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He deliberately molded the three types of medicine into the shape of pills.

Not only was it in the name of “alchemy”, but it was also convenient for him to store and carry them.

At the same time, in order to increase their marketability, he gave three types of medicine names.

The nourishing medicine was called the “Jade Spring Pill”, the life-saving medicine was called the “Heaven Seizing Pill”, and the mental strength medicine was called the “Clear Heart Pill”.

These three were all highly efficient prescriptions that he had created himself.

They vividly displayed the medicinal properties of the herbs, and the effects were quite magical.

Adding on the fact that the technology of alchemy in this world was barely in its infancy, they could be considered priceless treasures.

After working for half a day, the pills were filled with seven to eight porcelain bottles and lined up on the table.

italics “Its indeed very important to master a production skill…”

Zhou Jing was inwardly gleeful.

If he could rely on himself and produce and sell the goods on his own, he would not be worried about running out of resources.

This was something that could not be done with just his fists.

He put away the pills and left the pharmacy to see Ye Shunzhong.

At this moment, Ye Shunzhong had returned to the main residence and was dealing with the family matters.

When he heard that Zhou Jing had succeeded in refining pills, he hurriedly put down the account book and went out to welcome him.

He was secretly shocked by Zhou Jings efficiency.

It was said that it took a long time to refine pills.

Legends had said that it usually took 49 days to complete a pill, but most of it was just a ruse.

However, Daoist Ling Fengzi did the opposite and was actually so simple and fast.

This kind of action made Ye Shunzhong believe it even more.

Zhou Jing took out two bottles of medicine and handed them to the other party as he explained,

“The green bottle is called the Spring Jade Pill.

It can nourish ones blood essence and strengthen ones foundation.

If taken for a long time, it can nourish ones internal organs, remove some fatigue and hidden injuries, and make ones body and bones stronger.

Feed your Old Master three pills every day, dissolved in clear water for the next two months.

The white bottle stores what I call the Heaven Seizing Pill.

If one has an emergency illness or his life is in danger, take this medicine, and it will barely keep one alive.

Unless your Old Masters condition suddenly worsens, theres no need to use it.”

“Thank you for the medicine, Daoist! Ill send it to him now.”

Ye Shunzhong solemnly put away the two bottles of medicine, his tone one of excitement.

After thanking him, he bid farewell to Zhou Jing and quickly went to Old Master Yes residence.

Zhang Jinduan was still taking care of the patient.

Seeing that Ye Shunzhong had brought Zhou Jings “pill”, he took the initiative to do some tests for the patient.

He poured out an emerald green Spring Jade Pill and sniffed it.

He felt a fragrance of grass and trees rush into his nose, and he immediately felt more energized at once.

“Good medicine!”

Zhang Jin subconsciously praised him.

Then, he placed the Spring Jade Pill in his mouth and broke it open with his tongue.

In an instant, a refreshing aura rippled in his mouth.

It was sweet and refreshing, clearing ones fatigue.

After swallowing it, he quickly felt a warm current in his stomach, and his internal organs felt much more comfortable.

Zhang Jinduan was naturally someone well versed in medicine.

After carefully experiencing it, he was greatly moved, “This Jade Spring Pill is really a rare treasure in the world! The effect is actually so magical!”

When Ye Shunzhong saw that a professional had praised it so, he immediately felt relieved and overjoyed.

He was even more glad that he had spoken to Zhou Jing and formed a relationship with such a strange person.

italics “Since Daoist Ling Fengzi has such a method of refining pills, I cant let him work for nothing.

Although Daoist Priest doesnt like material objects, my Ye family has to show some gratitude and buy pills with a lot of money to show our sincerity.

Otherwise, if we offend Daoist, the gains wont make up for the losses.”

Ye Shunzhong secretly calculated and made up his mind to use money to thank Zhou Jing.

At the same time, he would try to buy more pills and keep them at home in case of emergencies.

As for buying the pill formula or working with Zhou Jing in the pharmacy business, Ye Shunzhong did not dare to think about it at all.

He was afraid that he would offend the expert and make the other paert think that he was just coveting the formula.

The two of them no longer hesitated and used clear water to dissolve the Spring Jade Pill for Old Master Ye to consume.

The news of Old Master Yes strange illness being cured spread like a hurricane.

The news of his illness had been circulating for several months.

The entire citys doctors were helpless, and even the local citizens knew about it.

At this moment, someone suddenly resolved the strange illness, and the citizens all got very curious and started to ask around.

Soon, someone found out about the detailed situation.

The Ye familys eldest branch had invited the “Miracle Hand” Zhang Jinduan from afar, but this famous doctor was also helpless against the illness.

In the end, it was that Daoist Ling Fengzi, who had recently the talk of the town, who cured his strange illness with alchemy.

As for the matter of the evil spirits, only Zhou Jing, Ye Shunzhong, and Zhang Jinduan knew about it, but they did not tell anyone.

The servants knew that Zhou Jing had refined pills for Old Master Ye, so they thought that the pills were the cure, which was why there were such rumors.

The citizens of Ning Tian Prefecture were surprised by the news, and even more interested in this elusive character.

This Daoist Ling Fengzi actually knew how to refine pills, and he could actually solve such a complicated illness that even a Divine Doctor could not do anything about!

Under such understanding, there was a saying in the city that Ling Fengzi was also an expert who was not inferior to famous doctors.

For a moment, Zhou Jings reputation soared.

He was already the hottest topic of conversation in Ning Tian Prefecture recently, and his popularity soared again.

Many people who were sick were tempted to find Zhou Jing for treatment.

However, this person lived in the Ye family and did not put up a sign saying that he would accept consultations.

At the same time, he was someone with unfathomable divine powers.

After hesitating for a long time, they still did not dare to visit him easily.

There was a lot of discussion on the streets and alleys, and some busybodies gave him many titles.

He was known as “Pill Immortal”, “River Treading Daoist”, “Daoist Windwalker”, and so on.

His limelight could be said to be unparalleled.

At a certain mansion in the north of the city.

There was a bamboo forest in the manor area, and a remote courtyard was hidden in the depths of the bamboo forest.


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