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Ye Feng once again summoned the power of ice and began to attack the Swamp Dragons abdomen.

Streaks of blood appeared on the Swamp Dragons abdomen.

Ye Feng drew as he injected his spiritual power into the Swamp Dragon.

This way, he could quickly control the Swamp Dragon and slow down its speed of death, allowing it to die slowly.

Ye Feng drew as he controlled the Swamp Dragon.

On the other side, Lin Xiaoyue stood up and stared at the Swamp Dragon with her mouth agape.

She had never seen a person defeat a Swamp Dragon so easily!

Under Ye Fengs control, the Swamp Dragon continued to struggle, trying to break free from Ye Fengs control.

The Swamp Dragons abdomen was very weak.

One punch could pierce through it.

Ye Feng did not dare to take the risk because he was worried that this punch would pierce through its abdomen and blow it up!


The Swamp Dragon roared in pain again.

Ye Feng saw the look in its eyes and seemed to be saying, “You will die a horrible death!”

“I dont think you have the qualifications!” Ye Feng snorted and waved his fists again.

Not only had Ye Fengs magic power reached perfection, but his physical strength had also received a very powerful increase.

Although this creature was just a test for him, his main task now was to destroy the stone wall first.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of explosions sounded, and the Swamp Dragon cried out in pain.


Ye Feng smashed the Swamp Dragons head into pieces again, and a cloud of black mist drifted out.

Seeing this scene, Lin Xiaoyue was also a little surprised.

After all, he could defeat creatures of the same level, which was indeed a little out of her expectations.

However, this person was Ye Feng, so she was not so surprised.

The Swamp Dragon just now was very fast, and it also had poison.

Once someone was touched by a little bit, they would probably be poisoned to death immediately.

However, Ye Feng only used one punch to blow up the Swamp Dragons head.

Then, the Swamp Dragons body fell to the ground.



Two miserable howls sounded.

After Ye Feng killed the Swamp Dragon, the Swamp Dragons body was still twitching, but it didnt have any breath left.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for killing the Swamp Dragon!]

[Ding! Speed 100!]

[Ding! Vitality 100!]

[Ding! Resistance 100!]


Ye Feng released the Slimes to devour the Swamp Dragon and took some of the bones from its body.

The bones of some creatures were very precious, especially the bones of Dragons.

Not only did they have various special uses, but they were also very precious medicinal herbs, especially for refining or making weapons, they had important uses.

This bone was extremely thick and strong.

It was two to three meters long.

Its entire body was black and emitted a cold aura.

“This thing is very powerful.

If I can refine it, maybe I can increase my strength!”

Ye Feng smiled.

Although this bone was not a weapon, it was still a treasure.

It was used to refine some special weapons.

Ye Feng put this bone into his storage space.

As Ye Feng activated his [Devour] skill, some newly acquired power kept flowing into his body.

It had to be said that the Swamp Dragons power was really not bad.

Its level was not low either.

It directly replenished all the spiritual energy that Ye Feng had lost.

After doing all these things, Ye Feng turned around and left.

Lin Xiaoyue looked at Ye Fengs back and asked, “What kind of secret do you have Why are you so powerful that you can easily defeat the Swamp Dragon”

“Oh Secret I dont have any secrets!” Ye Feng smiled and did not say anything else.

It would be a mistake to say too much, especially in front of Lin Xiaoyue.

Lin Xiaoyue pursed her lips.

She realized that she could not understand Ye Fengs behavior at all.

However, this behavior was full of magic and people could not help but want to explore it.

Lin Xiaoyues gaze swept over the Swamp Dragons corpse.

Suddenly, she saw the tooth that had been stomped flat by Ye Feng.

Lin Xiaoyue squatted down and picked up the broken tooth.

“Eh, what is this” Lin Xiaoyue curiously picked up the broken tooth and looked at it.

She felt that this tooth was a little strange, like it was made of a crystal, very crystal clear.

Lin Xiaoyue placed the tooth on her palm and looked at it carefully.

For some reason, at this moment, she suddenly felt her heart palpitate.

“This isnt an ordinary crystal, right It shouldnt be an ordinary item.

Could it be the fangs of a divine beast”Lin Xiaoyue muttered to herself.

She felt that this tooth was very hard, several times harder than ordinary steel.

It was definitely not an ordinary thing.

Lin Xiaoyue looked at the tooth carefully again.

She felt that this tooth was no different from an ordinary tooth.

“Could this tooth be some kind of medium for the Swamp Dragon”Lin Xiaoyue guessed.

“Thats not right.

The Swamp Dragons internal organs are all made of crystal.

How could it be this tooth Could it be a tooth made of some special material”

Lin Xiaoyue thought of many things.

This tooth made of crystal was flattened by Ye Feng, so the tooth was deformed.

This had happened before, so Lin Xiaoyue was a little strange.

Lin Xiaoyue observed carefully and suddenly found something.

There was a green stone in the gap of the tooth.

“This thing seems to be a jade stone!” Lin Xiaoyue looked at the tooth and said.

She felt that her guess was right.

This should be a jade stone.

How did this jade stone appear

Lin Xiaoyue was a little puzzled.

Could it be that this Swamp Dragon had some other story!

“Are you looking for something Maybe you can tell me.” Lin Xiaoyue suddenly stopped and looked at Ye Feng.

“Looking for something I dont have it!” Ye Feng immediately denied.

He really did not look for anything else.

If he really wanted to look for something, it would definitely be the Nether Serpent Emperor.

Right now, Ye Feng was afraid of the Nether Serpent Emperors vertical pupil.

The main reason was that he still couldnt find a solution to the vertical pupil.

Moreover, the power of the vertical pupil was hundreds of times stronger than his spiritual power.

If he relied on spiritual power to fight against it, Ye Feng was completely no match for it.

Therefore, what Ye Feng wanted to do now was to destroy the stone wall in time before they met the Nether Serpent emperor.

After that, he could at least greatly reduce the Nether Serpent Emperors attack power and other attributes.

Otherwise, Ye Feng and the others would really have a headache.

However, Ye Feng knew that with their strength alone, this stone wall would probably take a long time to destroy.

After all, this was an Earth Element Sequence 02 Secret Text!

How could it be destroyed so easily!


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