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Chapter 2636: Fighting for the celestial fruitTranslator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations

Previously, Gu Heyi had come slowly, and everyone thought that he was a show-off.

However, compared with Ling Han now, his showiness was practically nothing.

Everyone looked at Ling Han, their eyes filled with confusion and respect.

Of course, there was also contempt.

After all, most people had already guessed that Ling Han and the Empress were both outsiders who had come here to train.

How could a Fifth Heaven Celestial King be as strong as this

Gu Heyi also showed a hint of seriousness.

Though that figure of Regulations had only been something he had formed casually, it genuinely had the battle prowess of the peak stage of the Seventh Heaven, yet Ling Han destroyed it with a single strike.


But he immediately looked disdainful.

“You are just depending on the might of your Celestial Tool.”

Niu Cangyu and the other great Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings did not speak.

Exchanging a look, they communicated secretly with their gazes.

…Once the two started fighting, the rest would snatch the celestial fruit.

In that way, every single one of them could claim a fifth, which was double the amount that had previously been agreed upon!

Ling Han walked forwards, rising into the air with every step, and standing level with the six great elites.

Previously, even if everyone knew that he was very freakish, they would definitely not think that he could stand equal to Gu Heyi, Niu Cangyu, and the other elites, but nobody thought that way any longer now.

This was the seventh big shot!

“Are you determined to seek death now” Gu Heyi asked coldly.

He was too displeased.

The celestial fruit was right in front of his eyes, and obtaining it would send him right into the Eighth Heaven!

For other Celestial Kings, this celestial fruit would only increase their cultivation level, at most, but would not be of much help in opening the great doors to the next cultivation level.

However, it was different for him.

He was a supreme monarch star, and the barrier to the next cultivation level could be claimed to be nonexistent for him.

“I am just going to kill you.” Ling Hans eyes were cold.

If he asked himself honestly, he had never offended Gu Heyi and company, but they had pursued him all the way into the Celestial King Graveyard.

Did they really think that he was an easy target to bully

“Shameless boasting!” Gu Heyi retorted coldly, and suddenly threw a punch right at Ling Han.

Weng! Regulations condensed, turning into a giant hand in green that descended from the skies, smacking down on Ling Han.

Ling Hans left hand balled into a fist, and fired at the skies.


Space trembled, and that giant green hand was instantly shattered.

“Not so impressive!” Ling Han said.

Seeing this, everyone couldnt help but feel excited.

Ling Han was indeed not inferior to Gu Heyi.

Heavens, that was only a mere Fifth Heaven Celestial King!

This was mad; this was absolutely mad.

This had completely broken the iron rules of cultivation.

A Fifth Heaven Celestial King actually possessed battle prowess at the Eighth Heaven, no, at the peak stage of the Eighth Heaven Celestial King Tier.

Couldnt he let others live

“Letting you live for a few more days was truly a mistake!” Gu Heyi charged out.

Previously, Ling Han had not been a match for him, and could only be severely injured when they clashed, fleeing in a panic.

But Gu Heyi had not found and killed Ling Han, which allowed the latter to break through to the Fifth Heaven, and gain the ability to pose a threat to the former.

“Haha, could it be that I have to thank you all for your kindness then” Ling Han scoffed.

If it were not for the fact that he had a strong willpower and extraordinary strength, he would have long since been killed by Gu Heyi and the company.

“It wont be too late to kill you now, either!” Gu Heyi charged over, his Divine Sword already drawn without hesitation.

He did not dare to underestimate Ling Han in the slightest.

“Ill return these words to you: shameless boasting; and I will add another few words: in your dreams!” Ling Han also approached with the Divine Demon Sword in hand.

Ding! The two Celestial Tools clashed, and boundless ripples of murderous aura swept out with a boom, surging in all directions.

Even Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings would be wary of this, and they all dodged.

Ding, ding, ding! Peng, peng, peng! Two great elites, prodigies, freaks were exchanging blows endlessly, putting their strength on full display.

“They are… actually equal!”

Everyone was stunned.

Previously, Gu Heyi had used bloodshed to prove his strength, and won the status of an elite, and now Ling Han was doing the same.

He was using Gu Heyi as a stepping stone, and becoming famous with a single battle.

