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Jiang Yue squatted down and sniffed.

Xue Darong and the others immediately tensed up.

“Qhat ” Jiang Yue looked at them and asked, “Did you guys already smell the strange smell ”

Xua Yan continued to swing the hammer and said, “Yes, I smelled a strange smell here, but it wasnt strong.

Then, after a few days, when I wanted to sell it in town, the smell became strong, especially the sour smell.

I didnt seem to smell the sour smell at first.”

Jiang Yue nodded.

“Theres no strange smell now, but you smelled it back then.

It must have been because there were moldy seeds mixed in the vegetable seeds.

Thats why it smelled like this.

After that, the smell became stronger and stronger.

It was the wrong way to preserve this oil.

Ive already told you how to preserve it, so you just have to follow the instructions.”

“Now… Is there really, really no strange smell” Xue Darongs lips trembled, and his hands stopped moving.

His mind was filled with this.

Xua Yan also stopped.

“You cant stop hammering!” Jiang Yue said.

“You have to squeeze the oil out while its still hot.

If its cold, the oil wont come out easily.”

“Okay, okay.” Xue Darong and Xua Yan were so flustered that they didnt dare to be distracted.

They hit the wedge with their hammers again and again, and then pushed the board to continue squeezing the fried dough cake.

“If you dont believe me, you can leather smell it,” Jiang Yue replied.

Qian Caiyu wanted to smell it, but she was afraid.

In the end, she gathered her courage, bent down, and sniffed the oil barrel at a close distance.

Then, she patted her thigh with both hands and said, “Theres really no strange smell!”

“Thats great!” Everyone was overjoyed.

Xue Darong and Xua Yan, in particular, were even more energetic when they swung their hammers.

They were full of energy.

No matter how the hammer hammered the wedge, not a single drop of oil could flow out of the press tool.

Only then did he take out the dry oil from the press tool, crush it again, and press it for the second time.

After crushing it, he put it in the pot and steamed it.

This job was left to the first aunt.

Jiang Yue, Xue Darong, and Xua Yan finally had their meal.

Qian Caiyu brought Jiang Yue a big bowl of boiled lotus-wrapped eggs, each of which was round and smooth.

“Jiang Yue, youve worked hard, you must be hungry, quick, eat the eggs.”

Xue Darong and the others, on the other hand, were not.

Xue Dabao and Xue Xiaobao were still staring at the eggs in her bowl, almost drooling.

“Aunt, I cant eat that much.” Jiang Yue used a spoon and gave two eggs to Xue Darong, two to Xua Yan, and two to Xue Dabao and Xue Xiaobao.

She only had two left.

“You…” Qian Caiyus heart ached even more when she saw this.

Xue Da, who had already eaten, leaned on his walking stick and nodded as he watched.

His heart ached, but he was also happy.

“Our Jiang Yue is sensible.

Eat, enjoy your meal.”

“Lets eat some more, huh” Qian Caiyu was afraid that she wouldnt be full.

“Thank you, but just a little bit of food will do.

I dont need much.” Jiang Yue said.

“I know,” Qian Caiyu went to work and brought some rice to Jiang Yue.

“Jiang Yue, youre so nice.” Xue Xiaobao couldnt help but say as he ate the fragrant lotus-wrapped egg.

Xua Yan laughed.

“Youre not embarrassed at all.

Youre older than Jiang Yue.

Youre five years old, dont you know that ”

“But Jiang Yue is nice.” Xue Xiaobao said.

“Yes, yes, yes.” Xua Yan had put in too much effort today and was starving.

He buried his head in his food and said, “Jiang Yue is nice, you must be good to her in the future, understand Didnt Jiang Yue give you guys candied fruits last time”


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