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Chapter 154 Fierce Battle, Terrifying Attack Power

The Savage War Bear activated its defensive skill, increasing its defense power by 50%.

Its original 320 points of defense had now jumped to 480 points!

This defense value had already exceeded Lu Yus attack power.

When Lu Yus attack landed on Savage War Bears body, the damage dealt would be zero!

In the blink of an eye, Lu Yu was already before the Savage War Bear.

At the same time, he slashed his claws into the Savage War Bears chest.

Lu Yu activated his skill, Armor Penetration!

He had to use his Armor Penetration skill now.

Otherwise, this attack would have had no effect at all!

As his claws slashed down, the sharp claws instantly cut through the Savage War Bears thick fur!

However, it only broke through a shallow layer, so the effect was not great.

The Savage War Bear swung its claws over, and a giant bear paw smacked at Lu Yus chest!

Lu Yu hurriedly placed his arms in front of his chest and activated his Strong Wall skill to block this attack!

The bear paw smacked into Lu Yus arms, and the vast impact force caused Lu Yu to back off by five to six meters.

Fortunately, it did not cause any damage.

This short exchange showed their minor difference in strength.

However, Lu Yu had the absolute advantage.

His speed was faster than the Savage War Bear, and it was only a matter of time before he broke through its defense.

Sooner or later, he would eliminate this bear.

Zhao Ding stood at the side and watched the battle as his expression became serious.

“Looks like you still have some steam in you.

Since thats the case, I wont hold back!”

“Activate your skill, Savage War Soul!”

After Zhao Ding gave the order, the Savage War Bear raised its head and let out an angry roar.

Following that, its body began to twist and undergo drastic changes.

Its originally bloated and huge body was now bulging with muscles.

Even its abdominal muscles could be seen clearly.

Its eyes turned red, and its breathing became faster.

It was like an awakened wild beast staring fixedly at Lu Yu.

Then, the Savage War Bear lifted its right leg and stomped on the ground!

A loud boom spread countless cracks from the bears feet like an earthquake.

Lu Yu staggered from the shaking.

If he didnt see the bear stomping on the ground, he would have thought there was an earthquake.

At that moment, Lu Yu looked over again and realized that the Savage War Bears attack value had reached 1,000!

An attack value of 1,000 was simply ridiculous!

Lu Yus defense and health together were not even close to 1,000!

In other words, a casual strike from the Savage War Bear could easily kill Lu Yu!

At that moment, Zhao Dings eyes were staring coldly at Lu Yu.

“Lu Yu, youre going to lose for sure.

The Savage War soul is its ultimate skill.

The price is to use up three years of its lifespan.

Not many people can make me activate this skill but you, Lu Yu, are one of them.

Next, prepare to face your defeat as youre no match for it!”

Lu Yu was a little surprised.

He did not expect that activating a skill would use up three years of its lifespan!

No wonder this skill could increase his stats so much.

Like Lu Yu, everyone was shocked by this in the live broadcast.

“Fuck, has Zhao Ding gone crazy He actually used the Savage War Soul to deal with Lu Yu!”

“This is just cruel.

The Save War Bear is his treasure, and this move will directly consume three years of its lifespan.

Its too painful.”

“Theres nothing we can do.

From the short exchange just now, we can basically see that Lu Yus strength is not below this giant bear.

If they continue fighting, Zhao Ding will definitely lose.”

“It looks like Lu Yus strength is indeed strong enough to be able to make Zhao Ding use this skill; not just anyone can do it.”

“He has made up his mind to take down Lu Yu here.”

“Sigh, the three of them have already failed.

It will be too embarrassing for the Presidents if he doesnt show some real power.”

At that moment, Yun Zirou and Su Qing looked at the live broadcast.

Both of them had uneasy expressions.

The increase in the strength of this giant bear made the two of them start to fear for Lu Yu.

Yun Zirou said worriedly, “Lu Yu has already experienced three battles.

Now that he is against another strong opponent, Im afraid it wont be an easy fight…”

Su Qing clenched her fists in anger.

“This is too unfair with them four against one.

Can it even be considered a victory even if they win”

“Theres no other way.

They are determined to stomp out our new club.”

The two girls stared at their phone screens as they slowly advanced through the jungle.

In the abandoned building, Zhao Ding stood behind Savage War Bear and looked at Lu Yu with a smug smile.

“This time, youre going to lose for sure.

Im not going to play any tricks with you and just rely on my strength to defeat you!”

“Once the Savage War Soul is activated, you are no match for my Savage War Bear.

The battle pet that Im most proud of is going to defeat you in an instant!”

It could be seen that Zhao Ding was full of confidence in his Savage War Bear.

He felt that he would win, especially after activating this skill.

Lu Yu looked at the giant bear covered in muscles and could not help but feel nervous.

This sudden increase in attack power caused Lu Yu to be careful.

If he suffered an attack from the bear, the battle would end.

No one could avoid feeling nervous in a battle like this.

The Savage War Bear charged toward Lu Yu.

Its pair of strong and sturdy legs were filled with strength, as every step it took created a huge pit on the ground.

It took heavy steps and charged in Lu Yus direction.

It swung its thick arms toward Lu Yu when it reached Lu Yu.

This palm strike even produced a heavy gust of wind.

The terrifying bear paw instantly struck straight into Lu Yus face!

Lu Yu quickly prepared to dodge.

Although Lu Yu could not take on the high amount of damage, in reality, he still had two chances.

One was his Strong Wall skill, and the other was his equipment skill, Shadow Substitute.

However, if Shadow Substitute was activated, it basically meant Lu Yu had lost.

Shadow Substitute was a passive skill that could only be activated when his health was extremely low.

When his health was at its lowest, it also meant he could not continue to fight.

The Savage War Bears slap came crashing down, and the huge force caused the surrounding air to distort.

The colossal bears paw landed on Lu Yus body and phased through.

Zhao Ding saw this and shouted, “Behind you, attack!”

After giving the order, the Savage War Bear turned around and swung its arm at Lu Yus back!

However, its attack still phased through Lu Yus body.

“Another afterimage Twice in a row” Zhao ding was taken aback and quickly searched for traces of Lu Yu.

He looked around but did not see a single figure.

“How is this possible Where is he”

Suddenly, he raised his head and saw Lu Yu clinging to the ceiling.

The next moment, Lu Yu dove down to the Savage War Bear!


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