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“Did I say I was going to mess around” Jiang Tong turned to look at Zhou Jingyun.

“Can you stop playing around” Zhou Jingyun took a few steps forward.

“Everything is fine now.

The matter has been resolved.

Theres no need for you to take the initiative to start a dispute.

Isnt everything fine now The Xie family wont pursue you anymore.

You can also meet Xie Wenkai in the future.

What else do you want”

“I dont want anything.” Jiang Tong maintained a smile and said to Zhou Jingyun, “Dont worry.

I wont involve you this time.”

“Its not a matter of whether or not Im involved.” Zhou Jingyun took a few steps forward.

“Isnt today dangerous enough How much effort did you put in to make it right Everything is fine now.

Dont start a dispute again.”

“Was it dangerous today” Jiang Tong interrupted Zhou Jingyuns words and looked at him with a smile.

The two looked at each other for a second, and the atmosphere instantly became quiet.

Xie Wenkai was stunned because he didnt know why Jiang Tong had quarreled with Zhou Jingyun so suddenly.

“If Madam Xie wasnt Xie Wenkais mother, I wouldnt solve the problem in such a gentle way.” Jiang Tong looked at the phone again, and her tone was very natural.

As she spoke, she pressed the numbers one by one.

“Do you still remember what I said People have dirty secrets, everyone has them, not to mention a decent company like Six Blessings Corporation.

The bigger the company, the bigger the problems would be.

If I had used a different method to solve the problem, Madam Xie would have knelt in front of me just now, begging me to let her son and her husband go.”

Zhou Jingyun didnt dare to think whether Jiang Tong was telling the truth or bragging.

After Jiang Tong pressed the 11 numbers on her phone, she didnt dial it.

Instead, she turned her head to look at Zhou Jingyun.

“But Madam Xie is Xie Wenkais mother after all.

Shes not a bad person.

Its just that her love for Xie Wenkai is a little perverse.

She wants Xie Wenkai to live according to her plan because she thinks its for the best.

She can risk her life for Xie Wenkai, and she can also lower her head to anyone for Xie Wenkais sake.

For example, the way she treated you just now…” Jiang Tong smiled and glanced at Xie Wenkai.

Then, she said to Zhou Jingyun, “Xie Wenkai is my person now.

I dont dare to say that Im a good woman, but since Xie Wenkai is with me, I dont want to make things difficult for him.

I wont make things difficult for him, and I wont make things difficult for myself either.

Youve also seen how Madam Xie behaved.

Her desire to control Xie Wenkai is too strong.

I dont need to make Xie Wenkai choose between family and love.

If I do that, even if he chooses me in the end, he wont be happy in the future.”

When Zhou Jingyun heard Jiang Tongs words, he instantly felt envious! He felt that Jiang Tong doted on Xie Wenkai so much and thought about Xie Wenkais well-being! A mysterious woman who didnt make it difficult for her man, that kind of woman really touched peoples hearts! Could it be that Jiang Tong liked an obedient man like Xie Wenkai If Zhou Jingyun was obedient, would he be doted on Zhou Jingyun suddenly shook his head.

He had a terrible thought just now.

What was this terrible thought that had just appeared in his mind

“So” Zhou Jingyuns expression became serious as he continued to ask Jiang Tong, “What are you going to do now”

“Didnt you already guess it” Jiang Tong smiled.

“You!” Zhou Jingyuns eyes widened! Jiang Tong was indeed going to make a move on the Xie family! She was really crazy! The Xie family was an overlord-level type of existence in City Z! Six Blessings Corporation was one of the top three jewelry companies in the country.

It was the leading enterprise in City Z! The Zhou family did not even have a company of this size! Although the Zhou family did not reject this business method because they felt that it was too slow to make money or the expansion of the business was slow, the Six Blessings Corporation was indeed very big.

The Zhou family only had a few private equity funds that were bigger than the Six Blessings Corporation.

But now, Jiang Tong wanted to touch the Xie family! Even if the Zhou family wanted to touch the Xie family, they would not do it in the Xie familys headquarters in City Z! Instead, they would attack the Xie family from other aspects of the country.

It was too difficult to make a move on the Xie family in City Z!

“You cant do this.

If you do this, youll…” Zhou Jingyun said as he approached Jiang Tong.

“When did you become so concerned about me” Jiang Tong asked Zhou Jingyun with a smile.

Zhou Jingyun suddenly stopped in his tracks.

He had calmed down.

He was extremely calm and also extremely angry.

“How about this” Jiang Tong suddenly picked up the phone and waved it.

She said to Zhou Jingyun, “I havent made the call yet.

How about we give the choice to Xie Wenkai” As she said that, her gaze turned to Xie Wenkai.


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