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Chapter 1141: Leng Piaoxues Lives

Translator: Lonelytree

When Xiao Lingyu opened her eyes again, she felt as if she had returned to the time when she was drugged.

She accidentally barged into a mans room and had sex with him for an entire night.

At the thought of this, she touched her stomach and called out softly, “Tong Tong!”

Then, she left the hotel in a hurry.

After leaving the hotel, she knew that the bastard couple was trying to ruin her reputation.

They wanted to make her the victim.

The real victim was being criticized by everyone.

This time, she would not let the bastard couple get what they wanted.

She did not know if she was lucky or if God pitied her.

The man that she randomly captured was actually a noble person that the upper-class circle of City Z did not dare to offend.

She used this man to take revenge on the couple for humiliating them and to clear her name.

Later on, because the bitch waved her knife at her, she accidentally opened the space of the Jade Pendant.

With the space of the jade pendant, she returned to the countryside and lived through the process of raising babies, farming, and becoming rich.

However, she never thought that she would start a lifetime of entanglement with the biological father of the child.

Perhaps the path she chose in this life was different, and the fate of those who were related to her would also change accordingly.

The biological father of the child pestered her relentlessly.

Under the intense pursuit, Xiao Lingyu was finally moved.

She married Gong Tianhao.

Gong Tianhao took care of her, a pregnant woman, and became even more cautious.

Later on, she gave birth to the child safely.

However, on the day she was discharged from the hospital, an accident happened.

The eldest daughter of the Qin family in the capital had been in love with Gong Tianhao ever since she was young.

When she found out that he was married, under the influence of her perverted mind, she actually went after them.

In order to protect her, Gong Tianhao was severely injured and became comatose.

Fortunately, she had the spiritual spring water, which could treat him and allow him to slowly recover.

While he was recovering, Tong Tong grew up day by day from birth to full moon to one year old.

In her previous life, she owed Tong Tong a lot.

In this life, she wanted to make it up to Tong Tong.

In this life, after putting in a lot of effort, something happened to her.

Her Tong Tong was really cute and beautiful and very likable.

He grew up like all babies.

He looked up after hearing two or three things and turned around after four or five grabs.

At the same time, Tong Tong was very smart.

When he was three to four months old, he would listen to the adults very carefully.

He would even chime in from time to time.

He also liked to laugh.

Everyone in the village said that this child was really smart.

When Tong Tong was ninety months old, he would say some simple words.

He would call out to others, such asDaddy,Grandpa,Grandma,Mommy, and so on.

When Tong Tong turned one year old, he learned how to walk.

In this life, Xiao Lingyu witnessed Tong Tongs every step of growth.

Seeing such a cute and beautiful Tong Tong, Xiao Lingyu would always ask herself,Tong Tong is so cute, so beautiful, and so lovable.

Why did I neglect Tong Tong so completely in my previous life

In her previous life, she was indeed not worthy of being a mother.

What mother would be so cruel to her own child

Fortunately, the heavens loved her, giving her a farming space, allowing her to meet LingEr, allowing her to return to the past, making up for her regrets, allowing her to have Tong Tong again, and even bringing her so much joy.

Tong Tong was already her angel!

No matter how many difficulties she encountered, no matter how hard or tired she was, as long as she saw Tong Tongs innocent, cute, and romantic smile, she felt that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Everything was worth it.

Especially when her husband was in a vegetative state after the car accident.

She believed that the heavens would favor her again and everything would be fine.

As expected, Gong Tianhao, who was originally determined by the doctor to be in a vegetative state for the rest of his life, woke up after two years under the effects of the spiritual spring water.

Although Gong Tianhao had lost the memories between them, Xiao Lingyu did not lose heart.

She believed that Gong Tianhao would regain his memories very soon.

However, before Gong Tianhao regained his memories, he seemed to have forgotten that he was married and that he had a wife.

He was even against her as a wife.

Afraid that it would trigger Gong Tianhaos newly recovered body, xiao Lingyu restrained her urge to rush out to meet him.

Xiao Lingyu was a little helpless, but at the same time, she comforted herself.

Her husband would definitely recognize her one day.

Until one day, her son actually brought back a man.

Tong Tong led the man to the front gate of the Xiao familys farmhouse.

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