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“Why havent they cleared the dungeon yet” The crowd whispers.

The man in the black suit once again stepped onto the podium, picked up the black microphone on the table, and began to explain the current situation in detail.


“As you can see.”

“This dungeon called the Yanan Forest isnt over yet.”

“Because last night, a certain degenerate secretly dropped a special item on it.

The items name is Campfire Explorer.

An item that can turn the dungeons difficulty into Hell Mode.”

In fact.

This was what happened.

On the day the students awakened their talents, the well-known top student in Jiang City, Shangguan Yan, who was also the youngest sect leader in the history of the Spirit Cloud Sect, and the genius seedling that everyone thought highly of, awakened an extremely powerful Professional talent.

However, he didnt choose to hide his talent like Lin Ye.

Instead, he took the initiative to report to the Professional Alliance in Rivertown.


This was an extremely normal occurrence.

Every year, there would be genius students who wanted to get help from the Professional Alliance to report their Awakened Talent.

Or perhaps he was a proud son of heaven with a strong enough background who was not afraid of others envious eyes.

If he wanted to say it, he would.


When the Abyssal Demon in charge of Jiang City learned of this news from their human spy, an odd occurrence happened— they decided to take action to assassinate Shangguan Yan.

In the past, these Abyssal Demons all hid in the dark sewers, silently watching these human geniuses grow up and eventually become high-level Professionals who fought against the dark wave and hunted their own kind.

At the same time, the higher-ups of the Professional Alliance had also obtained relevant information from the spies they planted in the abyss.

They knew that they wanted to assassinate Shangguan Yan but could not defeat the advanced Professionals sent by the Professional Alliance to protect him.

In the end, they could only “borrow” the extremely rare strategic tool, Campfire Explorer, to carry out an “natural” assassination plan.

And in doing so, they will kill every student who will partake in the college entrance exams dungeon.

It was killing two birds with one stone.

When the task was completed, the Abyssal King and the Abyssal Demons under him would open the door to the abyss for the four elite evil Fallen from Rivertown.

They would be bestowed with a deeper level of abyssal power, allowing them to become true “Abyssal Warriors”.

And so…

A fishing plan was formed spontaneously.

First, they would pretend that they didnt know anything and let the Fallens plant the Campfire Explorer.

Then, they would postpone the college entrance examination to avoid ordinary students from falling for it.

When Shangguan Yan entered the dungeon as aspecial enrollment student, he would lead the Abyssal Demons to lower their guard and open the abyssal gate that connected to the Abyssal Realm.

Then, they would immediately send a large force to attack the abyssal gate and kill the Lord of the Abyss behind the Smoke Phantom and the other Fallen, dealing a heavy blow to the abyssal forces.

However, the Professional Alliance didnt expect that they would meet with many “hiccups” in their plan.

First, Huang Shaofeng was targeted by Meigao, who wanted to turn him into a Fallen.

However, Huang Shaofeng decisively refused and even yelled at the demon.

They were also forced to “learn” that the Abyssal Demons had planted many spies in the Professional Alliance.

Then, Lin Ye defeated the Shackler without being injured and obtained the entry pass to Hive-like.

He was also attacked by the Abyssal Demon, Meigao, and easily killed his opponent.

The talent and strength he had displayed were even more terrifying than Shangguan Yans.

They had to send someone to protect the other kid…

Just like that, in the last few days, the Abyssal Demons had to change their assassination plan and prioritize planting the Campfire Explorer to kill Lin Ye, who had more talent.

As for the Spirit Charm Sects leader, Shangguan Yan, they would have to rely on the powerful White Clown to take care of him.

In any case, more than half of the advanced Professionals responsible for protecting Shangguan Yan had been transferred away.

The White Clowns assassination had a high probability of success, and he could even escape unscathed.

And so…

The Professional Alliance had no choice but to change their plan.

They would first ambush the White Clown and then kill him to protect Shangguan Yan before he even attacked him.

Then, they would send a fake White Clown to escape and deliberately publicize the success of his assassination.

