented system is the process of condensing these bodies.

The Star Beast World's cultivators use anything under Heaven and Earth to increase their ranks: spiritual Herbs, ores, energy of any kind, Laws, souls, flesh and blood, Heart Demon, etc.

Anything they can find, they will absorb to increase their bodies' size. So, fighting any of them is like simultaneously fighting a fleshly body master, energy controlling expert, and soul savant.

Then there is the constant, non-stop fighting of that world because of how precious every single piece of resource is. Every Star Beast cultivator is fighting madmen; they have to; otherwise, they won't get the resources to cultivate.

'With such a short lifespan, how does their Heaven Will Battle operates' thought Wang Wei before searching for the answer in the information.

From the information, Wang Wei knew that the Star Beast cultivators exchange many life-extending resources with other world communities so they can live long enough until their Heaven Will Battle. If not, they will seal themselves before their lifespan runs out. As a result of this circumstance, the Star Beast World is very friendly to Immortal-base World Communities since they usually have the most resources related to longevity.

After reading this, Wang Wei's eyes lit up as he thought of a business opportunity. The Star Beast World might have connections to other world communities, but what about the Lower Realm

He does not think the Great and Middle Thousand World will have a way to contact them, so he wanted to target them.

So, he decided to meet someone from the Star Beast World to get some information.-

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