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If this was any other time, Zhao Nan would have argued for her reputation.

But now, Zhao Nan had no intention of arguing with Sandy.

She and Liu Maoxue nodded at each other.

At the same time, both of them saw the shock in each others eyes.

Liu Maoxues experience here was similar to Zhao Nans, and he had only just recovered.

Seeing Zhao Nan and Liu Maoxue being fooled, Sandy was secretly pleased.

“Hehe, you two dont have to be so nervous.

Dont worry.

This group of ghouls is only the first batch.

After we expand the passage, there will be more powerful creatures joining us… This group of Holy Light believers cant beat us at all.

Its a piece of cake.”

“Im telling you, following the Boss is a big win for you.

Just wait for victory.”

Zhao Nan took a deep breath, her heart beating wildly.

Thats right!

Fang Shuo and Sandy came from the high-tier world!

Through an extremely rare method, they could enter the lower realm from the high-tier realm.

This was the only explanation!

And the only one who had such an ability…

Zhao Nans body trembled slightly due to nervousness.

Demi-human tribe!!

They had a high probability of being part of the demi-human tribe.

No wonder the other party was unwilling to reveal his true identity!

Also, there was an explanation as to why Fang Shuo did not choose to open the teleportation passage to the outside world after taking control of the vampires building.

It was because they needed to modify the teleportation passage to build a passage between the advanced game world and the low-level game world!

These ghouls were transported from the passage!

Everything was explained!

Fang Shuo did not lie before.

It was possible that they came here for the holy water.

They needed the holy water to deal with the higher-tier demon-type creatures in the advanced game…

In a short while, Zhao Nan had already imagined everything.

It was very reasonable.

So… Those idiots at Lingxiao Guild!

They were the ones to blame for everything that had developed to this point!

“Chi Chi Chi…”

Hearing the sound, Sandys eyes lit up and he looked up.

“Eh, the boss is back.”

Zhao Nan was still in a daze.

She subconsciously looked up.

A group of bats flew down from the top of the building.


Zhao Nan noticed that these bats were carrying bags with their claws.

It was very difficult for them to fly.

One of the bats flew towards them.

Halfway through, the bat returned to its human form and stood in front of them.

It was Fang Heng.

Fang Heng looked at the crowd and his gaze stopped on Zhao Nan.

“Youre back.”


Fang Heng noticed that Zhao Nan and Liu Maoxue looked a little dazed.

He was puzzled and glanced at Sandy, who was trying to trick them.

The latter smiled evilly, shrugged, and quietly gave Fang Heng a hand signal that he had everything under control.

It seemed that Sandy was very talented at lying…

Ignoring Zhao Nan, who had been fooled, Fang Heng raised his head to look at the sky and asked, “Hows the situation”

Venerate, in its bat form, descended from the sky and flapped its wings to hover beside Fang Heng.

“Marquis, the people of the Holy Court have arrived at the periphery of the campus and are gathering outside the gate.”

“The team of the Holy Court did not immediately attack the building.

They only sent a small number of people into the campus to investigate.”

“In addition, we have expanded the scope of the investigation.

In addition to a few teams of the Holy Court gathering toward us in the city, we also found a team of the Holy Court rushing toward the direction of Victoria City outside the city.”

“Hmm, how many people are there outside the building”

“Led by a commander-level holy cast knight, there are about 50 believers, about 200 holy cast knights, and some members of the Holy Church whose identities cannot be identified.

The total number of people is about 300.”

Commander-level knight

Fang Hengs heart moved.

He turned his head to look at Zhao Nan, who was making wild guesses, and asked, “What is the rank of the commander-level knight”

Hearing Fang Hengs question, Zhao Nan raised her head.

Thats right!

Judging from his lack of understanding of this world, he was most likely a person from a higher realm!

Fang Heng frowned, “You dont know”

“I have a better understanding of the organizational structure of the Holy Court.

Let me tell you,” Liu Maoxue coughed lightly and said, “In the Vampire Apocalypse world, the Holy Court has three legions.

Among them, the light cast knights and the holy cast knights are regular legions.

The holy cast knights are more powerful and have better equipment.”

“In terms of tier, the knight legions are divided into apprentice knights, normal Knights, armed knights, elite knights, captain knights, commander knights…”

Fang Heng felt that it was a little complicated and asked, “How about compared to the judges What is the difference in their strength”

Liu Maoxue directly gave an analogy, “One tier higher than the judges, and half a tier lower than the Marquis of the vampires.”

So weak

Fang Heng made a mental calculation.

He lacked the time for the proliferator to develop, and he currently had a serious shortage of Lickers.

It would be a bit troublesome if so many of the members of the Holy Court rushed in at once.

A group of turtle shells was over there.

It would take a lot of time to destroy them all.

And only a small part of the explosives had been brought over.

There was no time to bury them.

Therefore, he had to think of a way to destroy them one by one.

Fang Heng thought about it and waved his hand.

He looked at Venerate and said, “Continue to observe.

I want to know the movements of the Holy Court at any time.

Also, speed up the delivery of materials.”

“I will follow your orders, Marquis.”


Outside the building of vampires, the team led by the deputy commander of the knights, Langdon, gathered here.

“Commander, the reconnaissance team at the front has already entered the periphery of the campus.

Other than the vampires hovering high in the sky, we have not found any traces of other vampires ambushing us.”

“The campus building is very quiet.

The vampires circling the periphery of the building should have already discovered us, but we havent been attacked by the vampires along the way, including the building.

From the observation from the outside, we havent found any traces of vampires guarding the inside of the building.”

“Commander, the team led by Kun is gathering with us.”

Listening to the feedback from the scout team, Langdon raised his head to look at the sky again.

The vampires were constantly circling in the sky, observing their movements at all times.

Langdon felt a little frustrated for no reason.

Vampires had the advantage of flying, so they did not have a good way to deal with this kind of reconnaissance.

He could indeed think of a way to eliminate one or two of them.

He could even eliminate a dozen or twenty of them with a little time.

But if there were hundreds or thousands of them…

Not only would it take time and effort, but it would also be impossible to do so.

The feeling of being watched by the other party at every moment made Langdon uneasy.

The vampires this time were very different from before.

What the hell were the vampires doing

“Commander, the vampires have been completely suppressed by the magic array in Victoria City.

Theyre just bluffing now.”

Vice President of Shengying Gaming Company, Han Sheng, was also on the team.

He felt that this battle was almost certain.

How could they lose with their hard power on their side

Seeing this, Han Sheng could not help but walk to Langdons side, he continued to suggest, “Sir, we can confirm that the vampires from other regions have not come to Victoria City to provide support.

In my opinion, the vampires must have known that they could not resist, so they chose to give up the central building and then set up a decoy to delay our precious time.”


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