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At the side, Xiao Hans eyes were deep as he looked at Shen Ran in disbelief.

I didnt expect Shen Ran to have a trump card.

He actually transformed into an Azure Dragon with an incomparably powerful body just now! Xiao Han gritted his teeth, his jealousy growing.

Fortunately, Shen Ran cant hold on anymore.

Xiao Han was secretly glad.

At this moment, Gu Shuyus gaze was sinister.

Then he said ferociously, “Shen Ran, what other trump cards do you have Just use them.”

Gu Shuyu let out a sinister smile, and his aura stirred up another wave of violent might.

With Gu Shuyu as the center, a black murderous aura spread out in all directions, layer upon layer emitted from Gu Shuyus body, sweeping up a terrifying pressure.

Wherever this murderous aura passed, everyones expressions changed.

Gu Shuyus injured internal organs that had just been shaken recovered in an instant.

His rising aura began to form hand seals again and he began to control the more powerful beast.

“Shen Ran, can you still deal with him” Gu Shuyus face gradually turned pale.

Summoning an ancient beast at the Marquis Realm was extremely exhausting for him.

If not for killing Shen Ran, he would not summon two beasts.

“This time, go to hell!” Gu Shuyus hand techniques kept changing as the huge beast stepped out.


The thousand-foot-tall beast appeared.

Endless murderous aura swept over with a strange laughter.

The sheep-headed beast stretched out its hand and swept the power of the Marquis Realm palm towards Shen Ran.

An invisible force crazily squeezed the air in the palace, causing ripples in the void.

The entire palace began to shake violently.

Shen Ran stood rooted to the ground, not moving at all.

His eyes were solemn.

Another one!

Also a Marquis-Realm!

Shen Rans expression darkened.

It seemed that he had underestimated Gu Shuyu.


He was clearly at the seventh level of the Illumination Realm, but he could actually summon two huge beasts at the Marquis Realm.

Shen Ran took a deep breath and a small amount of spiritual energy in his divine sea began to surge crazily.

The Netherworld True Scripture.

He chanted in his mind.

His divine sea seemed to have been filled with endless Netherworld spiritual water, releasing a terrifying aura of death.


Shen Ran held his breath and focused.

His divine sea was instantly filled with the Netherworld.

The more than 300 Supreme Bones in his body shone brightly, and runes flashed.

The power of the Netherworld crazily tempered every one of his Supreme Bones, and the dissipated spiritual energy was instantly revived.

As expected of the Netherworld True Scripture.

Shen Ran regained his strength.

His eyes flickered, and his calm eyes seemed to hide a terrifying crisis. Just right, someone can try it.

Shen Rans figure changed drastically, and his aura was completely restrained.

In front of him, he could see the Netherworld filling the sky.

Wherever the Netherworld passed, not a blade of grass grew.

A drop of Netherworld Water was enough to destroy life.

Just as the sheep-headed beast was about to slap him, Shen Ran raised his fingertip and a stream of True Qi filled with death aura greeted it.

The power of death swept around it, and its aura suddenly changed.

Even Gu Shuyu, whose entire body was filled with a murderous aura that corroded souls, felt faint fear in the face of this aura of death.

“Whats this—”

Gu Shuyu frowned and did not think too much.

He injected all his spiritual power and magic powers, wanting to kill Shen Ran immediately.

He had suffered repeated setbacks and lost face in front of everyone.

He had disgraced himself as the young master of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

Therefore, Shen Ran had to die!

Gu Shuyu was filled with killing intent.

The goat-headed beast suddenly sped up and slapped out its palm.

A crack appeared on one of the walls of the palace.


The cracks quickly spread around and the wall finally collapsed.


The entire palace toppled instantly, raising a cloud of dust.

Shen Rans expression did not change, and his eyes were extremely calm.

It was as if he was in the Netherland, and there was boundless power in his body.


Shen Ran picked out a drop of Netherland water from his fingertip.

The black divine light compressed the boundless pressure of death and rushed towards the huge beast.

The beast tilted and howled in pain.

It suddenly collapsed and dissipated completely.

The moment he collapsed, Gu Shuyu spat out a mouthful of black blood and his face turned even paler.

Everyone exclaimed as they looked at Shen Ran with expressions that changed again and again.

It started with anger, jealousy, full of hostility, then shock, ferocity.

And now, there was some fear.

Lei Qianren gasped even more and hissed uncontrollably.

“This Shen Ran actually defeated that giant beast again… This is the Marquis Realm…” Lei Qianren took a deep breath and widened his eyes.

He felt that this kid was even more terrifying.

Zhou Zirans face was dark and his expression was extremely complicated.

He said word by word, “Shen Ran!”

He did not expect Shen Ran to have so many trump cards and defeated Gu Shuyu one after another.

He narrowed his eyes and immediately began to think of other ways.

Chen Beixuan stood at the side, trembling with anger.

His face was ashen as he cursed Gu Shuyu in his heart.

“Trash! You cant even deal with Shen Ran!”

“And was defeated by him again!”

The hatred in Chen Beixuans heart kept rising, and he seemed to be shrouded in shadow.

Shock filled Xiao Hans face and he didnt know what to say.

His jealousy intensified as he clenched his fists and stared at the situation in front of him.

Almost everyone present stopped talking.

The dilapidated palace fell into an eerie silence.

Shen Rans aura increased greatly.

He did not look like he was exhausted at all.

Instead, he seemed to have an endless supply of spiritual energy and was filled with strength.

He quickly restrained the death aura around him and was very satisfied with the Netherworld True Scripture.

The Netherworld True Scripture was life and death.

With killing intent, endless terrifying death energy could surge out.

A mere murderous aura was nothing.

If he understood it, he could quickly revive the vitality in his body.

This thing was even more useful than spiritual energy.

A drop of Netherworld Water was enough to make his Supreme Bones ripple with golden light and erupt with boundless pressure.

And the Netherland Water of the Divine Sea…

Shen Ran could not imagine it.

However, he was just testing his strength with the Netherland True Scripture.

From the looks of it, even if he encountered first or second level Marquis Realm cultivators in the future, he would be confident in killing them.

As for further up, although he could not match in strength, he could still escape.

Shen Ran nodded in satisfaction, his eyes filled with joy.

Gu Shuyus expression was cold as he scrutinized Shen Ran.

Everyone looked at Shen Ran with completely changed expressions.

There was fear in the shock, also confusion, and traces of jealousy.

Among everyones gazes, Liu Nanzhis beautiful eyes were filled with endless admiration.

But she was still worried.

Just now, it was just Gu Shuyu.

Other than Gu Shuyu, there were also these geniuses who were eyeing him covetously.

She was worried that Shen Ran would collapse eventually.

Liu Nanzhi was seized with anxiety for Shen Ran.

In the distance, Chen Beixuan stared at Liu Nanzhi.

He could naturally see the love in her eyes, the love that once belonged to him.

His eyes were like sharp knives that wanted to cut Shen Ran into pieces.

Unexpectedly, not only was he not killed in this palace, but he also stole the limelight.


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