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Chapter 1140: Leng Piaoxues Lives

Translator: Lonelytree

She knew Jiang Tao too well.

He would never compete with his brothers for a woman.

Besides, there must be some differences between the Jiang family and the Gong family.

Gong Tianhao was in charge of the Gong family.

Perhaps he would allow Xiao Lingyu, a woman from the countryside, to marry into the Gong family.

But the Jiang family was different.

The one in charge of the Jiang family was old master Jiang.

Old Master Jiang was a very strict old relic.

He placed great importance on the concept of family status.

Of course, he asked the heir of the Jiang family to marry a woman of equal status.

The Leng family and the Jiang family were both the top aristocratic families in the capital.

Jiang Tao was the heir of the Jiang family, and she, Leng Piaoxue, was the most favored princess of the Leng family.

If the two of them were to marry, not only would they be of equal status, but they would also be a perfect match for each other.

The Jiang and Leng families would definitely be very willing to unite the two families.

Logically speaking, since Leng Piaoxue knew that Jiang Tao would never marry Xiao Lingyu, she should adjust her state of mind and face her feelings directly.

Then, she would courageously pursue Jiang Tao.

Perhaps, under her disdainful pursuit, Jiang Tao would perhaps be tempted.

However, Leng Piaoxue was doted on at home and had developed an arrogant, willful, unreasonable, narrow-minded, and bigoted personality.

She did not have the courage to pursue love, but she hated Xiao Lingyu, who occupied Jiang Taos heart.

She did not allow Jiang Tao to like Xiao Lingyu.

Therefore, if she wanted to drive Xiao Lingyu out of Jiang Taos heart, Xiao Lingyu would have to disappear from this world.

Without Xiao Lingyu, Jiang Taos heart would naturally be empty.

Therefore, she hired people to assassinate Xiao Lingyu.

However, the assassination did not succeed, and Gong Tianhao quickly found out the culprit behind it.

Gong Tianhao forced the Leng family to hand over Leng Piaoxue.

Otherwise, he would put pressure on the Leng family business, causing the Leng family to quickly decline and disappear from the capital.

When the Leng family heard that Leng Piaoxue actually hired someone to kill the woman that Gong Tianhao liked, they were all scared out of their wits.

They never thought that their usually obedient princess would suddenly hire someone to kill someone.

But no matter what, Leng Piaoxue was the Leng familys princess.

How could they hand her over just like that He knew very well that if he handed her over, with Gong Tianhaos methods, even if Leng Piaoxue didnt die, she would at least be tortured.

But if they didnt hand her over, the Leng family would be suppressed by Gong Tianhao.

The Leng familys old master directly begged the Gong family and promised them that as long as the Gong family let the Leng family off and spared Leng Piaoxues life, he would send Leng Piaoxue far away so that she couldnt hurt Madam Gong.

Old Master Leng almost knelt down to Gong Tianhao.

Old Master Leng had thrown away his old face and dignity.

Seeing Old Master Leng like this, Old Master Gong sighed lightly and said, “Old Master Leng, youve really put in a lot of effort.

Forget it.

Lets forgive and forget about it.” The last sentence was directed at Gong Tianhao.

Since Old Master Leng had spoken, Gong Tianhao had no choice but to say, “Fine! But Grandpa Leng, if Leng Piaoxue does it again, I will definitely not let her off.”

The old man said, “Tianhao, dont worry.

I will monitor her well.

I will not let her do it again.”

After that, the Leng family sent Leng Piaoxue out of the country.

Without permission, they would not allow her to return to the country!

Leng Piaoxue did not want to leave the country, and she did not think that she was wrong.

She only wanted to drive Xiao Lingyu out of Jiang Taos heart.

What was wrong with that If she was not chased out, how was she going to marry Jiang Tao in the future

Besides, Xiao Lingyu was just a peasant woman with a cheap life.

But why did she have to be sent to such a faraway place for a cheap woman If she could not return to the country, how was she going to meet Jiang Tao

But regardless of whether she was willing or not, the Leng family had forcefully sent her out of the country and sent people to supervise her.

Then, during the few years that Leng Piaoxue was supervised overseas, she heard that Xiao Lingyu and Gong Tianhao were married.

They gave birth to a son, and they loved him very much.

The fruits and vegetables that Xiao Lingyu grew were very special.

They had the effect of strengthening the body and curing all kinds of diseases.

Then, the green fresh group that Xiao Lingyu founded grew bigger and bigger year by year.

Her companys reputation and hers also grew bigger and bigger.

Her company even developed overseas and became the number-one brand in the world.

One message after another entered her ears, making her more and more resentful.

Her hatred towards Xiao Lingyu also deepened day by day.

However, when she saw the messages from Jiang Tao, she felt even more comforted.

Jiang Tao had been transferred away from that small county many years ago.

Then, he walked step by step into the State Department and became one of the important leaders.

Of course, he also became the head of the Jiang family.

As expected, he was the man she had taken a fancy to.

He was just that great.

However, he had not been married all this time, nor did he mention the marriage alliance with the Leng family.

He must still be thinking about that woman in his heart.

When she thought about how Xiao Lingyu still firmly occupied Jiang Taos heart, she felt extremely uncomfortable.

She wanted to kill that woman to vent her anger.

However, she could not return to the country at all.

Later, she thought of the method of hiring someone to kill her.

Although the people around her were monitoring her, after so many years, they had gradually relaxed their surveillance on her.

As long as she secretly recruited them, she would definitely not report them to her family.

Indeed, although the people around her were under orders to monitor the eldest miss, their boss was far away.

In addition, the Leng family had not questioned the eldest miss for a long time, so they had relaxed their surveillance on the eldest miss.

After that, Leng Piaoxue lured them in, so the people who were keeping an eye on her turned a blind eye.

Leng Piaoxue hired a famous assassin from an international assassin organization.

Once again, she tried to assassinate Xiao Lingyu.

Obviously, the assassination failed again.

Gong Tianhao quickly found out the truth.

This time, Gong Tianhao did not give the Leng family another chance and directly took Leng Piaoxue away.

Gong Tianhao didnt show any mercy to this crazy woman who tried to assassinate his wife again and again.

He simply ended her life.

Before she died, Leng Piaoxue even hated the Leng family.

She thought that the Leng family only loved her hypocritically.

Otherwise, why they didnt come to save her when they knew that she would die in Gong Tianhaos hands

Wasnt it because they were afraid that Gong Tianhao would suppress the Leng familys business again

Leng Piaoxue wasnt as important as the Leng familys money.

Leng Piaoxue died with hatred.

When she woke up again, she found that she had returned ten years ago.

She was holding a red rope in her hand.

Later, she found out that this red rope was extraordinary.

She looked into the distance and sneered, “Xiao Lingyu, Gong Tianhao, Leng family, Im back! This time, I wont let you bully me anymore.”

As expected, people with twisted hearts also had twisted thoughts!

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