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He said solemnly, “The situation is serious at the moment, and Im afraid youll have to wait for a while before seeing him again.”

Feng Wu said, “I want to know exactly what has happened.”

Her cultivation level might not be high enough, but maybe her knowledge of medicine and formations could help.

Instead of answering her question, Emperor Wu asked, “The Dongsang Kingdom is only a tenth of ours in size.

Do you know how they are able to breach our border all the time, and were even able to invade us 14 years ago”

Feng Wu said, “Is it because theyre better at things like medicine, formations and inscriptions”

Emperor Wu asked, “Do you know why”

Feng Wu shook her head.

Emperor Wu said, “Its because they have a patron!”

Feng Wu looked perplexed.

Emperor Wu said, “There are only a few kingdoms and empires on this continent, but theres another continent far away to the east with an even more powerful kingdom.”

Feng Wu said, “Ive never heard that before.”

Emperor Wu said, “Thats because you werent qualified to hear of it.”

Feng Wu fell silent.

Emperor Wu said, “That kingdom is very far from us.

It can take years to travel there by ship, so we seldom have to deal with them.

Theres no need to be scared of them, but theyve given the Dongsang Kingdom a lot of support.

The Dongsang Kingdom obtained most of its technology from that powerful kingdom.”

Emperor Wu seemed reluctant to mention that kingdoms name.

“Enough about that country.

Lets talk about the Dongsang Kingdom.”

Feng Wu nodded.

Emperor Wu said, “Apart from technologies like formations and inscriptions, what else do you think is the Dongsang Kingdoms advantage”

Feng Sang recalled the books Jun Linyuan had forced her to read, and her eyes lit up.

“The blood tax system”

Emperor Wu nodded.


What was the blood tax system

It was simple but cruel.

Every five years, the Dongsang Kingdom government would choose children between five to seven from the families of merchants, craftsmen, and farmers.

The smartest child would be chosen from every 50 households.

The chosen children would become the kings personal guards and be brought up in a military camp, trained by officers and eunuchs.

They werent allowed to marry during this period.

Apart from eating and sleeping, they spent all their time studying and training.

The weakest of them would be eliminated regularly, and the survivors would become capable and knowledgeable guards.

Because they were all from ordinary families, they werent connected to any forces and were absolutely loyal to the king.

As a result, all the military officers and government officials came from these guards.

Feng Wu said, “The guards arent allowed to leave the service before theyre 40.

They can marry and have children after that, but their children arent allowed to join the guards.”

Emperor Wu nodded, “Thats why the Dongsang Kingdom can prosper for so many years.”

Without families of their own, all the guards had was full loyalty to the king.

Emperor Wu envied the Dongsang King for that.

What ruler wouldnt want a team of guards like that

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