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‘Oh my God!

‘Brother Tree, Brother Tree!

‘I asked you to lure the Black-Armored Puppet General over so that you can use your AoE Skills with little Mumu to stew the two Bosses together.

We can reduce as much damage as possible and reduce the overall mana consumption on our side.

‘But you—!

Did he just treat it as a stupid RBQ to show off its Skill refresh mechanism


Wouldnt he lose more than half of his mana

When they encountered more and stronger dungeon Bosses later on, what would they do when they ran out of mana and developed resistance after drinking potions

Relying on normal attacks to deal damage

‘Im convinced!

‘Creatures from another world with their own consciousness were troublesome!

At the critical moment, they would kill their way up and didnt know the importance of listening to commands, nor did they know how to look at the big picture.


As the “Big Brother”, little Mumu was still the best!

If she was told to head east, she would not head west.

If she was told to lie down, she would lie down.

High intelligence, easy to push down, and obedient, she was simply perfect.


The Big Tree Guardian had used up all its Skills and the mana it used up couldnt be refunded.

It was still far away from him nor could he hear Lin Yes orders.

Left with no choice, he could only allow the Big Tree Guardian to happily jump around and kill the dumb Black-Armored Puppet General.

‘Get it together, Lin Ye!

‘Id better get rid of the Black-Armored Ninjas first

‘Im sorry!

‘Im going to go all out!

Hidden Moon! The Blade of Destruction! Activate!

At this moment, it was the Time of Silence!

Damage increased by 50%!

It was a reversal.

Stars Godly Glory!

It was a reversal.

Divine Qi Therapy!

It was a reversal.

Aqua Tide!

All enemy HP -1,408! -1,039 HP! – 101 HP! -1,520 HP!

A total of 4,068 HP was burned!

The horde Black-Armored Puppet ninjas HP was around 4,500, which was basically equivalent to the 1 Star Gold-ranked Giant Pythons.

Lin Yes burst of AoE Skills, combined with the magic damage from Silence and the bleeding effect from Divine Qi Therapy, could deal over 4,500 damage.


All the Ninja puppets were annihilated in an instant.

All that remained was the Black-Armored Puppet, Ninja Boss, which was the same as the Black-Armored Puppet General Boss.

It did not feel any pain and did not have a brain.

He was a weapon that only knew how to fight instinctively.

That was why it didnt say anything after its soul and body were injured.

It just quickly took out three Shurikens and threw them at Lin Ye, putting up a silent resistance like a sheep.

Lin Ye remained calm.


He dodged! Shuriken! miss!

It was a reversal.

Healing Spell!

[-777 HP!]

It was a reversal.

Holy Light!

[-2,309 HP!]

The Black-Armored Puppet Ninja Generals attributes were greatly reduced!

The Skill that weakened the target.

Anyone who was hit by this Skill would turn like a turtle, slowly getting beaten for fifteen seconds!

Unless they had purification or dispel Skills, otherwise they were f*cked!

“What a pity.”

“You didnt dispel it.”

“Then, come and experience the lightning from the sky.”

Normal attack!

Slash! Buzzzzzz! Chop! Stab! Dig!

The black-armored Ninjas HP [-234! -256! -273! -212! -271!]

It was a reversal.

Heal Spell!

[-777 HP!]

He continued to attack with his normal attacks and used two healing Skills in between.

When the 15-second weakness effect ended, he immediately Flashed away to put some distance between them!

At this moment, the Black-Armored Puppet Ninja Generals movement speed and attack speed returned to normal.

It quickly pulled out its Tachi on its waist and quickly rushed towards Lin Ye, slashing at Lin Yes neck with a slash.

Dodge cricket joint slash Skill miss!


He took a step back!


The cooldown time was over!

The second round of Skill Explosion began!

Stars Godly Glory!

Divine Qi Therapy!

Aqua Tide!

[-4,068 HP!]

By now, the Black-Armored Puppet Ninja Boss had lost nearly 20,000 HP to Lin Ye.

It had a total of 25,000 HP, and Lin Ye only needed to wait for one more round of Skills to kill it.

However, the Big Tree Guardian had already killed the Black-Armored Puppet General Boss, and little Mumu had also run back and began to cast her magic.

And so…

Heavenly Strike!

Despair Strike!

Wind Butterfly!





Poison Bubble!

It was a reversal.

Heal Spell!

[Prompt: The dungeon BossBlack-Armored Puppet Ninja (Boss) has been defeated.


The crowd was boiling!

“Holy F*ck!”

“F*ck! F*ck! The f*ck”

‘Lin Ye have a long-range AoE Skill!

‘A magic cannon!

‘Priest-version magic machine gun!

And his damage is almost on par with the Golden Knight Boss that can kill monsters to refresh its Skills!


“Im stupid!”

“Im really stupid now!”

“With this invincible damage! The two sets of Skills had taken away more than half of the Platinum Bosss health! No wonder Lin Ye was able to break the Hex Teacher without getting hurt!”

“Even if two f*cking Hex Teacher came at the same time, they still wouldnt be able to kill him!”

“Brother Lin! Forever divine! The only God in my heart!”

“Brother Lin is invincible!!!”

“From now on! Im Lin Yes dog! Ill scold whoever scolds him! I wont allow anyone to insult my idol!”

“Im the same!”


At the same time, the University observers sitting in the room were all petrified.

One of the girls who was drinking tea even spat out the tea she was drinking, making a fool of herself.


What is this students damage!

Three AoE attacks, two single targets, combined with normal attacks, a total of two waves, in about 20 seconds— quickly draining a 25,000 HP Platinum Boss 20,000 of its HP!

Oh my God!

“What normal level 10 student could deal 20,000 damage in just 20 seconds!”

“Even 90% of university students cant do that, right”

“Does this guy have a legendary damage talent!”



“It might even be a God-tier Awakened Talent!”

“Uh, hehe.” The observer from the famous school said awkwardly, “Im sorry, everyone.

I was being rude before,”

“This Lin Ye student is worthy of being the only special enrollment student in Rivertown.

Hes a real genius.”

“Whether its talent, combat ability, combat awareness, or operational details.”

“He is at the top.”

“Hes really strong, haha.”

Another observer from a famous school, who had not spoken much, suddenly said, “Theres more,”

“This student Lin Ye doesnt just have explosive single-target damage.”

“His AoE damage and support abilities are even more explosive.”

“High Skill damage, long range, and a large damage range.

It can heal and dispel, and can even give the enemy a group debuff.

It can even greatly reduce the Boss movement speed, rendering it powerless for a few seconds.”

“Including these additional characteristics, I think its not too much to say that he holds a God-tier Awakened Talent”

“What do you all think”

Everyone agreed.

“He didnt run!”

“This is a God-tier talent!”

“His growth potential and strategic value are no less than that female student who can summon a clone and a Boss.

His future achievements will definitely be extraordinary!”

Someone suddenly asked, “So… are you guys ready to fight for their admission spots”

Everyone replied, “Hehe! Im ready!”

“D*mn, looking at the attitude of these big shots from the famous universities, I suspect that there will be a Battle of Gods today.

We mortals should quickly evacuate” Someone joked, although it carried a hint of truth.


“Ill take my leave first.”

“Three days from now, when the college entrance exam officially begins, shouldnt we, the observers from the ordinary universities, come and have a bloody battle”

“Sure,” He said.

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