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After calming Su Mumu and Bai Zhis nervousness down, Lin Ye led the team north of Yanan Forest.

However, they had just passed through the first green forest and walked a total of fewer than 50 meters before they were ambushed by a group of monsters.

[Name: Naga Clan]

[Level: 10]

[Qualification: Silver ★★★★★]

[Skill: Poisonous Arrow,Blind, Conceal, Net, Sneak Attack, Swift Footwork]

[Description: A half-snake half-human clan living in the Yanan Forest.

They only use daggers and blow darts to fight.

They like to hide on the branches of green plants and wait for their prey to fall into their trap.]


Poisonous Arrow!


[You have been poisoned!]

[You have been blinded!]

Lin Ye didnt panic at all when he was suddenly attacked by the Naga Clan.

He raised his right hand and released his first healing Skill.

Aqua Tide!


Then, Lin Ye turned around and quickly ordered everyone,

“Little Mumu, three Nagas at nine oclock.

UseFirestorm,Ignite, andFreeze, to kill them in one hit!”

“Mumu, five Nagas at two oclock.

Use Violent Wind Butterfly to gather them together!

“Bai Zhi, follow Mumus Skill and use your most powerfulDawn to instantly kill all those five of them!”

“Okay!” The two girls quickly replied.

Little Mumu, who had maxed out her control and combat awareness, had already raised her Meteorite Staff and cast her first magic attack, Flame Storm, at the big tree on the left, which none of the monsters seemed to notice.


A blazing flame rose from the ground like a pillar of fire that shot up to the sky, instantly devouring the entire tree.

It forced the three Nagas out of their hiding and instantly emptied a large amount of their HP.

And then—!


The fire spreads to all targets within the range of the spell, causing additional Fire Magic damage and causing them to be continuously burned!



A huge blue ice crystal suddenly appeared in the air and began to quickly become thicker.

Then, it fell from the sky like a threat, smashing the head of the Nagas who were tortured by theFirestorm andIgnite!

Elemental reaction activated!


The damage of ice magic Skills increased!

Instant kill!

After completing this set of almost perfect casting movements, little Mumu immediately looked down at the grass on her left.

She then decisively raised the Meteorite Staff in her hand and aimed it at the other Naga on the grass below, who was in a “hidden” state.

However, she was not in a hurry to cast a magic Skill.

Instead, she was waiting for Lin Yes orders.


This battle was different from the previous ones.

Lin Ye had to quickly clear the dungeon.

Otherwise, the longer the fight dragged on, the stronger the heat-up effect of Campfire Explorer would be.

The new creatures in the dungeon would also receive a large increase in all attributes, making them more troublesome and difficult to deal with.

Therefore, little Mumu was now in “command battle” mode, not the previous “free battle” mode.

This way, she could more accurately control her mana.

It would make it easier to deal with the subsequent monsters.

For the same reason.

Before Lin Ye, who wanted to win steadily, entered the dungeon…

He memorized the location, HP, and Skills of every native monster in Yanam Forest and planned out the best way to kill each monster.

The three sets of Skills released by little Mumu just now were one of the best ways to kill these creatures, only an excess of 43 points of damage, almost without wasting any extra mana.


He had also made a detailed plan for their attack.

He would not waste any efficiency or mana.

There was also the Summoner Card that Lin Ye had left in his bag.

He planned to use it later on when they were fighting the unknown Boss in case the one-hour duration was not enough; it can change the entire course of the battle.

As for why Lin Ye didnt ask little Mumu to summon the Big Tree Guardian right away…

It wasnt that Lin Ye wanted to keep Brother Tree for the new year.

It was because the terrain in front of the forest was too narrow.

There were too many trees and debris, and they were too close to each other.

As a result, the Big Tree Guardians huge size was not suitable for fighting or traveling.

It was easy for long-range creatures to kite him and drain his HP.

That was why Lin Ye temporarily hid the Big Tree Guardian.

Once the forest terrain became more open, Lin Ye would definitely not let the Big Tree Guardian dust in little Mumus pocket.

Back to the main topic, just as little Mumu finished off the three Nagas in an instant, she turned her head to look at the Naga that was alone and waited for Lin Yes next order.

Lin Ye had already raised the sword, Hidden Moon.

He quickly rushed in front of the Naga and used a few normal attacks and dodges.

It was as if he was possessed by the Hex Teacher.

He used a set of gorgeous sword techniques and quickly killed the Naga without any injuries.

At the same time, Bai Zhi and Su Mumu also began their first battle of cooperation.

Su Mumu jumped up high like a rabbit and threw a small ball of wind elements under a big tree to her right.

It instantly expanded into a Wind Element Butterfly and sucked the five hidden Nagas into the Eye of the Wind.

Then, Bai Zhi waved the big sword in her hand, gathering the pure power of the fire element and releasing a powerful Fire Bird, which flew towards the group of Nagas that had been sucked together by the “Storm Butterflies” and instantly devoured them.


Bang! Bang!

Instant kill!

The Naga that was restrained by the fire element, the swordsmans physical damage was high, the multiplier of the dawn Skill was high, and the charging time of the Skill was long.

A bright red number “-2,167” appeared above the heads of these unlucky Nagas.

It was truly shocking.


Now wasnt a good time to be lamenting about Bai Zhis explosive damage.

After the first batch of Nagas was wiped out, the second batch of enemies would soon arrive.

They were giant Pythons raised by the Nagas, and their bodies were between 15 to 20 meters long.

Among them, the longest and thickest giant Python even had the attribute panel of an Elite Monster.

Its four-dimensional attributes were much higher than those of the Naga Clan, and also much higher than those of its Python species.

So, even if it was just a copy of Bai Zhi and Su Mumus combination of big moves, he was also unable to instantly kill this weak fire Elite Monster.

He had to cast a few more fire-type Skills in order to kill the giant Python by relying on the restraining and damage-increasing effects of fire elemental magic.

If not, he could use little Mumus “Melting Reaction”, with ice covering fire, and after a few more cycles, he could quickly kill it.

But, it was too troublesome.

It would also greatly consume Su Mumu, Bai Zhi, and little Mumus mana.

So, Lin Ye decided that he would kill this Elite Python himself by using his blade, the Hidden Moon.

“The blade of Infinity continues in my heart!”


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