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Chapter 1142: Leng Piaoxues Lives

Translator: Lonelytree

“Mommy, you can get married now! Ive finally found a man who looks very much like me!”

Everyone was speechless.

This child was really obsessed with finding a stepfather.

He was scamming his father.

Then, everyone noticed that the man was tall, handsome, and had an extraordinary temperament.

In particular, his looks were very similar to Tong Tong.

It was not an exaggeration to say that Tong Tong was a copy of this man.

They were only one big and one small.

A villager immediately said excitedly, “I remember now.

This… this… he… he is Gong Tianhao!”

“Ah, its Gong Tianhao, Xiao Lingyus husband!” In an instant, many people recognized Gong Tianhao.

“Gong Tianhao, who disappeared for three years, has finally returned.”

Then, someone shouted at the courtyard gate, “Qiuying, Zhengyang, come out quickly.

Your son-in-law is back.”

Someone shouted, “Lingyu, come out quickly.

Your husband is back.”

Tong Tong, “…”

He frowned and looked confused.

Was this man whom he had brought back really his father, whom he had never met before

The handsome man was speechless

Fuck, what was going on

He had originally thought that a bold woman had secretly given birth to a child that looked so similar to him.

He clearly did not remember he had touched any woman.

Could it be that a woman had used illegal means to secretly give birth to his child

Dont ask him how he could be sure at a glance that this child was his biological child.

In fact, he did not even know that he had such a feeling.

Therefore, the child used the excuse of being lost to come over and take a look.

He also wanted to confirm if there was really a woman who had given birth to his child.

Who knew that when the people here saw him, they seemed to be very familiar with him And what did they say Was he Xiao Lingyus husband

Gong Tianhao was confused.

Tong Tong was not happy.

He frowned and said, “Grandma, what are you talking about Hes my biological father.

Thats impossible.

Im obviously looking for a stepfather for myself.”

Seeing this, someone covered his mouth and laughed, “Haha, Tong Tong, do you remember what your biological fathers name is”

Tong Tong said without thinking, “Of course I do.

My Mommy and grandparents told me that my biological fathers name is Gong Tianhao!”

Hearing his name from a childs mouth, Gong Tianhaos eyebrows twitched, and he couldnt help but feel nervous.

No way, was this really his own son

But how could he marry a woman from the countryside

Tong Tong raised his small head and asked seriously, “Uncle, can you tell me your name”

“My name Is Gong Tianhao!” Gong Tianhao also answered with a frown.

“Haha, it really is Gong Tianhao!”

“Tianhao, when did you wake up”

“Tianhao, why didnt you come back to take a look when you woke up”

“Tianhao, have you recovered You will definitely have good fortune after surviving a great disaster.

In the future, you and Lingyu will definitely be happy for the rest of your lives.”

All of a sudden, everyone went forward to ask.

Gong Tianhao, “…”

Just as he looked at the villagers who were asking enthusiastically, the courtyard door opened.

The moment the courtyard door opened, Gong Tianhaos gaze was instantly attracted by the figure who walked out.

At that moment, the memories of him and this woman were instantly opened.

He ran out of the crowd and hugged Xiao Lingyu.

With tears in his eyes, he cried out emotionally, “YuEr!”

Then, a touching scene made everyone present cry.

“Thats great.

Tianhao really didnt forget Lingyu.”

“In the future, the family will finally be reunited!”

Tong Tong, “…” so, the man he brought back to be his stepfather was his biological father!

Gong Tianhao regained his memories of Xiao Lingyu and the memories of the Xiao family.

He walked in front of Tong Tong, and his eyes were red.

He squatted down and said to Tong Tong carefully, “Son, Tong Tong, Im your father.

Im your biological father!”

Gong Tianhao felt really guilty for his son, who was separated from him at birth.

Other than hugging him once, he had not hugged him for the past few years.

At the thought of this, Gong Tianhao couldnt help but hug Tong Tong in his arms.

With tears flowing down his face, he said, “Son, Im sorry.

I didnt fulfill my responsibility as a father.” That was why he wanted to find a stepfather.

At the thought of this, Gong Tianhao felt a lingering fear.

Fortunately, his son found him.

What if it was another man Could it be that he really wanted another man to become a stepfather

Tong Tongs eyes were red as he cried.

He asked in disbelief, “Are you really my father”

“Yes, Im really your father!” Gong Tianhao nodded and said, “Cant you see that I look so similar to you”

At this moment, Xiao Lingyu also said, “Tong Tong, hes really your father.

Hes your biological father.

Call him Daddy!”

Tong Tong called out at this moment, “Daddy!”

Then, he said, “I have a Daddy too!”

Just this sentence made everyones heartache!

“Okay, Daddy will protect you from now on!” Gong Tianhao promised solemnly.

After Gong Tianhao regained his memory, the family was even happier.

One day, Gong Tianhao asked, “Son, were you sure that Im your daddy that day”

“No.” Tong Tong stroked his chin and said, “Because Mommy said that she would marry a man who looks like me!”

Gong Tianhao, “…”

He really thanked his son for looking like him and letting others know that they were father and son at a glance.

Otherwise, if his son took another man as his father, he would really cry.

From then on, Xiao Lingyus career developed very smoothly.

Gong Tianhao supported his wife even more.

His son was sensible and obedient, and the family was very happy.

A few years ago, an assassination was ordered on Xiao Lingyu.

After Gong Tianhao found out the truth, he immediately dealt with the murderer.

But for the first time, he let her go on account of the two old men.

He did not expect that the other party would come again.

Naturally, Gong Tianhao would not show any mercy.

He killed the murderer to prevent future trouble.

In this life, Xiao Lingyu was safe and sound.

The husband and wife were in love.

Her son was sensible, obedient, and filial.

He was happy with his family.

His life had reached its peak!

It was really enviable and jealous!

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