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After taking care of the group of Demonized Spiders, Lin Ye continued to move forward through the forest to the east.

He came to a small pond that was emitting a strange green gas.

In the center of the pond, he caught sight of a giant blue frog hiding with half of its body submerged in the murky water.

[Name: Giant Venomous Frog (Boss panel)]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Gold ★]

[Skills: Venomous Skin, Tongue Lick, Tongue Roll, Tongue Spike, Corrosive Venom]

[Dungeon Buff: The frog killers weapon will obtain thePoison Blade Characteristic.

When the killer weapon is used to attack (including Skills and A grade attacks), it will cause additional poison attribute damage and poison the enemy.

The enemy will enter a poisoned state.

After stacking multiple times, the enemy will enter theVicious Poison state.]

[Description: A powerful creature that lives in the eastern part of Yanan Forest.

It controls the ponds that only belong to it.

Because its skin is poisonous, the originally clear pond has become a poisonous pond that emits a green aura and only the Giant Venomous Frog can endure it.]

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The Giant Venomous Frog was a special dungeon Boss in the Yanan Forest.

After killing it, it would give the entire team a dungeon buff that would last until they cleared or left the dungeon.

However, it was not a target that the challenger had to kill.

Even the solo challenges special requirements didnt require him to kill the Giant Venomous Frog.

Whether he killed it or not, he would get an SSS rank in the end.

According to the normal process, Lin Ye should have skipped the Giant Venomous Frog and ignored the Demonized Spiders.

He should havewalked north and killed the three Yanan gays to reduce the time needed to clear the stage.


However, considering the unknown attributes of the Boss that Campfire Explorer had summoned, there might be a Diamond-tier creature that was even more terrifying than the two-winged angel.

Therefore, to be on the safe side, it was better to take this dungeons exclusive buff calledPoison Blade Characteristic first, so that he could reduce as much damage as he could.

In addition to the Giant Venomous Frog, there were also two special dungeon Bosses in the southern and western regions of the Yanan Forest.

Killing them would also give the challenger dungeon buffs.

However, because they gave buffs to the character and not weapons, these Skills could easily backfire and lower his attributes because of Universe Reversal.

That was why Lin Ye didnt consider killing the other two dungeon Bosses.

After killing the Giant Venomous Frog and taking the dungeons buff, he would continue to head north and kill the three lonely Yanan brothers.

That is the plan.

As he thought about it, Lin Ye put down his blade and raised his left hand.

He began to gather healing energy that gradually turned pure black.

Then, like a charged floating cannon, he flew straight toward the Giant Venomous Frogs head.

It was a reversal.

Heal Spell!


[-486 HP!]

The Giant Venomous Frog opened its eyes and looked around in confusion, but it couldnt find the enemy who attacked it.

The ripples on the surface of the pond were also very calm.

It was obvious that the enemy had not entered the water, but was hiding in the trees on the shore.

‘Who is it

‘Who is the one who didnt care about martial virtue

While he was feeling frustrated, a second black energy ball flew over and hit its body again, burning its soul and organs, evaporating 486 of its HP.

It was then that it finally discovered its enemys location.

It was a tall, handsome male human who was wearing black Priest robes and holding a longsword that emitted a purple light.


‘Foolish human! Youre looking for death!

‘How dare you disturb your happy lunch break

The giant poisonous frog was furious.

It spread its limbs and jumped from the middle of the pond to the shore like a fire cloud using its toad technique.

Then, it jumped from the shore straight to where Lin Ye was standing.

Then, the Giant Venomous Frog stuck out its long tongue and pierced through Lin Yes shoulder like a Knights spear.

[Prompt: You have been attacked by the Giant Venomous Frogs”Sting” attack.

Your HP has decreased by 213 points, you have entered the “poisoned” state.

Your HP is constantly decreasing!]


Ignoring the system notification, Lin Ye raised his Hidden Moon and slashed at the giant frogs tongue.

He then raised his left hand and aimed a reverse Heal Spell right on the frogs face.

[Prompt: Normal attack killed the Giant Venomous Frog, causing 240 physical damage and 218 magic damage.]

[Prompt: Usereverse on the Giant Venomous Frog.

Reduce its HP by 486 points.]

After finishing a set, Lin Ye immediately retreated and distanced himself from the Giant Venomous Frog.

He avoided close contact with its blue skin, but he already entered the “poisonous” state, which would cause his HP to drop rapidly.

The Giant Venomous Frog quickly stuck out its tongue and used the Skill “Tongue Roll ” to tie up Lin Yes retreating body and pull him back to it.

Unfortunately, Lin Ye didnt want to give it the chance to poison him again.


Ten meters back!

He took a step back! The cooldown was over! Reverse Heal Spell!


[-486 HP!]

After that, as the forest terrain was filled with all kinds of trees and debris blocking the way, the Giant Venomous Frog could no longer rely on its powerful jumping ability to travel quickly.

It could only slowly crawl forward like a turtle.

Lin Ye used a basic technique that anyone could do— kiting.


It was a reversal.

Heal Spell!


It was a reversal.

Heal Spell!


Time of Silence!

It was a reversal.

Heal Spell!

Normal attack!


In the end, after 43 seconds, the Giant Venomous Frogs corpse lay in front of him.

Lin Ye, on the other hand, was never injured after being hit once by the Giant Venomous Frogs “Sting”.

[Prompt: You have killed the Giant Venomous Frog and obtained a dungeon buff— Poison Blade Characteristic (lasts until you leave the dungeon)]


“Ive obtained the buff!”

After getting the poison blades special characteristic, Lin Ye immediately retraced his steps and found that Su Mumu still hadnt finished off her group of Giant Pythons even after he had spent three minutes killing hundreds of small monsters and a Boss.

He didnt know if it was because she was too focused on running away when he remembered telling her to kite.

She doesnt seem to remember that she had to turn back and cast a spell.

Lin Ye had no choice but to join the battle with little Mumu and kill all the Giant Pythons that Su Mumu was in charge of.

After that, the four of them headed north.

Along the way, the Naga Clans, Giant Pythons, Demonized Spiders, and Giant Boar all fell under their butcher knives.

That was until Lin Ye and the others reached the depths of the Yanan Forest.

The originally complex forest terrain had become an open wilderness, extremely suitable for the large and slow Tree Guardian to fight.

“Little Mumu, use the soul-summoning Bell to call out the Big Tree Guardian!” He decisively ordered.

Little Mumu nodded, then took out the Soul-Summoning Bell from her pocket and gently rang the small bell on it, making a melodious chime.


Tree Guardian!

[Prompt: Since Su Mumu has activated “System Prompt sharing,” you can now check the effect of the Soul-Summoning Bell.]

[Prompt: The spirit soul, “Big Tree Guardian”, has descended!]

[Prompt: Due to the increase in temperature caused by “Soul-Summoning Bell” and “Campfire Explorer”, the Tree Guardians talent qualification has been permanently changed to “1 Star Platinum”.

All attributes have been greatly improved, and new Skills and characteristics have been obtained!]


[Prompt: The Tree Guardian has met the qualification requirements (1 Star Platinum) to change its profession toDragon-Armored Tree Guardian.

It needs to break through the level lock of level 10, and consume 90 Fate of Meeting and one Big Dragon Claw.]

[Dragon-Armored Tree Guardian: A Knight who can cast both fire and lightning magic.]

Lin Ye was confused.

‘Wait, wait, wait!

‘Hold on.

Im confused!

‘Mumu, dont you have a limit to your cheat


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