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“Ding… Master, do you want to sign in” The systems voice sounded.

Lin Fan also remembered that he had a system.

After all, after the system upgraded, he could only sign in once a month.

Every time he signed in, he could get something good.

However, he did not know what good things he could get this time.

“Sign in,” said Lin Fan.

“Ding… Congratulations Master for signing in successfully.”

“Master has successfully signed in for a Misfortune Card.

Misfortune Card: It can be applied to anyone.

Those who are afflicted will face all sorts of bad luck.

Duration: 24 hours.”

When the systems voice sounded, Lin Fans eyes lit up.

In the past, the system would give him things that could be measured with money.

Now, the things that the system gave him were completely different.

Previously, when he was preparing to start a war with the Gao family, Lin Fan had thought of using the system to deal with them.

However, after the system was upgraded, the time to sign in changed.

Lin Fan felt pretty good after signing in to the Misfortune Card.

Gao Yong had been so arrogant previously.

It was time for him to pay the price!

“Use the Misfortune Card on Gao Yong of the Gao Corporation in Jiang City,” said Lin Fan.

“Ding… Misfortune Card has taken effect.

The Misfortune Cards halo has already been automatically applied to Gao Yong.

It will take effect automatically within 24 hours.

The person being applied will have a halo of misfortune, accompanied by all bad luck.” The systems voice sounded.

After using the Misfortune Card, Lin Fan looked at the scenery in the distance.

Su Xiaoyu said that the Gao family would go bankrupt in three days, and today was already the next day.

Of course, he still lacked about ten billion yuan.

These ten billion yuan could be borrowed from the bank.

With this 10 billion and Su Xiaoyus operations, he could take over all the Gao familys assets.

If the Gao family refused, their family would be completely destroyed.

Lin Fan immediately brought Su Muqing to the bank.

When the staff of Construction Bank saw Lin Fan, they immediately smiled respectfully.

After all, Lin Fan had the best black card in Construction Bank and had very high privileges there.

With Lin Fans status, the Construction Bank would at least need to send the president to receive him.

“Hello, Boss Lin.

Sit down and have a cup of tea first.

Ill go look for the president immediately ~ In the future, when you come to Construction Bank, you can call us in advance.

Since you came down in a hurry, we cant receive you properly.

Please understand.” The customer service lady smiled sweetly.

When she saw Lin Fan, her eyes were filled with admiration.

The main thing was… Lin Fan was really handsome.

Coupled with Lin Fans current aura, he was mature, steady, and sunny.

He was simply a young lady killer.

This aura added a lot to Lin Fans charm.

“Theres no need to look for the president.

Can you help me settle the paperwork for the loan” Lin Fan asked.

“Of course.

We have a professional VIP passageway for you.

You can come here.” The customer service lady led Lin Fan to the VIP service window.

After Lin Fan sat down, he saw an even prettier bank staff sitting by the window.

“Hello, Boss Lin.

How much do you want to borrow” the staff smiled sweetly and asked.

“Is 10 billion convenient” Lin Fan had never borrowed money before and didnt know much about this.

In his opinion, 10 billion was a huge number.

“10 billion Alright, Ill settle it for you immediately.

Its just that 10 billion in cash will take some time to transfer.

I estimate that it will take at least 48 hours to reach your account,” the staff said.

“No problem.

Do you need me to use anything as collateral” Lin Fan smiled.

After all, this was an important reason why he came to the bank for a loan.

“According to the workflow, its necessary.

If you can take out an equivalent value, you can mortgage it ~” the staff said gently.

“But CEO Lin, youre different.

Youre the chairman of Estee Lauder, the vice president of Alibaba, and a VIP client of Construction Bank.

You dont need to tell us the purpose of the loan.

As long as its reasonable and not illegal, you can complete the loan,” the staff said.

Lin Fan nodded.

“Mmm, Im going to invest in the real estate industry in Jiang City this time.”

The staff smiled and said, “Alright, you need to fill in a form and sign it.

Then, you can complete the loan process.”

After Lin Fan signed the contract, he officially completed the ten billion yuan loan.

Actually, Lin Fan could borrow more money.

For example, he could borrow hundreds of billions to invest in real estate.

However, lending so much money meant that he had to pay back so much interest.

To Lin Fan, there was no need.

Since Su Xiaoyu said that ten billion was enough, ten billion was indeed enough.

Lin Fan was confident in her ability to do things.


In another place.

Gao Yong was furious.

“F*ck, that f*cking Su Xiaoyu and that f*cking Lin Fan actually dared to attack our Gao family…” Gao Yongs scalp went numb.

For the past two days, the Gao Corporation had been in danger.

All the major suppliers ran away, and even the companys executives were running away and resigning.

No one wanted to have anything to do with the Gao family.

The suppliers who worked with the Gao family, as well as some staff in charge of building materials, had already left.

A bunch of partners came to ask the Gao family for money.

The Gao Corporation could be said to have entered an apocalypse.

The shares of the Gao Corporation had fallen by 30% in just two days!

What kind of concept was 30% Only during an economic crisis could there be such a huge decline.

The shares of the Gao Corporation had already fallen to their lowest point, and all the major shareholders were selling their shares.

As the Gao familys company was in a crisis, many contracts had been breached and they still had to pay an astronomical penalty.

Su Xiaoyus work against the Gao family could be said to be flawless.

The Gao family… was completely broke.

Even Gao Yongs father, Gao Xuetong, was furious.

Gao Xuetong looked at Gao Yong.

“What the f*ck have you done You actually offended Su Xiaoyu.

She is backed by the richest man in the world.

Youve caused the Gao family a lot of trouble.

Now that the suppliers have run away and the stocks have fallen, all the partners are calling crazily.

Even the bank wont lend us money.

Hurry up and think of a way.”

Gao Yong picked up his phone with a pained expression.

“I dont want to either.

Ill contact CEO Wang immediately.

CEO Wang said that he would help us.

I believe CEO Wang will definitely help us.”

Gao Yong called CEO Wang and said humbly, “CEO Wang, Im Gao Yong… Previously, did you say that if the Gao family was in trouble, you would help my Gao Corporation”

CEO Wang nodded casually.


Gao Yong laughed.

“CEO Wang, the Gao family is facing a debt problem now.

Can I borrow some money from you When the Gao family recovers, we will definitely remember your kindness.”


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