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Chapter 9: The College Entrance Exam Is In A Month

“Students, although Ive already said it a few times, I still have to remind you again.” The teacher stood once more on the podium in front of the class.

After all the excitement, everybody calmed down and sat back in their seats.

“From the moment you awakened your talents, you were no longer ordinary high school students but probationary Professionals with extraordinary abilities.

In 30 days, you will experience the most important thing in your life.” The teacher pauses.

“The college entrance exam.”

“In the future, whether you will be an ordinary person, a low-level working professional, or a hero who fights against the dark wave, it all depends on your performance in the exam.” The teacher tirelessly explained.

“Within one month, you must make good use of the schools low-level Instance Dungeons to raise your level to 10.”

“Also, you must try your best to understand the ability and nature of your own Class, as well as your teammates skills.”

“Unless its absolutely necessary, you will not be able to change your team members, especially those who have been in sync with you for a long time to have enough tacit understanding of your team.

I definitely do not recommend for you to change for a stranger you just met.”

“Of course, theres the allure of teaming up with someone who has a powerful awakened talent.

However, clearing a dungeon has always been a test of teamwork.

There are only a few geniuses who can clear a dungeon alone.

They wont form a team with others to pull down their college entrance examination score.”

“If you want to get more points in the college entrance exam, you have to focus on your team, do what you should, and cooperate as much as possible.”

“If you keep changing your teammates, even if you can clear the dungeon faster, youll be fighting on your own the whole time.

If no cooperation could be seen, it will affect your score results.”

“It will be a huge setback for you…”

The teacher continued to ramble about the things to pay attention to in the college entrance examination.

“Also, before the college entrance exam ends, your level will be stuck at level 10, and you will not be able to level up any further.”

“You must complete the college entrance examination and reach the minimum standard to enter a Profession University.

Only then can you obtain the special item provided by the university to break through the level 10 level barrier.”

“If you dont do well in the college entrance examination, you can either give up or wait for the re-examination next year.”

“But the second round will waste an entire year of your time and you will be stuck at level 10 for that period.”

“Similarly, before the end of the college entrance examination, your equipment, weapons, and Class skills you have learned will also be stuck below level 10.”

“As for equipment quality… This will depend on your own abilities and your familys confidence.”

“If you can get your hands on Diamond-grade equipment and skills, you can use them during the college entrance examination.

The school wont restrict any of you from using them.”

Upon hearing this, the students below the podium were in a heated discussion.

Many felt that this rule was unfair.

Wealthier and well-connected families will definitely be able to pull some strings to help their children.

Why use Bronze grade equipment when your family can provide you with a Gold grade And if that were to happen, how could the exam results be accurate

While the others were worried, Lin Ye, on the other hand, remained calm.

He didnt mind it one bit.

Having lived two lives, he had long understood that there was no such thing as absolute fairness.

Some people are meant to be Professionals.

Some are talented at playing games, some are talented at reading, and some are talented at playing music… Putting all of them on the same battlefield and using the same rules to determine the winner was unfair in itself.

Even if the quality of weapons and equipment were standardized, and the skills used by everyone were also standardized, wasnt there still the most unfair thing called “awakened talent”

Of course, as a person with the ability to “cheat”, Lin Ye was the least qualified person to discuss the wordfairness with anyone.

So, he sprawled on the table and covered his head, pretending to be asleep, not making a sound, and hoping not to be disturbed.

But Su Mumu didnt get the memo and quietly came over.

“Hey, Lin Ye.

Do you want to go to one of the dungeons after school together”

Lin Ye slightly lifted his arm and asked in a muffled voice, “What dungeon”

“Any dungeon!” Su Mumu whispered yells, “Since we have to reach level 10 in a month and also get to know our teams battle style, we need to practice! Youre so smart.

Why dont you make arrangements according to the situation Plus, its a good opportunity for me to see how powerful you are…”

Lin Ye wanted to tease her again, so he purposely said, “Hold on a second.

I never said anything about teaming up with you for the college entrance exam.

So why do we need to practice together”

“Do you want to die” Su Mumu replied, feeling annoyed, then huffed in irritation.

“Werent you the one who told me to reject everyones offer if I wanted to team up with you I even turned down the class presidents invitation, you know! Are you purposely trying to kill me”


But you have to pay me 100 Yuan every time I accompany you.

Its cheap and affordable.

Im honest with all customers!” Lin Ye continued to tease her.

Su Mumu grabbed Lin Yes shirt and shook him, “Shut uuup! Ill treat you to a meal!”

“How about a 388 Yuan steak buffet at the Boff Banquet” Lin Ye tried to bargain.

“Hmph! I dont have any money!” Su Mumu pouted.

Then she realized something, “Wait a second… You made tens of thousands of Yuan today by selling that Bronze dagger.

Shouldnt you be treating me”

Lin Ye raised his head and looked at her with mock disdain.

“So… You want me to accompany you into a dungeon and treat you to a meal Arent you being too greedy”

Su Mumus right hand on his shirt tightens, “I dont care.

You have to agree, no matter what.

Otherwise, Im going to join the class presidents team.

Theyre just short of a Mage.

And you have to compensate me for the mental damage and the time I wasted!”

She laid out all her cards on the table, huh

Lin Ye quickly held Su Mumus fair and smooth little hand and took it off his shirt.

“Okay, okay, okay! Ill take you.

Ill pay.

Ill make sure you stay alive for three days and three nights, okay” Lin Ye promised.

“Tsk!” Lin Ye smooths down his shirt.

“Women! What unreasonable creatures! When they know they cant win, they start to threaten you.

Your kind has no morals at all!”

Su Mumu made a cute face, “If youre that envious, why dont you come and be a woman”


After a pause, Lin Ye got up from the table, straightened his posture, and tidied his slightly messy collar.

“Im done—no more jokes.

Ive already chosen the dungeon were going to clear tonight.

But were not going to do it together.

Ill be the one to scout the area first, and youll enter afterward alone.”

“What” Su Mumu asked, puzzled.


“Are you stupid” Lin Ye flicked her forehead, “Theres a chance to get free attribute points if you clear a single-player dungeon! Dont you want it”

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