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After sitting on the golden warhorses back, Lin Ye immediately took out all the items and food that could increase movement speed from his bag and fed them all to the Big Tree Guardian.

[Prompt: After taking the Speed Pill, the Big Tree Guardians movement speed has increased!]

[Prompt: After drinking the Great Speed Potion, the Big Tree Guardians movement speed has increased!]

[Prompt: You have applied the Liquid of Thunder on the Big Tree Guardian.]

Then, the Big Tree Guardian opened fire and activated the Knights Charge Skill, accelerating forward in a defensive position.

It was as if the three of them were driving a golden sports car as they quickly passed through the barren plains of the Yanan Forest.

They arrived at the new map that the Campfire Explorer had summoned and met new enemies.

[Name: Black Armored Puppet Soldier]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Gold ★]

[Skill: None.]

[Description: A puppet soldier wearing black armor and holding a black Scimitar.

Although it doesnt have any Skills, it is agile and has high damage.]

[Name: Black Armored Puppet Archer]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Gold ★]

[Skill: None.]

[Description: A puppet soldier holding a black longbow.

Although it doesnt have any Skills, it has high damage and a high hit rate.]

“Thats all Tree Guardian! Kill them!”


Knights Charge!

Bang! Bang!

Instant kill!

Three Normal Attacks!

Instant kill!

Three Normal Attacks!

Instant kill!

Soon, all the Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers that appeared in front of Lin Ye were annihilated.

The Big Tree Guardian didnt even need to use any Skills to deal with these Gold rank monsters that didnt have any buffs from the Boss panel.

All they had to do was bombard them with a normal attack to kill them all.

However, in the second wave of monsters, other than these trashy Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers, there was also a Black-Armored Puppet General with a secret dungeon Boss panel.

[Name: Black-Armored Puppet General (Boss)]

[Level: lv 10 (Boss panel)]

[Qualification: Platinum ★★]

[Skills: Summons Black-Armored Puppet Swordsmen, Spearmen, and Archer]

[Description: The puppet general in black armor that commands his puppet army has no intelligence.

It only has the instinct to kill enemies and can summon all kinds of Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers.]

Seeing the Black-Armored Puppet General, the Big Tree Guardian immediately stopped and made the golden warhorse squat on the ground, putting Lin Ye and little Mumu on the ground.

“Master Lin Ye, do you need me to kill it”

“Im confident that I can end this battle in one minute!”

Lin Ye reached out his right hand and stopped him, “Wait!”

“Somethings wrong with the environment!”

“There should be a group of invisible enemies lying in ambush in the dark,”

“Let me force them out first!”

As he spoke, Lin Ye raised his right hand, aimed 50 meters to the right, and released a probing Skill.

It was a reversal.

Divine Qi Therapy!


In an instant, a green mist covered the ground, forcing out all the enemies hiding in the bushes and inflicting them with the “bleeding” effect, which caused them to lose health every second.

[Name: Black-Armored Puppet Ninja (Boss)]

[Level: lv 10 (Boss panel)]

[Qualification: Platinum ★]

[Skills: Conceal, Backstab, Smoke Bomb, Shuriken]

[Description: The general in black armor in charge of the assassination.

It has a group of Black-Armored Puppet Ninjas that can turn invisible.

It can use Shurikens to perform long-range attacks and Tachi to perform short-range combat.]

As expected!

Its another double Boss battle…

‘Hell Mode Dungeons always liked to play with these gaudy things.

He thought.

Lin Ye ordered the Tree Guardian, “Brother Tree, you deal with the Black-Armored Puppet General.

Its movement speed is slow, so you can kill it at will.”

“The Black-Armored Puppet Ninjas agility is too high, and it has long-range attack abilities.

If you hit it, not only will you be kited, but you might also miss all your Skills and waste your mana.”

“Understood, Master Lin Ye!” The Big Tree Guardian guard said.

“Theres more,” Lin Ye continued, “When youre going to fight the puppet general, remember to clear out the army of black-armored soldiers first.

Dont let them reduce your damage.

Those things can hurt when they hit you.”

“When you start fighting the Black-Armored Puppet General one-on-one, you can fight as you retreat.

Think of a way to pull the Black-Armored Puppet general to the Black-Armored Puppet Ninjas side and have them stand together.”

“When the time comes, Ill use my AoE Skills to stew them together.”

Lin Ye turned his head.

“Little Mumu, you can retreat for now.”

“These black-armored Ninja puppets are very good at cutting Mages skin.

They are too much of a threat to you.”

“When the Black-Armored Ninja Boss is left, you can come back and deal damage.”

“When the time comes, you can use whatever Skill you want.

You dont need to wait for my instructions.”

With that—

The Black-Armored soldiers puppets and ninja puppets that discovered Lin Ye and the others had already rushed over.

Little Mumu immediately retreated.

He pulled away.

The Big Tree Guardian activated the Knights charge Skill and charged toward the Black-Armored Puppet General that was further away from them.

It interrupted its casting halfway and used the Heavenly Strike.

With the speed boost from Knights Charge, it smashed into the head of the general like a meteor.



The Black-Armored Puppet General took two hits, and its HP bar instantly dropped by more than 500.

However, because it was a heavy-armored creature with super armor, it was not knocked down by Heavenly Strike.

As for the other Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers, they were severely injured by the second shock wave, and the Big Tree Guardian could easily finish them off with a normal attack.


“A mere ant dares to obstruct me”

Normal attack! Sweep! A small-scale AoE!

He had killed four Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers in seconds!

Skill Refresh!

He cast a spell.

Heavenly Strike!



The sound of the spear falling to the ground was accompanied by a cloud of gray dust.

The Black-Armored Puppet General was once again hit by the Big Tree Guardians Skill.

The group of Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers around it was also instantly killed.

Seeing that all of its subordinates had been annihilated, the puppet general immediately raised its right hand and used its first Skill, summoning more Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers.


The summoning was successful!

Instantly, 20 New Black-Armored Puppet Soldiers appeared beside the puppet general.

They drew their swords and glared at the Big Tree Guardian on the golden warhorse.

The Big Tree Guardian remained undeterred.

‘Arent you looking for death

Deaths triple slash! Leap slash! Despair Strike! The Horses Hooves Flew!

The attack hit the Black-Armored Puppet General! It took more than 2,000 damage!

Heavenly Strike!

Bang! Bang!

It dealt 500 damage to the Black-Armored Puppet General!

Normal attack! Sweep! He had instantly killed three unlucky mobs!

Skill Refresh!

Deaths Triple Slash! Leap Slash! Despair Strike! The Horses Hooves Flew!

It dealt 2,000 damage to the Black-Armored Puppet General!

Heavenly Strike!


The army was annihilated!

Skill Refresh.

The Black-Armored Puppet General was only a combat weapon born to kill.

It did not have the intelligence to analyze the situation on the battlefield.

It was just like the Giant Loathing Butcher from before, a simple-minded monster.

And so, it did not realize the severity of the situation at all.

It only raised its right hand mechanically and summoned army after army of Black-Armored Puppet spearmen and soldiers.

In the end, they were all used by the Big Tree Guardian as a springboard to refresh his Skills.

Crazily attacking it.

Suddenly, the red health bar above the Generals head started to drop at an unbelievable speed.

Compared to the time when the Hex Teacher cut down the Lich King…

It was several times faster.

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