“No, no, no.

At present, it is only a contest of standard battle prowess.

Neither of them have used any ultimate moves, so it is not definite who is stronger yet.”

“I think it should be Lord He Yi.

After all, he has the advantage of cultivation level.”

“I think it should be that Ling Han since he dares to take the initiative to issue a challenge.

How could he possibly have dared to step out if he had not had absolute confidence”

“I support Lord He Yi!”

“I support Ling Han!”

The two great prodigies were fighting madly, and the five Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings were all smirking coldly.

Their eyes turned on that Greenish Black Flowing Ripple Fruit that was below them.

This was the time!

They all moved, descending onto the surface of the lake.

They wanted to snatch the celestial fruit.

Shua! Shua! Two streaks of Sword Qi descended from the skies, slicing down towards them.

These two flashes of Sword Qi had not been both delivered by the same person, but their might was chilling, and Niu Cangyu and the others had no choice but to dodge.

Otherwise, it was possible that even they would be killed.

That was because the attacks had been delivered by Celestial Tools!

Ling Han, Gu Heyi.

It was one matter for them to be fighting, but how could they possibly allow others to take advantage of their preoccupation Thus, the moment Niu Cangyu and the others moved, the duo moved without any prior agreement, assaulting the five great Eighth Heaven Celestial Kings.

“Damn it!” Niu Cangyu and the others were all cursing lowly.

These two juniors were really too harsh.

They were fighting, yet they were actually still guarding against them.

“Never mind!”

“Thats right.

Since we have already offended them, what else should we be concerned about”

The five of them pounced towards the celestial fruit.

If they could use the celestial fruit to advance to the Ninth Heaven, then whether it was He Yi or Ling Han, they could suppress the two of them with one hand behind their backs.

Ling Han roared, throwing off Gu Heyi, and bulldozed forwards with sword in hand.

In comparison, it was definitely the Greenish Black Flowing Ripple Fruit that was more important—there was only one celestial fruit, and it would be gone if it fell into the hands of another.

Gu Heyi, though, could be killed at a later time.

Gu Heyi had the same idea.

Brandishing his Divine Sword, he pounced directly towards the celestial fruit.

…He would take the celestial fruit first, and then kill Ling Han.

“In your dreams!” Ling Han sneered coldly.

HIs sword swept out, directing a strike at Gu Heyi.


Instantly, the whole area was in complete chaos.

Seven great elites were all fighting one another at one moment, and they would be dashing towards the celestial fruit in the next, but that would then result in being ganged up on by the other six elites.

It was fine if they did not make a move towards the celestial fruit; whoever did would become the public enemy.

Both Ling Han and Gu Heyi had extraordinary strength, but in a situation when everyone else was their enemy, there was definitely no way that they could hold up while being ganged up on by five great Eighth Heaven elites.

It was that case for them, what more for Niu Cangyu and the others.

The seven of them were fighting an extremely intense battle, but it was a stalemate.

None of them could become the first to break through.

Weng, weng, weng! Multiple spiritual attacks were also being used.

Everyone wanted to send the others into a dizzy state, and use that opportunity to pluck the celestial fruit, but six out of the seven of them had grasped this kind of powerful move.

It was definitely not anyone that could suppress all those around him.

Fight, fight, fight! Fighting until even the skies darkened, fighting till ghosts wailed and gods howled; the spectators were not even worthy of watching the battle among Seventh Heaven Celestial Kings at close quarters.

They had no choice but to retreat further and further.

One day, two days, three days… Time was passing by slowly, and the battle among the seven great elites still did not have a result.

Ling Han was fuming.

He had no wish to just continue the battle endlessly like this.

Releasing a battle cry, he channeled the Indestructible Heavens Scroll.

Multiple golden seals appeared on his body, pushing his defense level to an unbelievable level.


Ling Han rushed towards the celestial fruit, and this instantly attracted the fury of the six great elites.

They all rained a mad barrage of attacks on him.

Too bad, Ling Han was practically indestructible at this moment.

He could withstand even a few blows from a Ninth Heaven Celestial King.

Peng, peng, peng! Countless attacks exploded on him, but Ling Hans speed became even faster in his charge.

He stretched out a hand and grabbed at the celestial fruit.

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