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Shen Ran looked at the influx of people in front of him and sneered.

“What if I dont hand it over”

Zhou Zirans eyes darkened as he threatened, “Shen Ran, can you defeat so many people A wise man submits to the circumstances.

Even if you have the Heavenly Fire, youre not our match.”

Lei Qianrens blade buzzed.

He could not hold it in anymore.

The surrounding atmosphere became extremely tense.

A disdainful smile appeared on Gu Shuyus face before he raised his hand and moved his fingers.

The Heavenly Demon Sect cultivators behind him quickly surrounded Shen Ran.

It was a dead end.

Unless Shen Ran could rush out, he would definitely die miserably in this palace.

Beside him, Liu Nanzhi was even more worried.

“Your Highness Shen…”

Faced with such a stalemate, Shen Ran could only hand over the Heavenly Fire.

Xiao Han sneered in his heart, his eyes filled with hatred.

He looked at Shen Ran faintly and said in a playful tone, “Shen Ran, why arent you handing over the Heavenly Flame Do you not want your life because of the Heavenly Flame

“With the geniuses here, even if you have extraordinary abilities, you wont be able to escape alone.

Its better to hand it over obediently.”

Xiao Han waited to see Shen Ran make a fool of himself.

This Fire Phoenix True Flame originally belonged to him, but he did not know why it could be subdued by Shen Ran.

Seeing that this opportunity had been snatched away, Xiao Han naturally did not feel good.

He could not wait for Shen Ran to be killed by these people on the spot.

On the other side, Chen Beixuans face was already twisted with hatred for Shen Ran.

He even pretended to remind him kindly, “Shen Ran, this Heavenly Flame is violent.

Although you have fused with it, you cant control it immediately.

As a Dao Seed of the Empyrean Sword Sect, you must not be impulsive because of the Heavenly Flame.”

Shen Rans gaze did not change as he quietly scanned these people with ulterior motives.

He was not moved by these threats.

“This Heavenly Fire naturally belongs to whoever obtains it.” Shen Rans tone was firm, and he had no intention of backing down.

Gu Shuyus expression turned cold, then he said disdainfully, “Shen Ran, hand over the Heavenly Fire now and Ill spare your life.”

“Did I not make myself clear If you have the strength, just come and snatch it.” There was a gleam in Shen Rans eyes, and his words were filled with provocation.

“Why the long-winded talk”

Gu Shuyus eyes darkened, and an absolutely powerful aura instantly rushed towards Shen Ran.

This time, the pressure was more than 10 times stronger than before.



Shen Ran also released his pressure at the same time.

The two auras collided fiercely, causing a rumble in the palace.

Some of the Itinerant cultivators were even sent flying.

They spat out blood and their faces were pale.

The geniuses, Chen Beixuan, Xiao Han, and Liu Nanzhi quickly activated their spiritual power barriers as protection.

The ferocious pressure formed a light wave that charged over.

Shen Ran remained motionless, his eyes still calm.

“Youre courting death,” Gu Shuyu shouted in a low voice.

He couldnt be bothered to waste any more time with him and decided to kill him on the spot.

The powerful seventh level Illumination Realm pressure rose steadily and was completely released.

Black bone spikes attacked densely in an instant, like a violent rain that could not be avoided.

Liu Nanzhi gasped.

Her pupils dilated.

She could not bear to see this scene and quickly turned her head.

Chen Beixuan looked excited, wanting to see Shen Ran die with his own eyes.

Xiao Han looked equally pleased.

Gu Shuyu was at the seventh level of the Illumination Realm.

Killing Shen Ran was effortless.

As the dense bone spikes rushed over, a mystic light erupted from Shen Rans body.

His eyes emitted two pillars of light, and his aura soared.


With an angry shout, the dense black bone spikes clearly stopped moving, as if they had encountered an invisible obstacle.

With a thought, Shen Rans eyes lit up again as he reached out to draw his sword.

The sword beam emitted a dazzling golden light and endless divine might as it slashed at the bone spikes.

The black aura completely dissipated and was successfully cracked.

Gu Shuyus expression froze in disbelief.

How could his bone spikes not be able to kill Shen Ran, who was only at the fifth level of the Illumination Realm

What went wrong!

Gu Shuyus face was covered in anger, and his eyes were moody.

Everyone present was shocked by Shen Ran.

“How come”

Chen Beixuan trembled, his anger rising.

Shen Ran is actually not dead Instead, he blocked Gu Shuyus attack at the seventh level of the Illumination Realm

Xiao Han looked sullen.

He felt that Shen Ran was weird.

He immediately asked Elder Yan, “Can you tell whats wrong with Shen Ran Why is he able to deal with Gu Shuyu so easily Is he really only at the fifth level of the Illumination Realm”

Inside the jade pendant, Elder Yan frowned.

He was also shocked by Shen Rans actions.

Then he observed the sword in Shen Rans hand. The sword in his hand… seems familiar.

Elder Yan tried to identify it carefully, but he realized that the sword seemed to be sealed and could not be seen clearly.

“Strange… strange…”

Elder Yan couldnt help but frown.

“What clues do you have about his sword” Xiao Han asked immediately.

Elder Yan sighed and said, “The sword in his hand is definitely extraordinary, but I cant see it clearly for the time being.”

Xiao Hans expression was cold as he sneered.

“So what if he has this sword Lets see how long he can last!

“If he can block Gu Shuyus move, theres more to come!”

Xiao Han wanted Shen Ran dead!

His jealousy and hatred for Shen Ran were no less than Chen Beixuans.

Outside the arena, Liu Nanzhi heaved a sigh of relief, but she was still on tenterhooks.

Zhou Ziran and the others were even more surprised.

“Shen Ran is actually not dead and even withstood a move”

“This is the full strength of the seventh level of the Illumination Realm.” Zhou Ziran gasped.

Lei Qianren frowned and said with deep eyes, “It seems that Shen Ran has something.”

In the arena, Gu Shuyus expression was cold, and the killing intent in his eyes intensified.

“I didnt expect you to be able to block my bone spikes.” Gu Shuyu had a whole new level of respect for Shen Ran.

It seemed that he was not as weak as he had thought.

As an opponent, he was somewhat interesting.

“Its my turn now.” There was a hint of ruthlessness in Shen Rans eyes.

He held the sword in his hand and felt nothing in his heart.

A transcendent sword intent rose in his heart.


Countless sword lights intertwined, and the void trembled violently, showing signs of collapse.

Due to the interference of the sword light, layers of illusions appeared in the palaces void.

Gu Shuyus expression changed drastically.

Then, a bone fan at his waist expanded and caught the sword light.

Unexpectedly, this sword light was not obstructed at all and headed straight for Gu Shuyu.


When Gu Shuyu saw the sword light approaching, he felt his soul tremble.

It was an inexplicable sense of fear.

The smell of death enveloped him instantly.


Gu Shuyu cursed in his heart.

He had no choice but to cut his fingertip and explode with a drop of blood essence.

A ball of blood mist instantly exploded from the palace, raising a foul wind and releasing a surging black aura.




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