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Xie Wenkai was dumbfounded the entire time.

In a daze, he listened to the conversation between Zhou Jingyun and Jiang Tong.

It wasnt that he didnt understand it at all.

For example, Jiang Tong said something about her kneeling down and not making things difficult for him.

Although Xie Wenkai didnt know what it meant, he still understood the literal meaning.

The reason why he was dumbfounded the entire time was mainly that he didnt know what Jiang Tong and Zhou Jingyun were fighting about.

What did they say at the beginning It seemed that Jiang Tong was going to cause some trouble and Zhou Jingyun tried to stop her from doing anything.

“Xie Wenkai…” Jiang Tong looked at Xie Wenkai and said.

“Babe, what were you… talking about my mother… What are you talking about” Xie Wenkai asked Jiang Tong.

“Its not important,” Jiang Tong smiled and gestured to Xie Wenkai.

“Xie Wenkai, sit across from me.

I have a multiple choice question for you.”

Xie Wenkai frowned slightly and was very puzzled.

He walked across from Jiang Tong and sat across the table.

Zhou Jingyun stood at the side of the table, crossed his shoulders, and looked at him expressionlessly without saying a word.

“Come, answer me first.” Jiang Tong looked at Xie Wenkai and asked, “After you return to the company tomorrow morning, how are you going to face your mother You abandoned your bodyguards and left with me today.

Your mother will still blame you for this matter, right”

“I…” Xie Wenkai stopped as soon as he opened his mouth.

A difficult and nervous expression appeared on his handsome face.

This was a subconscious emotion.

His fear of his mother had entered his bones.

After a moment of silence, he gritted his teeth and said, “I want to resist.

I want to resist my mothers control.

I want to reason with her.

No, I want to take all the mistakes that she has made over the years and…” after being enlightened by Jiang Tong, Xie Wenkai was indeed much bolder than before, but that was all.

He only had the thought of resisting his mother but this idea was useless.

He didnt have any actual ability to resist.

After Xie Wenkai returned, his mother, Madam Xie, would probably scold him a few times and he would be listless.

Actually, Xie Wenkais biggest problem was that he lacked self-esteem.

If he didnt have high self-esteem, then he wouldnt have confidence.

Once the momentum of rebelling against his mother passed, he would be done for.

If Xie Wenkai had confidence, and was a little more selfish, a little more of a rogue, he would not listen to Madam Xie.

Madam Xie might not be able to do anything to him.

After all, Xie Wenkai was the only heir of the Xie family.

“Do you think you can reason with your mother at home” Jiang Tong asked Xie Wenkai.

Xie Wenkai stopped talking.

There was no reason for him to talk.

This problem was not only limited to the Xie family.

Too many families were like this.

There was no way he could reason with his parents at home.

“Theres no way, right” Jiang Tong asked again.

Xie Wenkai still did not speak.

His expression became more solemn.

In fact, he knew very well that he could do whatever he wanted to do.

However, he was afraid that he would fail in the end.

“I now have two options for you.

You decide whether I make this call or not.” Jiang Tong picked up her phone and gestured.

On the dialing screen of the phone, eleven numbers had already been entered.

She only had to pressCall.

“The first option is that if I dont make this call, nothing will happen.

Xie Wenkai, you will go back on time tomorrow, and then you will return to your previous life.

In the future, we can only meet secretly.

As your father Xie Guofus health gets worse and worse, your family will continue to arrange blind dates for you and find a suitable wife for you.

You will refuse, but they will continue to press you.

If there is a woman who meets your familys requirements and she is also willing to accept your familys conditions and decide to marry you, I will handle this situation and make sure that you dont marry her.

However, you must always face this kind of coercion at home.

This situation will not end even after your father, Xie Guofu, has passed away.

Although your fathers health is not good, your mothers health is very good.

She is very healthy.

She will still control you and suppress you at home.

Even if you reach fifty years old, Im afraid that you will continue to live under your mothers shadow.”

Xie Wenkais expression changed drastically when he heard Jiang Tongs words.

He felt that his future was in darkness.

Zhou Jingyun listened from the side and knew that Jiang Tong was not trying to scare Xie Wenkai, but that it would really happen.

Of course, this was not the main point, the main point was what Jiang Tong was going to say next.

“The second option is for me to make this call.” Jiang Tong paused as she spoke and stared at Xie Wenkai seriously.


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