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The sword light fell, and Gu Shuyu dodged it.

He was terrified and looked steadily at Shen Ran with a complex expression.

This persons sword technique was so superb that it could destroy his soul and demonic roots within without the sword light injuring his body.

If not for his Heavenly Demon Body, he would not have been able to sense the danger of this sword light so quickly.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unthinkable.

Thinking of this, Gu Shuyu broke out in cold sweat, shocked and apprehensive.

Everyone was stunned by Shen Rans move again.

Zhou Ziran couldnt help but grimace, “Shen Ran was actually better than Gu Shuyu just now”

“How is that possible!!!”

Lei Qianren watched anxiously.

He cursed Gu Shuyu in his heart!

Chen Beixuans face was pale, and his hatred for Shen Ran deepened.

He could naturally tell that this was the Azure Supreme Thearch Inheritance!!

This opportunity should have belonged to him, but now it was obtained by Shen Ran.

Chen Beixuan gritted his teeth and subconsciously his breath reeked of blood, but he was completely unaware.

“Shen Ran, you must die,” Chen Beixuan cursed secretly.

Gu Shuyus eyes darkened as he stared fixedly at Shen Ran.

He was actually forced to use a forbidden technique by a mere fifth level Illumination Realm disciple!

In an instant, the black runes covering Gu Shuyus face quickly opened up, forming a huge disc.

The disc slowly turned, and the endless runes fluctuated.



The huge black disc above his head activated the array formation.

As it spun, there was the sound of weapons colliding.

A terrifying threat instantly swept through the entire palace, and the powerful pressure inclined downwards.

Chen Beixuans expression darkened.

He whispered, “Ancient Illusory Beast Formation”

This array formation was one of the many forbidden techniques of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

With his demonic blood, he could summon ancient beasts when the array formation was activated.

The huge black disc seemed to have the sound of metal.

As it slowly turned, a huge black beast came out.

It had two pairs of horns on its head, a bloody mouth, and scales all over its body.

It was a thousand feet long.

Chen Beixuans eyes widened in joy when he saw this.

“Shen Ran, youre dead this time.”

“Gu Shuyu directly activated the forbidden technique of the Heavenly Demon Sect.

This huge beast has reached the Marquis Realm.

Lets see how smug you can be this time.”

Chen Beixuan had already begun to celebrate in advance.

The summoning of the huge beast was enough to show that Gu Shuyu was murderous this time.

Shen Ran would definitely die.

When Zhou Ziran saw the huge disc above his head, his heart trembled in disbelief.

“Its actually the Ancient Illusion Beast Formation!”

“Is Gu Shuyu going to kill Shen Ran directly”

I didnt expect Gu Shuyu to have such a trump card.

He cant be underestimated.

Zhou Zirans face took on a ghastly expression.

His eyebrows twitched as he carefully observed the battle.

He had wanted to wait for the right opportunity to reap the benefits.

However, Gu Shuyu had directly used his trump card and summoned a Marquis Realm beast.

He had no chance to attack at all.

For a moment, Zhou Zirans expression kept changing, and he was burning with anxiety.

Lei Qianren was even more shocked by Gu Shuyus methods.

His eyes widened.

“Marquis Realm!!”

The 1,000-foot-tall beast released the pressure of the Marquis Realm and pressed on towards Shen Ran.



The black phantom beast was covered in dense runes.

Every step it took caused the world to tremble.

The entire palace began to shake violently.

The terrifying power instantly spread for a hundred miles.

“Shen Ran, go to hell.” Gu Shuyu stood under the huge disc and kept controlling the huge beast.

The beast raised its hand, and an extremely powerful pressure slapped towards Shen Ran.

The air instantly squeezed out electric sparks and let out a harsh cry.

Shen Rans expression changed slightly when he sensed the Marquis Realm.

His shoulders and hands and feet seemed to be pressed down by a mountain.

Is this the difference in realm!


Shen Ran erupted with spiritual power, and his figure began to change extremely.

His muscles swelled, and his bones kept growing and changing shape.

Then golden dragon scales began to grow on his skin, as if they had been tempered by lightning.

With a terrifying dragon roar, Shen Ran completely transformed into a thousand-foot Azure Dragon and flew straight into the palace.

He came to the sky and faced the huge beast.

The Azure Dragon coiled up, his expression cold and domineering.

Gu Shuyus expression changed slightly.

Then he controlled the huge array again and attacked the Azure Dragon first.

Shen Ran swung his dragon tail, releasing a mighty pressure that smashed over.


The beast was smashed out of existence and almost dissipated.

Gu Shuyus expression changed drastically as he personally sensed the array formation shaking.

At that moment, Shen Ran did not intend to waste time.

He could not maintain the Azure Dragon Transformation for long.

He had to get rid of the beast as soon as possible.


With another dragon roar, Shen Ran opened the Ancient Immortal Eyes with his dragon body.

Two pillars of light shot out, and the black aura instantly began to dissipate.

The huge Azure Dragon body emitted endless dragon might that stirred the world.

In an instant, the weather changed.

The sky above the mystic realm immediately turned into dark clouds, overlapping and covered in purple divine lightning.



Endless lightning gathered, hundreds of feet thick.

However, Shen Ran knew that this attack would definitely not be able to destroy Gu Shuyus array formation.

He could only deal with this huge beast.

After that, the spiritual energy in his body was insufficient to fight the subsequent battle.

Shen Ran tried his best.

His huge divine dragon body rolled in the sea of clouds, releasing waves of dragon might.

His entire body was wrapped in lightning as he attacked the huge beast again.

With a huge explosion, the black aura that condensed the huge beast was completely destroyed.

At the same time, Shen Rans figure quickly changed back.

Gu Shuyu was hit and spat out a mouthful of blood.


Everyone was caught off guard and took a few steps back.

Chen Beixuans expression was cold as he gritted his teeth and said, “True Dragon!”

Chen Beixuan recalled the scene when he rushed to the Hidden Dragon Mountain.

His face immediately twisted in anger, and he clenched his fists, his entire body trembling.

“Is it Shen Ran”

All his opportunities had been snatched away by Shen Ran!!

Chen Beixuans face turned green.

He could not understand.

Could it be that Shen Ran is also reborn

No matter what, Shen Ran had to die!

However, seeing Gu Shuyu being defeated by Shen Ran again and again, Chen Beixuan was about to break down.

However, Shen Ran was about to collapse.

He was probably exhausted.

“Hmph! Shen Ran, even if Gu Shuyu cant kill you this time, these geniuses will definitely not let you off easily.” Chen Beixuan was certain.

After Gu Shuyu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his face was pale as he glared at Shen Ran ferociously.

“Looks like you have some skills.

I underestimated you.”

“However, your spiritual power has been exhausted.

You will definitely die.”

Gu Shuyus smile became even stranger.

He formed another seal, and the disc above him spun even more violently.

Immediately after, another huge beast with the head of a sheep and the body of a horse revealed its true body from the disc.

Another Marquis-Realm beast Zhou Ziran narrowed his eyes, shocked.

He was also certain that Shen Ran would die this time.


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