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This situation was exactly the same as falling out of the Blood King Palace and being captured by the Netherworld.

Most importantly, they could not fly.

Seeing that the maggots were about to reach their bodies, they could not move at all.

They could only use methods to repel the maggots and stall for time.

Seeing this, Jiang Li who was not far away immediately understood the Blood Kings plan.

It was this Blood King Palace that isolated Tragic Death City and the rules of this Netherworld that forbade living people from entering.

The living captives, the people from the Divine Judgment Hall, and a small number of experts who had reached the end of their lifespan could appear in Tragic Death City because of this.

If the Blood King Palace collapsed at this moment and the rules of the Netherworld covered this place again, it would be troublesome.

That prince planned to use the method of destroying the Blood King Palace to force the cultivators of the Divine Judgment Hall to retreat.

It could even cause a portion of the experts to fall into the Netherworld Void.

However, at the same time, once he lost the Blood King Palace, the connection he established with the Tragic Death City would be cut off.

Once the Blood King Palace was completely destroyed, the Blood King, who had long exhausted his lifespan, had to leave this place.

Otherwise, this city would try to pull him underground and associate him with those maggots.

In order to escape the pursuit of the Divine Judgment Hall, the Blood King was actually willing to give up the territory he had been managing for thousands of years!

“What decisiveness!”

As Jiang Li helped, the Earth Immortals who were captured by the void and could not fly could not help but sigh in their hearts.

If they were in the same situation, Jiang Li might not be willing to give up Fengdu City.

As expected of someone from the royal family, he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and was raised from a young age.

His thoughts were different from Jiang Lis.

Although Jiang Li felt heartache for the other partys actions, his actions were indeed quite effective.

As the Blood King Palace continuously collapsed, the range of activity of the Divine Judgment Halls experts decreased.

Coupled with the fact that this range was shrinking at all times, they could not accurately determine the safety boundary.

If they were not careful, they might be captured by the Netherworld Void or attacked by the worms.

This made them feel restricted.

The efficiency of their attacks on the City Gods Hall immediately decreased to less than 50%.

Many Earth Immortals had already been forced back to the cloud steps.

If this continued, if their escape route was completely cut off, who knew if they could still be saved

Qiu Shui and Pei Zhong were currently pestering the five Earth Immortals.

The only person in the city who could move freely was putting out the fire everywhere.

Just as he threw out two vines and threw the two experts out of the collapsing range to save the next one…

The stone lion spat out two more golden lights.

A golden light shot straight at the spiral cloud.

He wanted to disperse the cloud and cut off the Divine Judgment Halls escape route.

That way, all the Earth Immortals still in Tragic Death City would stay here.

The other golden light headed straight for Jiang Li.

This strange masked cultivator could be said to be the culprit behind this change.

Among the people present, if there was anyone the Blood King wanted to kill the most, it would definitely be him.

Moreover, he was also one of the “dead” people on the side of the Divine Judgment Hall.

As long as they eliminated him, a person who could move freely in Tragic Death City, once the other Divine Judgment Hall experts lost their footing and were captured by the Netherworld Void, it would be very difficult to rescue them.

On the other side of the spiral cloud, Concubine Yun personally took action.

A ball of cloud that was like cotton candy flew out and entangled the stone ball.

With Concubine Yuns methods, it was naturally not a problem for her to resist a Heaven-rank artifact that could not unleash its full strength for a period of time.

It was impossible to let the Blood King easily destroy an important escape route.

When it came to Jiang Li, it was not good.

How could an attack controlled by the Blood King personally compare to the blood-colored pillar of light that only had 20% power

The countless fine ice crystals floating around him were instantly pierced and shattered.

Then, the seemingly ordinary stone ball collided with his chest at a speed that he could not react to.

The power of the stone ball was unprecedentedly powerful.

The moment it came into contact, it broke through the defense on his body.

It smashed into his chest until it collapsed.

His bones were broken, his muscles were broken, his seven orifices were bleeding, and his Dao Body was about to shatter.

He was almost beaten to pieces.

On Jiang Lis interface, the health bar that had already turned gray because of death jumped twice under such an attack.

In an instant, more than 6 million of Jiang Lis health was cleared.

When his health decreased to 50%, a layer of Buddhist light lit up on his body, causing his health to slow down slightly before continuing to fall.

When his health reached 25%, two additional layers of Buddhist light appeared on his body.

Only then did he barely stop his crazy loss of health.

[Immovable Earth Treasury: Increases all attribute resistances by 500.

When your status is below 50%, activate the Earth Treasurys One-Colored Buddha Light Protection.

When your status is below 25%, activate the Earth Treasurys Three-Colored Buddha Light Protection.

When your status is below 10%, activate the Earth Treasurys Five-Colored Buddha Light Protection.

Duration: ∞] (−)

This was the enhancement of Jiang Lis strength from the Northern Profound Hall Master, Qiu Shui.

It was this three-colored Buddhist light that protected his body under the attack of a Heaven-rank artifact.

Apart from the extremely powerful 500 points of all attributes resistance, Jiang Li had only tested the effects of the three stages of the Immovable Earth Treasurys Buddhist Light.

This was equivalent to three different degrees of health retention.


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