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If they could solve the problem so easily, then their strength was far above many people, not to mention dealing with the Nether Serpent Emperor, or even higher-level creatures, it was not a problem for them!

The main point was that their strength was not considered too strong.

Although their level was not low, this was the Symbiotic Continent!

Everything here was incomparably mysterious.

As one of the publicly acknowledged places where the spiritual energy was revived, everything here appeared to be extremely mysterious.

However, they were still within the surveillance range of the Academy.

After all, this continent was not small, and Noah Canyon had long been one of the research coordinates of the Academy, and had long been closely monitored.

It was also because they had the protection of Cloud Mist Academy that they were able to dispatch this small team.

The main reason was to prevent even more meaningless sacrifices.

This was also the significance of the Special Task Force Team.

Most importantly, it was impossible for them to pry into the secrets contained within the stone walls.

Even with Ye Fengs strength, he was completely unqualified to do so.

These stone walls would probably not be able to be destroyed without a period of time.

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Ye Feng.

Lin Xiaoyue kept feeling that there was a strange glint in Ye Fengs eyes.

But Lin Xiaoyue did not ask further.

Since Ye Feng was unwilling to say, she naturally had no way to force Ye Feng.

“Senior, I keep feeling that this stone wall is fishy.

Why dont we think about it from a different angle” Ye Feng suddenly said at this time.

He seemed to have thought of something.

“Think from a different angle What does that mean”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Ye Feng with puzzlement.

Clearly, she did not understand the meaning in Ye Fengs words.

Ye Feng smiled.

“I think we should think from a different angle!”

Think from a different angle

After Lin Xiaoyue heard Ye Fengs words, she was stunned for a moment.

“Think from a different angle” Lin Xiaoyue asked with puzzlement.

Ye Feng smiled slightly and told her all his thoughts.

After Lin Xiaoyue heard it.

She was shocked.

She felt that Ye Feng was right.

If they could figure out these key points, their chances of winning would be greatly increased.

Ye Feng was the one who reminded her of these key points.

Moreover, there was another key point.

Lin Xiaoyues eyes suddenly lit up.

“Could it be that these key points are related to this tooth”

Ye Feng nodded.

After all, this tooth was not an ordinary tooth.

It was the Swamp Dragons tooth.

They also knew that the Swamp Dragons existence was to protect this stone wall, and it was also the Nether Serpent Emperors subordinate.

If they used the Swamp Dragons tooth as the opening of this stone wall, perhaps it would be better

They naturally did not know these things, but the only thing they could do now was to try.

There were many things a tooth could do.

For example, it could use the properties of the tooth to forcefully open a stone wall.

This might succeed!

Ye Fengs words were too general, causing her to be unable to react for a moment.

“Whats wrong” Ye Feng looked at Lin Xiaoyue and asked.

Lin Xiaoyue shook her head, indicating that she did not know.

Her mind suddenly became abnormally chaotic.

This was the first time she felt this kind of feeling, as if she had encountered a terrible life-threatening danger.

Lin Xiaoyue put the tooth back to the original place, and her mood gradually returned to normal.

She looked into the distance, and there was no trace of the Swamp Dragon there.

“Lets go! Lets hurry and find the stone wall!” Lin Xiaoyue changed the topic.

Ye Feng did not suspect anything and led Lin Xiaoyue toward the stone wall.

“Well, Ive thought of a way.

Maybe this stone wall is a living being, covered by the secret text and given a powerful force.

Moreover, this force has been guarding this stone wall all along, as if its a living being!” Ye Feng said.

“Living being Stop bullsh*tting.

A wall is not a living being!” Lin Xiaoyue looked at Ye Feng and said.

“When I say a living being, I dont mean an ordinary living being.”

Lin Xiaoyue frowned and looked at Ye Feng with puzzlement.

“What did you want to say!”

Ye Feng nodded and continued, “Yes, the living being Im talking about is not an ordinary living being.

It has powerful spiritual intelligence and can even speak human language!”

“How can there be a secret text with spiritual intelligence in this world You must be joking with me,” said Lin Xiaoyue.

“Ive never joked before.

You can look up information about this kind of thing,”Ye Feng said.

He put his hand on the stone wall and used his spiritual power to touch it.

As expected, his spiritual power directly penetrated the stone wall.

This stone wall was indeed a spiritual lifeform.

However, the power of this lifeform could not be fully released yet.

This was what Ye Feng had just thought of, and it was also the most suitable method.

“How do you know about this kind of thing”

“Of course I cant tell you, so dont bother about it.

You just need to tell me what kind of secret this stone wall actually has, who exactly is controlling this stone behind the scenes, and also, what is the purpose of this behind-the-scenes controller Such a mystery can be solved!”

Hearing Ye Fengs words.

Lin Xiaoyue instantly fell into silence.

Everything that Ye Feng said was something that she had never thought of.

So much so that if someone was controlling it behind the scenes, she wouldnt know either.

“Its really like that!”

Ye Feng found that this stone wall was indeed a stone tablet, a very strange stone tablet.

On it was engraved many ancient talismans.

Moreover, these talismans were very mysterious, as if they contained some mysterious power.

Ye Feng tried to use his spiritual power to explore these ancient talismans.

This ancient stone tablet was like a maze.

No matter how much strength he used, he was unable to see through the talismans on the stone tablet.

This made his expression change slightly.

However, he did not lose heart.

He believed that as long as he continued to study it, he would definitely be able to understand the talismans on it.

Ye Feng pointed at the stone wall and said, “Senior Sister, look at this stone wall.

There are some strange things about it.”

Lin Xiaoyue looked at the stone wall and asked, “Whats strange about it”

Ye Feng pointed at the secret text on the stone wall and said, “Although the secret text on this stone wall is very mysterious, there is a faint black smoke.”

“Oh, youre talking about this,” Lin Xiaoyue said with a sudden realization.

She was only paying attention to this stone wall just now, so she didnt observe it carefully.


Ye Feng nodded.

“Earth-type secret text, and the serial number is so close to the front.

Logically speaking, there shouldnt be such a weak loophole.

I cant even explain this phenomenon clearly,” said Lin Xiaoyue, her face full of confusion.

Even though she had seen so many strange things, this was the first time she had encountered such a situation.

Ye Feng looked at the secret text on the stone wall and understood something.

It turned out that the secret text on the stone wall was not only to block the secret text inside the wall.

At the same time, it also had the effect of suppressing these secret texts.


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