This would confuse the Fallen like Smoke Phantom and make them lower their guard.


They told Lin Ye the truth.

They wanted him to enter the dungeon of the college entrance examination as a special enrollment student so that the Fallen would continue to let down their guard and open the Abyss Gate in advance.

As for Huang Shaofeng, they were stunned.

The Abyssal Demon wanted to turn Huang Shaofeng into a Fallen.

Not to kill him.

As long as this kid stuck to his bottom line and refused to accept the power of the abyss, the Abyssal Demons wouldnt be able to do anything to him.


If he was caught, so be it.

After the gate of the abyss opened, they would let the mole among the Fallen to take action and secretly release Huang Shaofeng, then bring him back to Jiang City.

They would be able to break this situation perfectly.

However, he didnt expect that the area Huang Shaofeng lived in, that unlucky brat, to be hit with a sudden demon wave attack before they even reached Jiang City, blocking all the routes from the outside world to Jiang city.

Huang Shaofeng could only rely on himself to find a way to survive outside the city.

It was simply a tragedy.

“This is the current situation.

Our main forces have already entered the abyssal region and have gained a huge advantage.

We will soon be able to flatten the abyssal region and take the head of the Abyssal King.

We will be the victors of this battle.”


“Theres no way to deal with the dark wave invasion in the city for the time being.”

“We can only have everyone retreat to the central inner city and use the various fortifications on the inner city walls to resist the invasion of the dark wave while we wait for the main forces to return.”

“Everyone, please rest assured.

There is a secret underground shelter under the college entrance examination venue.

There are also enough advanced Professionals stationed around it.”

“Even if the dark wave invades this area, as long as you retreat to the underground shelter, youll be fine,”

After the man in the black suits explanation, everyone roughly understood the current situation.

Even though he was a little flustered, the man in the black suit had promised them.

Their family and friends had all come to the college entrance examination venue.

Those who did not stay in the outer city would not be devoured by the dark wave.

At most, they would lose some family property (if there was no one, the dark wave would not attack the buildings or steal things).

As such, most of the students were able to maintain a normal state of mind and did not show any signs of losing their minds.

Even to the extent that…

Many people could still focus their attention on Lin Ye, who was clearing the Hell Mode dungeon.

‘Ill continue to watch my idols performance.

“Its done,”

“Mumu, Baizhi, you two stay here.

Dont go anywhere.”

“If you encounter anything wrong later, use these two scrolls decisively.

Protect yourself first.

Ill come back as soon as possible.” Lin Ye said.

Lin Ye placed the protective barrier scrolls that the Professional Alliance gave him into their hands.

[Protective Barrier Scroll: After use, it creates an invincible barrier that lasts for ten minutes.

Those inside the barrier can not leave or attack, and those outside the barrier can not attack those inside the barrier.]

Su Mumu was dumbfounded.

“Ah, this”

“Did the Professional Alliance give it to you”


“No.” Lin Ye said, “Its a gift for the two of you.”

“If you guys cant use it this time, keep it and use it when you need it in the future.

Dont waste it.”

“Yes, yes!” Su Mumu quickly nodded.

“Thank you for the gift of nature!”


“Theres more,” Lin Ye then instructed, “remember not to use two protective barrier scrolls at the same time.”

“Use one first.

When the effect of the invincible barrier is about to end, use the other one.

It can protect you two for twenty minutes.”


Su Mumu pouted her little mouth.

“Aiya, I know, I know.

Youre so talkative.

Hurry up and take care of the dungeon Boss so we can go back and open a bottle of champagne!”


“Okay,” Lin Ye nodded, “Im leaving.”

“Come, little Mumu, mount the horse with me, dont walk anymore.”

“Brother Tree, you will advance at full speed later and kill the small fries along the way.

When you encounter the dungeon Boss, you can let us off.”

The Big Tree Guardian quickly made the Golden warhorse kneel on the ground to make it easier for Lin Ye and little Mumu to get on the horse.

He replied, “Understood, Master Lin Ye!”

“Leave those ants to me!”

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