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The students in the exam venue remain oblivious to the Professional Alliances actions outside.

They were still immersed in Lin Yes magical operation, especially in his teams constant offensive moves.

This was especially true when the first wave of Nagas appeared.

Before the audience could react, Lin Ye decisively raised his hand and cast a Healing Skill to dispel the “Blind” and “Poisoned” debuffs, not giving the enemy a chance to attack.

The girls clone was also extremely cool.

She used a set of smooth Melting combo spells, Flame Ignite and Freeze to instantly kill three Nagas in less than two seconds.

Leaving some of the Nagas for the main body, the girl with the two ponytails, and the small and cute loli girl.

Although their actions were normal and their reaction speed was a little slow, they waited for Lin Ye and her doppelganger to kill the enemies they were responsible for before they slowly released their combo Skill…


Nobody could deny how good looking they were!

So what if such a good-looking girls operation Skills were a little bad

You couldnt choose whom you fall in love with anyway!

The venue was filled with the boys endless deafening shouts and cheers.

Even the teachers in charge of maintaining order at the scene could not stop the howls that came from the bottom of their hearts.



“Long live the Twin ponytail girl!”

“Long live the little loli!”


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“For the second batch of Giant Pythons, Ill be in charge of killing the Elite Monster.

Mumu and little Mumu will deal with the other small monsters.”

“Remember to only use the most basic Fireball magic, dont use any other spell.

About three Fireballs can kill a Python.

If it doesnt die, use normal attacks to kill it.

Dont waste any extra mana.”

“If they pounce on you, step back and pull them.”

“These Giant Pythons look big and scary, but theyre actually very cumbersome.

They cant catch up to you at all.”

“As for Bai Zhi, dont do anything for now.

Save your Skills and mana.

Theres a bunch of slow-moving poison-spitting Hydra monsters behind us.

They have higher magic resistance but low physical defense, so well need your greatsword to kill them later.”

“When those poisonous multi-headed snake monsters are eliminated, another wave of half-Naga Clans will appear.

They will attack together.

So, Mumu, you will first release the Wind Butterfly to gather the monsters, and Bai Zhi will gather her power and hit them with Dawn.

We will work together to kill them in seconds.”

“And then you have to pay attention to….”


“There will be a few giant wild boars on the field.”

“They will charge when they are 30 meters away from us.

They will deal high damage and are fast.

Dont think about running.

If you cant run, find thick trees and rocks to stop their charge.”

“After weve killed all the Giant Boars, well go deep into Yanan Forest.

The terrain there will be very open, and there will be no debris.”

“When the time comes, let little Mumu use theSoul-Summoning Bell to call Brother Tree out.”

“Well just watch him kill them.”

“Can you remember this”

Bai Zhi just stared at Ling Yi blankly.


And so does Su Mumu.


Lin Ye, can you say that again”


Lin Ye could only sighed.

“Only use the Fireball spells to fight the Giant Python.”

“When fighting the Naga Clans, if theyre completely standing together, use the Melting combo to get rid of them.

If theyre slightly scattered, use the combination of Wind Butterfly and Dawn to fight them.

“Then let Bai Zhi and I fight against the Hydra monster.

Well only use physical and normal attacks to attack them.”

“As for the Giant Boar, try to think of a way to get behind its butt and stab its *ss with your weapons or Skills.”

“When fighting the Celestial Messengers that can discharge electricity, you can use any long-range attack to kite them.

Dont fight them in close combat, or youll be electrocuted and lose blood.”

“Ill leave the rest to the Tree Guardian to kill his way through.”

“You understand”

“Uh… I think so,” Su Mumu thoughtfully replied.

“So the gist of it, I only need to throw large Fireballs and violent Wind Butterflies at the enemies, right”

“Smart girl!” Lin Ye clapped.

“Youre so smart!”

Su Mumu cutely glared at Ling Yis exaggerated praise.


While they were talking, the Giant Pythons had arrived at the battlefield.

They twisted their huge snake-like bodies and surrounded them from all sides.

They flicked their tongues from time to time, and with the red glint in their eyes, they looked very horrifying.

Lin Ye immediately raised the sword in his hand.

“Its time!”

“Remember to only release the Fireball!”

Su Mumu raised her Meteorite Staff in her hand, casting spells at the Giant Python.

“Asih, I know.

Im not an idiot!” Su Mumu complained to Ling Yi.



‘You are. Ling Yi refutes her in his mind.

Then he quickly rushed in front of the giant Elite Python.

The blade, Hidden Moon, in his hand emitted a purple light as he slashed at the Giant Pythons abdomen.

[-261 HP!]

[-348 HP!]

The Giant Python was in pain, so it quickly opened its bloody mouth and tried to bite Lin Yes head, but Lin Ye simply rolled away to dodged it.

Then, Lin Ye stood up and swung the blade again, slashing at the Giant Pythons stomach.

[-289 HP!]

[-312 HP!]


The Giant Python roared angrily and swung its huge tail, trying to wrap around Lin Ye, who was close to it, but Lin Ye easily dodged again.

With 313 dexterity and 60% movement speed, Lin Ye was confident that he could even evade the Yanan trios non-targeted attacks, let alone a mere Giant Pythons.

It was as easy as racing against a turtle.

‘So… Im very sorry!

‘You can die now!

Normal attack! Slash!

Buzzzzzz! Chop! Stab!

[A total of 3471 points of damage were dealt!]

[Prompt: Giant Python (Elite) killed!]

After killing the Giant Python Leader, Lin Ye immediately turned around and looked at Su Mumu, who was being chased by a group of Giant Pythons, and little Mumu, who was chasing and killing a group of Giant Pythons.

It was alright.

Although Mumus kiting technique was somewhat inferior, she shouldnt have had any problems killing these Giant Pythons that only had a little over 1.000 HP.

With that thought, Lin Ye turned around and ran towards the east side of the Yanan Forest.

There was a group of Demonized Spiders there, and they were one of the targets that he had to kill on his own.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

Seeing that their prey had taken the initiative to approach them, the Demonized Spiders immediately let out a strange, horrifying cry.

Each of them flew over with great enthusiasm, like a swarm of locusts, covering the sky and the sun.

Lin Ye didnt want to waste time with them.

He raised the Hidden Moon and activated the only Skill the Destruction Form has, Time of Silence.


All enemies -1021 HP!

In an instant, hundreds of small spiders with less than 1,000 HP were annihilated.

The Demonized Spider Mother who had an Elite Monsters bonus interface, has an HP over 3,000 points, and was the only one who wasnt killed by this invincible blade.

However, Lin Ye was now in a 50% damage increase state.

Every attack from him could deal 600 to 700 damage to the Demonized Spider Queen, so with just three attacks, the entire process took less than five seconds and this unlucky guy was sent to heaven to reunite with its hundreds of spider children.

If it was an ordinary student…

The damage dealt by normal attacks would not be enough to kill, and their Skill range was not large enough to attack the whole group at once.

For them, it would take at least half a minute to kill all of these enchanted spiders.


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