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“Uh…” Nate did not dare to make any promises and could only shake his head and said, “In theory, it wont be, but we cant rule out the possibility that our luck is extremely bad.

The Prince just happened to encounter a special situation and suddenly returned from the spatial rift ahead of time.”

As he spoke, the blood crystal was activated once again, and the orange-red teleportation passage appeared once again in the middle of the hall.

One by one, the Tremere clans vampires walked out of the teleportation passage.

Seeing the last three Tremere clan elders walk out of the passage, Nate could not help but suck in a cold breath.

What was going on

It was actually the three Tremere clans grand elders

Nate had heard of the Tremere clans story, but he did not expect to see it with his own eyes today.

Wait a minute…

Looking at them…

Nate suddenly thought of something.

He turned to look at Fang Heng, his eyes full of shock.

Fang Heng had just entered the dark prison of blood but when he came out, he had convinced so many people to rebel together.

Fang Heng was not aware of Nates expression at all.

He looked at Atina and asked, “How long will it take to obtain the blood crystal”

Atina estimated the time.

“Without damaging the blood crystal, it will take at least three hours.”

Fang Heng made a prompt decision.

“Forget it.

Well talk about the blood crystal later.

According to the plan, well go to the teleportation hall first.”

“Lets go!”

Pallet walked in front of the team and opened the bronze door of the hall.

Seeing the scene outside the bronze door, the faces of the vampires darkened.

At the end of the passage ahead, a dark mass of vampires was rushing towards the hall.

They had come.

This was the most difficult battle.

Vampires! Even though they had lost the support of Angetas strength, their strength was still not to be underestimated.

An elder of the Tremere clan raised his hand when he saw this.

His expression was solemn.

“Warriors of the clan, we have been preparing for thousands of years for today.

The time has come to test us.

Prepare to fight to the death.”

The expressions of the Tremere clans vampires were similarly solemn.

There was no other way at this step.

They could only rely on their strength to charge out a bloody path.

Nate was extremely nervous.

What they were facing now was the strength of the entire vampire clan!

Even with the help of the Tremere clan, it would be very difficult.

He had already mentioned it to Fang Heng a long time ago.

If they fought head-on, there would be no good results.

Nates mind was currently spinning rapidly.

His mind was filled with thoughts on how to save his life.

He leaned over and whispered into Fang Hengs ear, “The vampires are here.


Fang Heng stopped Nate from continuing.

His gaze swept across the elders of the Tremere clan.

A battle to the death Not to the extent of…

“Leave this place to me.

All of you follow behind me.”

When the vampires heard this, they were confused.

He wanted to deal with so many vampires alone!

Fang Heng walked to the front and raised his hand to signal for everyone to retreat.

Then, he walked out of the hall alone and stood at the passage opening.

It was just as he had planned.

Zombie clones resurrection time countdown.

3, 2, 1…

At the moment when the countdown was over, a magic array of different sizes appeared under Fang Hengs feet.

“Chi! Chi Chi Chi!!!!”

The Lickers were the first to dash out from the rapidly rotating red magic array! They immediately pounced on the vampires in front of them!


The vampires and Lickers started to attack each other! Blood and flesh splattered everywhere!

Following that, another three tall figures rose from the three giant-sized magic array beside Fang Heng.

Fusion Tyrant forms!

The three-meter-tall fusion Tyrant forms emerged from the magic array.

As the newly revived fusion Tyrant forms were not equipped with any weapons, they could only choose to act recklessly.

They immediately took a step forward, raised their fists, and charged toward the vampires in the passage ahead.


The fusion Tyrant form itself had a high strength attribute.

In addition to enjoying Fang Hengs high attribute gains, if they were hit head-on, they could be instantly killed! If one was unlucky, one would also fall into a state of shock.

Fang Hengs vision began to quickly refresh.

[Hint: Your zombie clone (Licker) has killed a mid-level vampire.

You have received 18 survival points.]

[Hint: Your zombie clone (fusion Tyrant form) has killed a high-tier vampire.

You have received Tier 1 evolution crystal*1.

You have received 22 survival points…]

When Nate saw the zombie team fighting with the vampires, he was extremely shocked.

He could not help but turn his head to look at Fang Heng.

What were these things

Summoned creatures!

Nates eyes were filled with fear.

He had thought that Fang Hengs strength was already very strong.

He did not expect that he had only seen a small part of it.

The fusion Tyrant forms and the Lickers were very strong.

In addition, the enhancement effect of the undying body was enough to deal with a large number of high-tier vampires.

Moreover, in the near future, the Thirteen Holy Artifacts of the vampires provided Fang Heng with a large number of basic attribute bonuses due to the increase in level and bloodline.

These bonuses also increased the fusion Tyrant forms battle strength.

At this moment, the vampires in District 6 were weakened due to the loss of the Angetas effect, and their strength was greatly reduced.

The fusion Tyrant forms were unstoppable!

The Tremere clans vampires watched as the Lickers and the fusion Tyrant forms charged forward together and forcefully opened up a bloody path for the vampires in front.

Originally, the Tremere clan was already prepared to fight to the death and pay a huge price to escape from this place.

With a strong sense of conviction, they were prepared to have a great battle with the attacking vampires.

However, they suddenly realized that they didnt need to fight so hard.

The new leader had a powerful summoning ability.

He didnt need their help to crush them with his own strength!

The three elders of the Tremere clan had heard from Atina and the other vampires that Fang Heng had a special ability to control zombie creatures.

However, they were still surprised to see it with their own eyes.

After the initial confusion, the vampires of the Tremere clan were approaching the teleportation hall again.

With the help of their summoned creatures, they definitely had the ability to reach the teleportation hall!

“Lets go.”

Seeing that a path was cleared ahead, Fang Heng waved his hand and stepped forward, leading the vampires toward the teleportation passage.

The entire vampires were greatly weakened after losing Angetas.

The Prince of the vampires was not in the Elders Council, and Duke Bellamy was nowhere to be found.

The cooldown time of his ultimate skill, the Everlasting Moon, was also over, which could prevent accidents from happening.

Fang Heng smiled.

He did not even know how to lose this round.

Inside the Elders Council, alarms were blaring loudly.

Li Cheng, one of the arbitration elders of the Elders Council in District 6 of the vampires world, who was also one of the World Lords, received the news from the game in his sleep.

He was so scared that he hurriedly got up and returned to the game world.

Just as he entered the game, the consecutive game hints made his heart jump to his throat.

The dark prison of blood had been attacked

The Tremere clan had rebelled and even charged into the teleportation hall!

How could this be!

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